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  1. Jolt Android

    DoubleX RMVXA Confusion Edit

    DoubleX, it's 2016 now
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to properly check if the player is trying to choose himself as the subject of a skill. I've made a new targeting scope inside Yanfly Target Manager called "not_for_user?" which requires you to choose an ally for the skill, but can't choose yourself. elsif item.not_for_user? array |= [friends_unit.smooth_target(@target_index)] array -= [subject] So far it does what I want it to except, if you purposely choose yourself the skill does nothing, you waste a turn, (at least you don't expend the cost of the skill though...). I think I have to add code to item_test, something like return false if item.not_for_user? && item.target == user? but it still allows me to select the user. I've tried a whole bunch of different things here that either crash or do nothing.
  3. Jolt Android

    Editing YEA Victory Aftermath

    Thanks for the reply WCouillard. I ended up going another route, since what you suggested also seems to mess up. There are some indexes I have to play in order for it to not draw things on top of each other. I just don't know what other editing I have to do. Here's what it looks like:
  4. Jolt Android

    I was never a math person

    If your enemies don't have a level, check out Hime Enemy Levels script. Or, you can substitute some other stat in the case of enemies. a.mmp / 2 + a.enemy? ? a.luk : a.level (a.enemy? a.luk : a.level) would substitute luck in the case that a is an enemy.
  5. Just as an update, I've started a new save file to see if that affects the script and how it crashes. The crash now always happens at like 256: Failed to create Bitmap. It doesn't crash anywhere else. And it (very obviously) crashes much more quickly if I don't use the Mithran Text Cache script. I think the script may just at some point, hit a memory limit (not necessarily RAM, maybe just RGSS3), since I do use quite a few different colors of text, and another font too. It might just be too much bitmap for the game to handle. Gradients *can* be disabled in the menu if people run into the issue, so I guess the crash is not a huge deal. In fact, most people haven't regularly run into it.
  6. I tried disabling the text cache. It does make a difference in certain instances, not a huge one but at least half a second to a second at times where there is a lot of text with different colors/sizes. I still got the crash in CP Gradient, this time at line 144: "failed to create bitmap" I guess I can try disabling some scripts I see in there, such as KilloZapit WordWrap TextBox? *EDIT* I disabled a few other scripts that appeared in the backtrace. It seems almost like without the cache script, it's crashing even more often now.
  7. It seems to happen in situations when there are different sizes and colors of fonts being drawn, but usually only after playing for a little while. I also use a second different font for battle popups, that seems to trigger it randomly too (no special or invalid characters being drawn). Triggered by: going into the item menu (there are fonts with different colors), upon level up, pop-ups in battle (when status effects are applied/removed), the glyph menu, the properties menu of the status menu (there are many different colors of fonts).
  8. Hi everyone. I don't know if this deserves its own thread, it seems like it would be pretty straightforward but nothing I've been doing has been working. Does anyone know how to have a character's magic bypass magic reflection, if they have learned a certain skill? I tried this so far: class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # alias method: item_mrf #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias bypass_item_mrf item_mrf def item_mrf(user, item) return 0 if user.skills.include?($data_skills[111]) return bypass_item_mrf(user, item) end end but it doesn't do what I want it to do. I also tried adding the same but with self instead of user, but it's of no use. EDIT: I got it. I have a few other scripts that deals with reflect... my battle system is too heavily scripted for its own good.
  9. Jolt Android

    Hime Skill Links edit, strange issue when enemies

    I found another way to do what I wanted without resorting to this script. This topic can be closed.
  10. Jolt Android

    Yami Engine Symphony - how to make certain enemies stationary?

    I was gonna bump this, but I figured it out. in def action_move I added this line: return if @subject.state?(119) #battlers with state 119 are stationary. This thread can be closed.
  11. Jolt Android

    Need a Dual Wield Script

    Are you using YEA Battle Symphony by any chance? I have one that does exactly what you want, with some tinkering since you'll have to comment/delete some of the code. I got Shiggy to do this for me a few months ago... Maybe you can try this if you're not using YEA Battle Symphony: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bzqrpewe3mb8yh/battle_symphony_dual_wield.rb?dl=0&s=sl If you are, then use this: For the YEA dual-wield script, I deleted some lines since I had to combine code from two different scripts to make it work, there might be other lines to delete that I didn't catch.
  12. I ended up just going another route, having a conditional branch in the Teleport event that checks to see if "$game_map.screen.shake == 0". That way the player can still walk around the elevator as it's "moving" and can't get out until $game_map.screen.shake == 0. It actually looks surprisingly elegant this way. Thanks for your solutions though!
  13. Is it possible to have a variable amount of times in this function: duration.times { Fiber.yield } that, or to have fiber.yield only occur until something else finishes for example: Fiber.yield while $game_map.screen.shake? That, or figuring out if the screen is shaking in a conditional branch I did find $game_screen.shake_duration but it doesn't seem to work inside a conditional branch (as in $game_screen.shake_duration == 0) I want the player to not be able to exit an elevator as it's moving.
  14. Jolt Android

    Cheeky request for monster list/database

    I get where you're coming from, one of the hardest things to do is balancing the weapons, skills, enemies, characters all together. Do you want to stick with how the generic formulae work, or do you want to do something completely your own style? For me, what really helped was envisioning where my characters start off, and deciding where they will end up (stat wise), and then adjusting the numbers according to the confines of the maker. Such as, what good does 1 point of ATK do? Will 1 ATK point mean more later in the game? How about DEF? Is your game long? Will your characters go from level 1 to 90 or only until 30? Will they end up with 5000 HP or only 400 in the end? This and many other factors will come into play when deciding how to balance your game. Playing with a spreadsheet and setting up different scenarios (like different values for DEF, ATK) for a hypothetical player and enemy will be invaluable. It may take some time at the beginning, and there likely will be some adjusting later, but planning with a spreadsheet of sorts (yes, playing with math and formulae do suck) will save you a lot of hassle in the end.
  15. Jolt Android

    How do you make restrictions on warp items?

    This is how I do it. In every map, I have an autorun event (that has an Erase Event at the end) that specifies the coordinates you will be brought to if you use the escape spell or item in that map: For example: Map variable (31): value set to 4 (meaning, you will be brought to map 4 i.e the overworld when using the escape spell) X coordinate variable (29): value set to 12 (meaning, brought to x pos 12 on map 4) Y coordinate variable (30): value set to 24 (meaning, brought to y pos 24 on map 24) This event is placed on every map, but of course different dungeons will have different exit points based on their location on the overworld. In certain areas you can't escape (such as the overworld), I set the map variable value to 0. The escape item/spell triggers a common event. In the common event, there is a conditional branch specifying that if Variable 31 is set to 0, the spell will not work. In my game, I took it a step further with Hime's Custom Conditions, and specified that if variable 31 is set to 0, the escape spell and item simply can't be used. <custom condition> $game_variables[31] > 0 </custom condition> This means the escape spell/item can only be used if that variable is set to something over 0. Hope it's not too confusing, if you're new to making RPGs you will really have to get used to variables and switches and all that. They are very powerful.
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