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  1. Supreme Noser

    Rare tactics style

    I can at least respond that yes, I'm a fellow fan of Ogre Battle. But I'm no help with battle scripting even though I've always liked the idea of creating a MotBQ-style game.
  2. Supreme Noser


    I registered a long time ago and almost forgot my username on this forum, but now that I have slightly more time to put into making a game, it's also time to officially join the community here. I'm just a beginner to RPG Maker as a whole, but I'm learning general software programming as a university student. Creating things, particularly stories and games, has always been a passion of mine. But even though I like creating, I rarely if ever finish things that I begin... Maybe having a community to turn to, like these forums, will help me actually finish a creative endeavor. My first project will be a pretty standard fantasy RPG, using a side battler script; some of the friends whom I polled said that side view battles are much more fun even when the graphics are simple.
  3. Supreme Noser

    Battle animations translucency

    This solved my problem, thank you. I was completely unaware of that feature.
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