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  1. Patrick

    RPG Maker 2003 Enemy Battlers for MV

    Why don't you use a proper image resizing software like ImageResizer? Can look like this: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-tO3vuuhFF5Q/UVOYVAAHWWI/AAAAAAAAAeM/AsgwmGFaEYw/s800/Boss_4x%28xBR%29.png%5D
  2. Patrick

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    Downloaded: Check Thought they're awesome: Check
  3. Wow, that's awesome. So with a Fonts folder I can get rid of the default fonts in my project folder, right? EDIT: Oh, wait. I think I put them there myself, just in case a player without RTP would have needed them. Nevermind!
  4. Patrick

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    That came just in time! I was almost running out of animation sheets for my skill animations. Thank you very much, Toasty! Keep up the great work!
  5. module Fonts Font.default_name = ["CustomFontName"] Font.default_size = 24 end Would this be enough to make it work without the default fonts? And a related question: Is it possible to include the font used in a folder in the game's directory, so the user doesn't need to install it manually?
  6. Patrick

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    It's beautiful! :)
  7. Patrick

    ILurota's XP to VX Ace characters

    Where did you find the ones from the web?
  8. Oh, so I simply misunderstood? If I want to send my game to non-RM users - e.g. random friends I don't want to ask to download two files, game and RTP -, then I either replace or manually import all RTP files I use. Right? But that means I do NOT tick that "Include RTP", doesn't it? Or, wait, does that option even work in the first place if I initially told the Game.ini that there basically was no RTP at all? I am confused.
  9. I don't get why you need to tick the "Include RTP Data". Do you really?
  10. Patrick

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    I wish you all the best!
  11. Patrick

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    Oh, please return, Toasty!
  12. Patrick

    [Tutorial] Random Map Effects

    I don't get this. Could you explain again in other words? I, too, am confused by the use of a label here. A parallel process repeats itself over and over again by default, I thought?
  13. Patrick

    Replication: Potion poisoning

    Nice tutorial. But why would you discourage using elixirs? To me, personally, these items were always "too good to use" ones, so I used maybe one or two in emergency situations throughout the game and had the rest unused in my inventory after beating the game.
  14. Patrick

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    Hey! I just wanted to drop by and - maybe motivatingly - tell you I'm still around, waiting for the next animations. These are definitely my favourite ones.
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