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  1. Thanks for telling me when I get the chance I will fix the bug
  2. Crimexx

    Actor creation system

    I will look to see if I can make this better than my event system. I need the player to select gender, hair style, hair color, and his/her attributes.
  3. Have you added a way for night-time to not affect certain maps, with say a comment command?
  4. Crimexx

    [Graphics] Making a professional logo.

    This is what I made from the tutorial, I learned quite a bit. I had no idea how to do the text effects
  5. Crimexx

    HK VS Animated Title

    I cannot access his Open Source pack, he removed the link to it!
  6. Khas, please try and add projectiles (Bows), I don't feel like the system is complete without it...
  7. Crimexx

    ~[Ring Menu VXAce]~

    I love this script good job!!
  8. Crimexx

    YSE - Patch System

    I have used the VX version of this! Glad to see it in Ace! -Crimexx
  9. @Wazte Some buy it from Japan($131.0890)
  10. Well, When I find time, I will write up a tutorial or possibly do a video tutorial on my blog. But for now I guess its a system. I felt that giving it the title Tutorial/System would explain it (A system that has a tutorial embedded in it). Scripts for example, are they always filled with screenshots of how to use it. No most of the time they come with instructions embedded into the script. I felt maybe I could change the way people explain events. I was planning on explaining it further on my website anyways
  11. I didn't know it had to be screenshots, I thought that commenting on every single "command" event would be enough... I comment every single action for a reason. If the person really wants to know whats going on they can read the comments.
  12. @infamous bon bon Yeah, I would love to see that tutorial, and I will look at Fomar's script. @All Users I have been working heavily on my "Studio's Website" (not my planned event site). I started from scratch and I have to make the deadline to the countdown I made. You can see that site here. My Event System Website will be on this link, it is not finished yet so just give me a few days to get everything setup and I will have a new demo for you guys by the end of the week. (I will post all my future event systems here.) Thanks, Crimexx
  13. Yeah, I didn't mean to sound so defensive, I understand. Also, I love your website, Bookmarked. I think I am going to make one also to house my future event systems.
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