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  1. Infamous

    Critique On Early Project

    Hello again. Now that the game is updated a bit, I figure I'll give ya another little review. So looks like we got some plot going this time, not a bad little cutscene here, the town in the map there looks a bit empty but that's forgivable at this stage. Back to the house where we originally started, this map looks unchanged. I just figured out the biggest problem here, you're walls are only 1 high. I would make em two. Also, those sacks on top of the walls are just weird. And the door graphic, I wouldn't put that on the inside, just make a hole. That chest still doesn't work and the text is still cut off. I think the brother's text is cut off too. Still can't heal in the bed either. That's enough of picking apart that, on the outside, the town here looks quite nice. You filled up the empty space form before and I actually quite like this map. The dude at the Pub has better dialogue too. I just hit the menu for the first time (I'm typing as I play) and this system is beautiful. Onto Undine's Temple now. Looks like you made it a full proper dungeon. Fighting the enemies, definitely better balanced, almost leaning on the easy side. That's ok though, I'm not particularly a fan of hard RPG's. Just fought an Ice Woman, and I'd say that she was the appropriate level of hard as "tank" type enemy. That is, an enemy you only face in troops of 1. I hope there's only troops of one of them. Now I'm approaching what I assume is a mini-boss, Ice Wraith. Oh fuck, I take back any talk of easy. That shade attack is ridiculously powerful, as is his ice attack. I'm just gonna move on and hope that treasure he's guarding is non-essential. And then shit, there's another one guarding the stairs. Actually managed to beat this one, thanks to the paralyze ability. But these guys need nerfed, at least in the damage their attacks do. A two-hit kill to Level 4 people? Nahhhh. After healing and buying some things, I press on. This guy doesn't look too much like Undine, but boss fight time! And whoa, Darkness, that is quite the powerful attack. And oh shit, he just used an equally powerful holy attack on me in which the text was Japanese! After several tries, I finally managed to beat him after getting him paralyzed. Moving on, oh snap another boss. Thankfully, this one is rather easy. Or it seems that way because I got paralyze off immediately. I went back to the town to heal and what not, but I returned for that treasure the Wraith was guarding, because I desire phat loot. For some reason, the transfer to the cave put me like right in the middle of it instead of at the entrance. Some weird glitch. Anyway, the Wraith is a pushover at Level 8, and the treasure was uh not worth it. Moving on.... There's some mapping errors in the forest, but nothing too egregious. Encounters seem mostly ok. I wouldn't put a Behemoth in a troop with any other monsters, but I didn't have problems otherwise. I blazed through fairly quickly to the bosses, who were incredibly easy in comparison to the people at Undine's crib. And I guess that's the end of the demo. To condense my rambling notes into a concise review, the game has promise. The plot is basic, but not terrible, especially for a first project. The mapping could use some work, but again it's far from terrible. One thing I talked about a lot, balancing, you've improved greatly. The bosses in Undine's Cave definitely need some tweaking though. Dungeon design is pretty basic, no puzzles really, but I again think that is mostly forgivable. I'd say just keep working at it, tweak some things, and we're golden.
  2. Infamous

    Critique On Early Project

    No I mean they are too strong, especially for one of the very first enemies you meet in the game. The thing is, there is no player who is going to be level 3 at that point. They are probably going to be level 1, because there's no indication that you need to grind beforehand, and most people do not like/want to grind. I think you're relying too much on the player grinding here. Personally, I don't think grinding should ever be a requirement in gaming. There should be a natural progression as the player goes along, you shouldn't have to battle 100 slimes just to survive the next area full of dragons and demons. And of course, theres always the fine line between challenging and unfairly hard. Also, you should never assume a players going to inflict a status condition unless you've scripted it that way. Status afflictions are just to luck-based to be considered in a legit boss strategy, at least in my eyes The only time a player should ever get frustrated with a game is because of a well-designed puzzle. Adding loads of random encounters does frustrate players, but not in a good way. It's frustrating in the "fuck this game power off" kind of way. And no game designer wants that I think. I think you have some good idea's, but ya just need some better implementation. You're battle design pretty much needs a complete overhaul. If I were you, with the way this game is structured thus far, I'd make Undine beatable at Level 2, with Level 3 making it not challenging at all. You shouldn't expect a player to level up 4 times on just random encounters before facing a boss.
  3. Infamous

    Critique On Early Project

    Hey a shout out. That's always nice. So first off, you might want to consider encrypting you're project next time you upload, if for nothing than to reduce filesize, which is quite large. Now, onto the game: The first map you start in is wayyyyy to big and empty. You're mapping of interiors in general could definitely use some work to be honest. Also, whatever your brother is asking you is cut off in the text box. Remember, in the Show Text option, the first arrow above the box shows where text cuts off when you use faces. I'm not sure if you're supposed to be able to access the chest there, but you can't at all, even after recruiting your brother to the party. The first town map actually doesn't look to bad, except for the large empty expanse of space leading to the pub. Just seems kinda out of place. So I went through all the stuff and went to the world map, and whew them Ice Lady's are no joke. In fact, unless you're trying to go the really hard route, the balancing on those could use some work. When I went back to the town to heal, it seemed strange that I had to go to the Inn to rest when my house was next door. Just something to consider. Anyways, I went on to the boss and promptly got curbstomped. Attacking twice + high damage magic = bad news for me. You mentioned having to grind in your post, but ehhh I'm not a fan of that mechanic (and honestly I don't think its popular with many) so I just opened the project and maxed out the characters lol. Moving on, I slayed that boss (it was kinda weird how she had no dialogue but thats not a big issue) and progressed on to the forest area. The encounter rate there is definitely a little too high, but the design of the place wasn't too bad, especially for a beginner. I fought the bosses, who also had no dialogue, and I guess completed the game. All in all, I say it's not to bad for a beginner. The battling definitely has balancing issues, but thats a common problem for people when starting out and it's not horrendously bad. I'd work on the balancing, work on your mapping a bit (you're already leagues ahead of where I was when I started out), and just to keep at it. (I didn't comment on the story because of what you said in your post, but there's not really much of a story going on here anyways. I suspect you'll flesh that out more as you continue to work, so no worries)
  4. Infamous

