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  1. Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse Demo is out now! You can play the first 30 minutes of Wanda from Demo. Download it from itch.io : https://kodots-games.itch.io/wanda-a-beautiful-apocalypse Enjoy the game! Feel free to give us any feedback
  2. Kickstarter update: It's been 2 weeks since we first started our kickstarter! We've hit 60% but we still need a long way to go! In order to gain more social support, we've posted Wanda on Thunderclap (which is basically kickstarter without any money involved) Please support us by simply clicking 'share' with your facebook/twitter/tumblr via the link below (You don't need to pay a cent!) It will help us out a lot. Thank you! () https://www.thunderc...arter?locale=en Check out our kickstarter here too!: https://www.kickstar...iful-apocalypse
  3. The kickstarter campaign for Wanda is now live! Please support us! Every penny counts Please check the link in my signature. Thanks!
  4. It's been a while since our last update. We've been very busy with planning a kickstarter campaign for Wanda which is due to start in a few weeks! It's our first time so we're very excited! We'll let you all know when we are ready Please support us! For now, we have a new polished version of the title screen. We hope you like it (^__^)
  5. Hello! This is quite random but for an art project, I had to make a comic. I decided to make Wanda into one! This is my very first attempt at comic-making. Please let me know what you think! Thanks
  6. Wanda trailer is here! :D

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      Not my jam, but it looks great.

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      Not my jam, but it looks great.

  7. Thank you very much for you support! We are glad that you like our game We will do our best!
  8. Thank you! The game is currently in a very early stage so we don't have much to show yet. We haven't added any custom music yet, so the demo will take some time.... But we will be revealing more and more as we progress. Thank you for your interest!
  9. Ahahaha, thanks for your undying support! We will try our best! Thank you very much for the detailed advice! This is our very first time with custom mapping so there are a lot of things we don't know... Thanks for the tips (^__^)/
  10. Thank you so much! We are very glad you like it. Your feedback means a lot to us! This is our very first visual adventure game, so we are working hard on the story-telling. The puzzles will be simple, not too difficult but will require some thinking. And the maps are parallaxes Thanks again!
  11. Proudly Presented By Trailer Story synopsis A short and simple, yet unforgettable tale of two wanderers on their adventure in search of the meaning of their existence in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. On the same quest, the two form an unexpected and peculiar bond as their simple tale of survival turn into extraordinarily gripping moments in this lonely place. Features - A graphical adventure with a tangible storyline - Light mini-games and puzzles - Custom sprite art - Fully-customised maps - A simple yet touching story DEMO DOWNLOAD Download the DEMO at Itch.io BUY NOW! Characters Artworks Screenshots Wanda comic preview Fan art Credits Shaz Yanfly Mog GDS Kodots Games Studio members @SomaelCK @HaruAkira Original Sound Tracks David Lister Original Sound Tracks Demo
  12. HaruAkira

    DarkEnd - Simply, an RPG [$15 on Steam!]

    Hello! It's been a month since our release, so we hope you've given DarkEnd a go! But that's not all we have to offer. A FREE expansion is on its way! We considered what players have said and decided to add in: - An additional 5+ hrs of gameplay - A brand new storyline in an elusive land called Avirdel - New Skills, Weapons/Armours, enemies and dungeons - Some graphical updates. This expansion will be accessible once the player reaches the end of the original game Here's what we have done so far. Please take a look! More updates about the expansion will be coming soon! Please let us know what you think. Thank you for all your support!
  13. HaruAkira

    DarkEnd - Simply, an RPG [$15 on Steam!]

    Thanks! How was it? Do let us know! You can buy the full game here http://store.steampowered.com/app/292370 Thank you for your support ^__^