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  1. Implementing a DLC system

    DLCs are interesting in their own right, but could these scripts' use be expanded to include the entirity of, say, an "expansion" or a second chapter so that a player can simply add on the new chapter and continue with his current party? Or would this be way out of the scope of these?
  2. Yami's Battle Symphony help.

    it might be called thrust. some of the tags in the manual are inaccurate. I think Yami made different versions and missed some updates in the manual. Do a search through the script itself and you'll find the note tags that are available by default. (ctrl-f thrust I think that one's in there somewhere) You can also make your own, or simply use the icon create, followed by icon move, rotate, etc to create your own. The "stab" "swing" "upswing" etc are just default versions of combinations of the move and rotate commands.
  3. Yami's Battle Symphony help.

    what do you want your "sequence" to be? Do you just want it to look like multiple attacks? You need to use the icon: user, weapon, stab type sequences to show the claw stabbing forward, you can use swing multiple times to show several swipes. You can use swing followed by upswing for an interesting effect. The symphony tags are easiest to learn at first without a final goal in mind. Just mess around with all the options (you've looked at Yami's instructional manual on the blog right?) and see what does what.
  4. Cant get smithing working

    The recipe itself The item to be crafted (in this case item id 2 items 42 and 43 are ingredients.) I don't think you have to use the catagory bit. I have several crafting catagories, so I use it. You have to call to get this to work. Otherwise, if you didn't use the catagory, I think you could just use () at the end.
  5. Voice acting within events

    'busts' are not part of the base program. You have to insert them with a 'show picture' command before each text entry. There are scripts that handle the basic bust functionality for you. Galv made a nice one. also the waiting checkbox should be UNchecked.
  6. Cant get smithing working

    bad tags. read through the instructions again. I'm not at the script to check right now, but I know it's not tag /tag you need a recipe book with the recipe tag that lists the final item(s) it allows you to craft. you need the final item with the ingredients tags that define what is required to craft. obviously, you need the book and components in your inventory.
  7. Voice acting within events

    not at RPGMVXA to look at themoment, but the one thing that immediately pops to mind is to make sure you have the check box for waiting unchecked. (otherwise, it's waiting for the sound byte to finish to start the text)
  8. Game skills idea - need feedback

    don't change the gambler! lol nah, you can edit whatever you want, but even if people don't use a skill that doesn't mean it's not a nice thing for other people to have available. Just make the benefit to NOT hitting that one dice roll good enough to try for it. I've played several games where hurting yourself or your allies was a really fun way to go about battling. As long as the upside outweighs the hits you take, it can be fun!
  9. A map within a map

    I'm figuring out how much easier it is to create these big maps one section at a time. That being said, the edits can't carry over to the other sections properly if I do it that way. I think I may just do all the sections one at a time and then do a big one for the whole world at a different viewable resolution. If I did it all in one go with the main map, it would be unusable by anyone but me anyway. (the current file size is nearly 1g for just the one image lol) Plus, I have to do probably 20 - 30 different filter washes for different things to the whole image and it takes a long time per filter with an image that large. I might figure out a way to seperate the land and sea since I don't have to do as much with the sea. If I can do that, then I can do all the individual edits to the sections of land, put it all back together, and do the filters for the water areas all at once. It would be pretty nifty to have the massive map for anyone who wanted to take the time to download the thing lol (or have something at a decent resolution for printing, in case I wanted to offer that as a bonus) Who knows. I'm learning a lot anyway. An added benefit is, just with the few sections I've done, I've come up with interesting story tidbits just from looking at the landscape that is emerging. Until next time.
  10. OC Motion Battle Camera

    for Symphony user's info: this works flawlessly with Symphony as long as set the battler shadow option in Symphony to false.
  11. Character Shops

    Just have the shop sell you a "mercenary contract" It'll be a usable item. Have the condition that the player must use the item while inside the merc shop. The item just runs a common event that adds x actor to their party. (the merc) This is the easiest solution I can think of that involves actually having a shop to buy the mercs from. You could even make this item remove all other possible merc actors from the party so they can swap out whenevr they feel like it by using a different merc contract. (like keeping your extra party members in your pockets lol) Otherwise, just have it be a one-use item that disappears. *edit. you don't even have to make the common event. Just have the shop sell them the merc contract item. Then have a spot by the counter with an invisible parallel process event that adds an actor to the party based on the condition that they have a merc contract item in their inventory and no other mercs are in the party. Then, to swap mercs, you could have the shopkeep remove the old merc by telling the party, "you can only have one merc at a time. Do you want to cancel your old contract? yes: remove actor, change items: merc contract -1 shop processing blah. No: "Well come back when you're ready to start a new contract, etc" You could also have the other event be just an invisible event that will switch event pages based on which merc contract they have in their possession. This allows you to make one event IN the merc shop that appears with the desired mercs appearance and you can go talk to him to have him come along. Use your imagination and a little ingenuity and there really is very little you CAN'T do with eventing.
  12. OC Motion Battle Camera

    Darn you, Ocedic. Why'd you have to mess with SBS compatibilities? lol. I promised myself I wasn't going to add more scripts. :-P I'll test it out later and get back with you on the symphony compatibility. *edit. looks like it works with Symphony, but probably won't work with other scripts I've got. I have a script adding a shadow to the ground as well as a pointer to show what you have targetted. Currently, it looks like the camera zoom is moving relative to the shadow and pointer, and the mob and character sprites move independently when the zoom happens. (i.e. the mobs and player seperate from their shadows and move around) *edit 2 the battle pointer script I'm using is by moghunter so that might be what you were talking about in the initial post.
  13. Encounter Alert

    if I try out this script (I might because I'm using random battles and I know they can get frustrating) I already have the answer for the timer. I'm using a time system in the game, so I can get creative with linking the battle skip to the game clock. *edit. nevermind. I was super tired when I read this last night and I was thinking skip as in not fight and not get reward. This is allowing the player to 'win' a battle without fighting it. I'll just include craftable noencounter consumables for my purpose for ease of use by myself and the player.
  14. aww. I was silently lurking waiting to be accepted into the slitherin house of Ace academy!
  15. no worries. A lot of people suggest the original method you were using so it usually comes up first when you search for a solution. I happened across the solution I mentioned and it saved me a LOOOOT of eventing. I have one cave with ten events (boulders) that can each effect 5 different switches plus the player. It was a cluster until I ran across this method. glad to be of help.