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  1. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    As requested, made one portrait version of an actor. It took me far longer to modify her than I was planning. Don't think I'll do another one but here's this pirate lady.
  2. Huzzah, posted a video to my YT about editing rtp face graphics

  3. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Made a new video about editing graphics!
  4. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    More female battlers (female rework vs male original)
  5. Edited a battler from RTP. I like my female version better than the original. RTP didn't look tough enough, imo.

  6. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Hey, back after being away for a good long while. Made a new face set with a blank included. I'm calling it "young blonde girl" since she has a rounder face than most. Edit: Playing around with battlers. Didn't like the female version of grappler from RTP, so edited the male version into a rework of a female grappler. Also posted is a side by side of the male versus female version of the grappler that I edited.
  7. Holy cow, finally working on my project again and logged in.

  8. Feeling pretty accomplished: made a bunch of bracelets with new loom AND finished up/posted some face portraits I've been neglecting for nearly a month.

  9. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Finally finished up some requests. I hope they're "evil" enough for you. My personal favorite is the older version of the witch. I'm on vacation for the next 3 weeks (great perk to working for a school). Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time for more graphics.
  10. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Yeah, I got stalled. Whoops. IRL things have been getting in the way again. I DID finish a few face portraits I'll wait till I finish the set before I post.
  11. I hope this addresses and helps you find what the problem is. First take a look at the character you're wanting to use that skill. Is he/she the same class as the one who is receiving the spell or skill when they level up? I'll use this paladin as an example. Make sure that not only his class has that certain spell/skill listed in skills but also that he can use that skill type. I want him to learn "Heal" at level three. On the traits list (right side) I have to make sure he's able to use the skill type "magic" to be able to cast that spell. You can add various skill types (magic, special attacks, other custom stuff) to the character's class. Lastly, check to see if the desired skill is the skill type you added to your character's class. The paladin is able to use magic so he will be able to cast "Heal" when he gets to level three.
  12. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Thanks for the comment Wren! I'm supposed to see the doctor tomorrow to get cleared to go back to work, so till then I can work on more graphics. Anything you'd like to see? I'm still on a creative editing high for these faces.
  13. Good night for productivity in the graphics department! Made new older female faces. She's not just "villager" or "housewife" anymore!

  14. Something good came of me getting hurt at work: finished two new sets of female face edits. There isn't enough women of color in RPGs.

    1. Sughayyer


      women of color may sound kinda racist, but I agree with you that we need more racial diversity!

    2. Ocedic


      It's not really racist; it's a term used in many politically correct contexts to describe racial minorities these days.

  15. noellechan

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    After some consideration and lots of spare time at home (due to injury at work) I made two sets of female faces of color. I started making little bios for each of them but kinda gave up since I was on a roll with Photoshop. Your comments always make my day Edit: I'm REALLY on a roll tonight. Here's some older women. I tried to make varied professions (soldier, commander, mage, etc) so she's not just "housewife".