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  1. Well I think a 2.5 month break was long enough. Time to get back to work on the project! Missed all of you.

    1. AJNR


      Welcome back, we are in the exact same state as you left us in 2.5 months ago :)

    2. Eviei


      I hope 2.5 month was worth it.

  2. Big Fat Mantis

    Rename Music Academy?

    Why go basic when you can go BIG and GRAND? Something like "The Hall of a Thousand Melodies" or "The Chorus Café" or "The Grand RPG:VXA Opus."
  3. The internet just beat pokemon.

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    2. Big Fat Mantis

      Big Fat Mantis

      here's the last battle:

    3. magic2345


      Wooow, very nice internet, very nice.

    4. OneCutStudio


      I just saw. This is amazing!!! Who would have thought ppl would come together like this? Why can't our politicians do the same?

  4. Hey guys let's all play pokemon with 50,000 people: http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon

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    2. Hirei


      I'm surprised they managed to be Misty that way XD....


    3. Big Fat Mantis

      Big Fat Mantis

      They somehow have 4 badges now

    4. magic2345


      holy, it has actually been four days?

  5. Big Fat Mantis

    free resources One Cut Studio's Free Resources

    I'm tempted to change the money in my game to all M&M currency now.
  6. Big Fat Mantis

    About enemy positions in troops...

    Yeah it seems like the troops you place first are actually on top if it's on the same level. I still wish there was a simple button to let you customize it better. It gets annoying when you have flying troops you want out front, but they get pushed to the back because they're positioned higher. But the spacing workaround works for now.
  7. Big Fat Mantis

    About enemy positions in troops...

    Ohhhh I see what happened. When they're on the same level, sometimes one is behind the other and one is in front. I guess the blank space override will have to do for now. Thanks for the info.
  8. Big Fat Mantis

    About enemy positions in troops...

    Is there a way to override that? Also that doesn't seem to always be the case - I have some troops where there's three graphics. Two of them are positioned at the exact same height, but one goes over the third graphic and one goes behind the third graphic for some reason.
  9. Big Fat Mantis

    Blackjack Script

    YOU'RE the one that's been working on the blackjack script! I knew somebody was doing it. It looks great so far!
  10. Big Fat Mantis

    Guild through events tips and tricks?

    Yeah I think so, just don't comment out the line 106 bit that it lists in step 2 and you should be fine. This is more of a guide to sort of put you on the right path though, you may want to use the scripts and use a good portion of the guide, but still keep in mind what you want to do and just use this to get more ideas on how to accomplish it.
  11. Big Fat Mantis

    Guild through events tips and tricks?

    Honestly doing an entire guild system like through only eventing seems like a nightmare. It's definitely possible, but you should probably use some scripts that are already created to at least help out a bit. There's a good tutorial here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/9202-guild-system-v12-demo/ that has some basic things you might need for making a guild, but it doesn't do everything you need, but it can at least be a starting point for you. You can then go about eventing all the extras that you'd want that you can't do with just the scripts.
  12. Big Fat Mantis

    Puzzles and Survival

    Your "toy-based" puzzles are the only ones I can think of that scripting would make much more sense for. Although it's technically possible to event out card games and dice games, I doubt you could conceivably event a chess game or any other game that requires a smart AI. Dice games might be more conceivable to event, and maybe SOME basic card games. I think someone was working on a blackjack script, but I forget who it was and am not sure if they completed it. As for everything else, it isn't that hard to event all of that. It just takes some familiarity with constant use of variables/switches. There's also scripts out there for crafting that may make it even easier. I say the more field puzzles in a game, the better, so long as you're not making them borderline impossible. Battle, walk, battle, walk, dialogue, walk, battle, walk gets tiring after a while.
  13. Big Fat Mantis

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    I have never been so absolutely in love with a concept art of no faces.
  14. Big Fat Mantis

    Support like Fire Emblem

    If you're only adding skills, you don't need a state at all. I just did a state because I was trying to give stat boosts like in the FE games for supports. You can skip the last two screens that involve the state and common event and just have the second troop event do this: And if you wanted to add the skill AND give the boosting state, then just do the next two steps anyways and it should work just the same. As far as I remember, you can't use Victor's team skills without both party members being active anyways, so there's no need to have a common event that checks if they're both active. That's just for a stat/parameter boosting state when both actors are present in battle.
  15. Big Fat Mantis

    Support like Fire Emblem

    This is actually isn't very hard to accomplish through eventing and very minor scripting. All you need to do is make a script call to check if a certain party member is currently active in battle, and that script call is just something like this: $game_party.battle_members.include?($game_actors[x]) So you can effectively set up a conditional branch on the troop page to check if certain actors are active in battle. If, for example, you wanted to check if both actors 1 and actors 2 were in battle together, and if so wanted to increase their potential support points each turn they're out there together and not dead, you could have a conditional branch like this: And so they'll always gain 1 point every turn they're in battle together. Then, if you wanted to check for when they finally have enough points to get to Support C, all you have to do is make another troop event like this: (MINOR EDIT: it should span turn, not battle. MY BAD) And that's it! That's how I would do it at least. Of course that doesn't do anything by itself, so I'd make a common event for Support C for Actors 1 and 2 that gives them a boosting state, like so: And then every time they're in battle together, they'll always get that boost, and whenever either of them is dead or not in battle anymore, they lose it. It looks like it might be intimidating and a lot of work, but you only need to make the troop events once and then just copy the page over to every other troop. You don't really need an actual script beyond the minor script call. And unless you're having a FE number of characters (like 30+ playable characters), it won't take that long for you to get a few supports set up. It took me like 10 minutes tops to set up that explanation Actor 1+2 Support C. I'm not saying this is the best way to do it or the only way to do it. It's just how I would go about getting it done. *edit* Keep in mind this is just how I would implement a straight FE type of support system without any scripts whatsoever. If you want to use it to acquire combo skills with Victor's script, the process should be very similar. In fact it's a lot simpler: rather than requiring a common event or a state, all you do is have the actors acquire the combo skill after the support conversation, then turn the switch on to disable the convo from happening again. You don't need even to do the steps in the third and fourth image I posted.
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