    Unequippable Weapons/Armor

    You could give that special character there own class, and then make special armor and equipment types that only that class can equip Or just do what Circuscat said, which is much easier
  5. Infamous

    Creating a Moving Quest NPC

    Wut it do Tahara. I made you another in game example to show you how this would be done, hope it helps! Download
  6. Infamous

    Climate Change/Boss Switch

    I'm lazy and I don't feel like writing up a big tutorial again lol so I just made you a little demonstration of what you're asking Tahara. Looking at the events should give you an idea of how to do it. Download
  7. Infamous

    Climate Change/Boss Switch

    Just a little nitpicky thing here Titania, if you set the trigger on that event to "Parallel Process" instead of "Autorun", then the Erase Event command becomes unnecessary. Just a little thing you can do to remove a step
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  9. Infamous

    Climate Change/Boss Switch

    Hi Tahara. Switches are an integral part of RPG Maker development, so let me help you out a bit. There are two types of switches, self-switches which are self contained in an event, and global switches, which can be used for any event. The "control switch" function turns a switch on or off. Switches are usually used to trigger new things to happen after meeting certain criteria, like your problem in turning off inclement weather after defeating a boss. Let's address your issues specifically and see if that helps you get a grasp of the concept. 1. Turning off the weather This is quite simple to do. So let's say you have your battle event for the boss here like so: Now let's get into the nitty gritty of switches here. For the type of thing you want to do, we'll want to deal with global switches, that way we can use it here and have it affect things other than this event in-particular. So what you'll want to do is open the event commands and select "Control Switches" and get to this Now, pick any switch (well, any switch you haven't used before) and tick the "ON" button there. You'll probably want to name the switch in order to keep things organized. I'd recommend naming it something like "boss defeated" or "weather normal", something that instantly lets you know what its for. Ok, now that that's done, lets use this switch. I'm assuming you know how transfer's work, so go to the event that transfers the player from the ice dungeon to the world map. What'll you'll want to do is click the button that says "New Event Page" at the top, and it'll open a new tab in the top left corner, looking like so: Now, in the top left of this new tab, you'll see a little area called "Conditions" and a little square box that says "Switch" next to it. Tick that box, and select the switch we used earlier. It'll look something like this: This is basically telling the event that when the switch "boss defeated" is on, you're going to use these set of commands instead of whatever you had previously. So in the area to the left there where you make your commands, simply make a transfer command to the World Map that doesn't have bad weather. Finished product will look something like this: And voila! You are done! After defeating the boss, the switch will activate, prompting this event to now use these set of commands and transfer the player to the normal world map. That's really all there is to it. Now, let's address problem #2 here. Let's backtrack to the boss' event. This is where you would use a self-switch. Technically you could use a global switch, but it'll make your switches a helluva lot more cluttered. Now, open up the event commands and right under where "Control Switches" is, you'll see "Control Self-Switch" These switches work just like global switches, except they are self-contained within each event. That means that self-switches for this event cannot be used for other events and will not affect them. Click "Control Self-Switches" and turn on one of them (A,B,C, or D) VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that the command turning the self-switch on is ABOVE the one turning on the global switch, otherwise it will not work! (it'll look like this) Now, you're gonna want to make a new event page just like last time, but leave this one totally blank, except for the 'Conditions' section in the top left. You'll see a little box that say "Self Switch" next to it. Tick that box, and select the switch you choose earlier (A,B,C, or D) And voila! This part is done. And there you go. I hope I've helped you understand switches. If you need me to clarify anything or are still confused, I'm happy to continue helping
  10. Infamous

    Choosing Your Character's Gender

    Allowing a player to choose their gender is a nice thing I think, especially in the circumstances you mention. The only thing that you should worry about is the implementation, which could be difficult depending on how in depth you get. Dialogue and even a character's entire backstory could have to be altered all throughout the game. Just taking into consideration the limitations of RPG Maker, a lot of switch control, or at the very most extreme, two different versions of the same maps and events
  11. I worked on a project at one point where I used almost exclusively sample maps, and here's what I have to say. It was the most enjoyable game project I ever worked on because I find mapping the most boring and difficult part of game design. The sample maps are not amazing but I liked them and theres decent variation. I'd say is perfectly okay to make a game using these maps so long as you don't claim otherwise (obviously). Many people probably could find it boring due to most of the maps being nothing new but that wouldn't be a problem if you had good enough story and gameplay, so I think the limitations also pushes you to do better, since you really have to in order to make a good game. So TL;DR I say make the game, and I would definitely play the demo
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  13. olympic volleyball is actually alright....dem shorts

  14. Infamous

    Gamertags, PSN & Friend Codes

    Gamertag: DHG Affinity I have a bunch of Cods, BF3, GTA4, NBA 2K12 if you want to play. Steam: LeAmericain (I have no games, so no reason lol)
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