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  1. I will code rgss3 at https://www.livecoding.tv/alejandro/. See you in next broadcast ;)

  2. I will be online at https://www.livecoding.tv/alejandro/ I will code for rgss3 ^^ I am accepting requests

  3. efeberk

    Circular Gauges for RGSS3

    Yes I will improve this script but I made this script just yesterday. I have exams for my school, after exams I will start to work with this script about battle, timer, animated changes, mini games etc.
  4. Good idea It's useful for dynamic gaming.
  5. The demo version hasn't a valid information. Look "Game Infos & Datas" script section.
  6. please check page source of your hosting Example : www.yourwebsite.com/path/login.php?username=admin&password=admin Enter this and view page source
  7. Please read following sentences : - Your hosting service may include some additional codes. Because they are free web hosting. You can find some hostings which hasn't got additional codes in response webpages.(Or you can buy a good free webhosting. They haven't got additional codes in responses : http://lmgtfy.com/?q=top+10+web+hosting ) - Be sure of that you put correct datas into "Game Infos & Datas" script.. You got some different errors & bugs? Please contact me on skype so I can help you with good quality ^^
  8. efeberk

    Textbox Script

    Yes of course, a variable will keep the password. It included in the demo ^^
  9. efeberk

    Textbox Script

    Ah sorry about that, I added in the topic. I am too lazy to change demo <.< Input script is just recording keystrokes. And my script draws it.
  10. Why there isn't snow effect in this website <.<

  11. efeberk

    Is there any free script like this in English?

    You can give more information about the script. What does happen to menu items? Or you can give the link.
  12. efeberk

    Conversion Script!

    It is similiar with that : http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/23224-hand-sealed-skills-for-battle/
  13. efeberk

    Disable Close the RGSS Player

    Then make a fullscreen method. And when player switchs to window mode, it will close