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  1. Oasiris

    music Tunes of Leejionnaire

    These are awesome! I love Puppet On A String especially -- they're uncomplicated but effective compositions. What program/VSTs did you use?
  2. Oasiris

    Please Review My Character Designs!

    Sure. Sorry for the lack of clarity! His "dark, separate" side is similar to another entity inside of him, possessing a capacity of worldly knowledge and experiences intolerable by most. This was the result of an unexpected and dangerous spell involving the mechanics of time and space that he experienced during his training as a Time Mage. This side is rarely seen by both Roman and his comrades. Otherwise, Roman is an adolscent who had an isolated childhood teaching himself magic. (or maybe someone taught him? I'll have to look into that a lot more.) In contrast to Jacquelyn, who traveled as a bounty hunter, he has little living experience.
  3. Oasiris

    Help with a story plot? =)

    Yeah, best of luck! And keep me updated for sure
  4. Oasiris

    Rpg with no magic?

    Yeah, I set it so longer reach weapons had lower speed - and speed already directly affects accuracy. I think we're approaching a question here that most game-makers in general face: When do I draw the line with how my game is played, vs how my game is percieved? Let's say we're rolling along with developing our game, and we realize, "Wait. I want this game to be so-and-so realistic. What do I do if a character dies?" Well, if you make his death permanent (the way it works in real life,) then all of a sudden, we've changed a huge part of how our game is played. Tactics previously viable completely lose meaning. That tank in your party you would otherwise let die, only to be revived at the battle's end, can no longer go out there and defend until his HP is depleted. But all of a sudden, we have this concept of magicians and magic and different fields and studies. In DnD, we can say, "This cleric over here praises the Lord, and can invoke His holy power to revive this man." Now we have this cool cleric guy with supernatural powers and a problem fixed with a dose of fantasy. I think magic in games exists for a few nice reasons, some stemming off of others: It's damn cool. It grants immersion into a separate fantasy world - and as such, it can contribute to lore if needed. (And it's almost always needed.) It can make gameplay much easier to work with, because it is an explainable reason for certain aspects of a game that make it more fun. It can add depth to gameplay (elemental weaknesses and strengths are only the tip of the iceberg.) It's not like the idea of magic was pulled out of a box one day; sorcery and witchcraft has a place in many of Earth's society's histories, and for this reason, it can further contribute to lore.
  5. Oasiris

    Help with a story plot? =)

    I have a modification to that story I could share. There is a tale of creation that the MC, who was born in a post-apocalyptic time, had never heard during his childhood. The tale goes like this. There are 8 gods; each is responsible for creating a different aspect of the world. There is one who gave birth to the world; one who created the sea upon the world; one who created plants, etc etc etc. Anyway, the one who gave birth to the world was pretty much the leader god (Zeus-like authority), and he hated the vile 8th god, so he locked him away. Time went on, and 7 temples were created, each in worship of a different diety. More time went on, and these became the great cities that the MC knows today, each with the temple centrally located. However, during these times, the chains holding the 8th god locked away weakened, and finally, they broke. He stole the relic that granted the leader god his authority, and with it, created a plethora of vile monsters and demons as his own minions. He sent them off to destroy each and every city that were created in tribute to his fellow gods he detested so much. He then greatly injured the other gods, one by one, and fled and created a demon castle or something. Now, the story can branch nicely from here, based on the questions: "Why is MC the hero?" Maybe it's destiny. Maybe he was chosen by the gods. Maybe he's just a man on a mission. "Will you have party members? If so, who will they be?" Having no party members might be viable, but it's hard to make an interesting game like that. Maybe the party members are just his friends from childhood, and one's good with a bow and another practices fire magic; or you pick up some members along the way, Final Fantasy style. Or a really interesting idea - the party members are the 7 gods that you pick up at their corresponding cities, each in their human forms because of their weakened states. (If you followed along with that idea, the game would be super interesting!) "What is the relic? How did it get shattered?" Maybe it's a powerful weapon sealed away for emergencies, and it's the only thing that can stop the power of the traitor god's new relic. Maybe each relic restores the weakened gods to their empowered forms, and only the 7 gods' combined power can stop the traitor god's new relic. (If this is the case, the "party members are gods" idea won't work.) Maybe the traitor god's castle floats in the sky, and the pieces of the relic combine to form a flying device. Just some food for thought
  6. Oasiris

    Please Review My Character Designs!

    Thanks so much! Yeah, I wanted her to have moderate DEF just because two of the other party members (the two mages) will have low DEF, and I don't want to get stuck with 3 people with low DEF and one tanky guy. Your comment had a lot of depth to it, and I really appreciate it.
  7. Oasiris

    Arisa Leinev Skillset

    8 * (((a.mat * 2) - b.mdf) * 0.0725) is the same as (2 * a.mat - b.mdf) * 0.58, by the way. It's worth noting that your Fire Arrows skill is going to increase in damage very, very fast; it's not linear like the rest of your active skills. Let's say Arisa's MAT at level 1 is 8, and it increases by about 2 every level. (These are EXAMPLE values, and can be replaced with your actual values for similar results.) We get this (assuming opponent has no MDF): I think that the Fire Arrows thing was a cool concept, but it doesn't look very good on paper. By level 20, you're dealing 3x as much damage with Fire Arrows as you would with Ignite for 2x the MP -- and let's not forget, all in a single turn. By this time, Ignite's become pretty much useless. Also, you're stuck without any multi-target spells until level 70 (or ANY useful damaging spells, for that matter.) You'll be using Fire Arrow as your only active ability for at least 50 levels, since Flame Sword uses runes that have other potential uses, and isn't phenomenally effective anyway. I'd personally get a little bored of my main character's gameplay. You should spice it up with some more interesting skills. Like, a fire attack that's moderately weak, but pemetrates MDF. It'd be useful against complete MDF tanks. You could also try a fire attack with a chance to poison ("Fume Fire"?); a mana-saving fire attack that attacks a random enemy rather than one you select ("Rampant Ignite"); a fire attack that costs HP ("Bloodflame"?); or an attack that, despite looking like fire, deals holy, dark, or non-elemental damage ("Dark Flame," "Smite", "Soul Flare"? idk). Perhaps drawing the animations could be the limiting factor, but at least some of the ideas mentioned above are probably do-able with recolors. And if you want them to make them less appealing or grant less incentive to use these abilities, you can make them into Skill Books that aren't learnt based on level, but rather gold (or story route, or quests, or finding them in a treasure chest). Also, it's worth noting: As cool of an idea as Heat Death is, where you additionally damage yourself and your partymembers, it makes increasing damage countereffective unless those fire res spells of yours are extremely potent. Increasing your own damage should never work against you in any video game, especially on a main character.
  8. Oasiris

    Motivations of an antagonist

    I personally prefer antagonists that are supernatural or simply larger than human; if they're not human, they don't have human motives, and explaining why you fight monsters along your journey or stop by multiple towns gets much easier. In a game I've been thinking up very recently, the main antagonist is portrayed to be an entity known as White Shadow. (He looks a little like Deemo, but with white body and black eyes). The world this game takes place in has a bounty hunter's guild, and he has a big price on his head for many instances of havoc and murder with spatial phenomenon, throwing the world into increasing fear and panic over the mysterious unstoppable reaper.
  9. Oasiris

    Rpg with no magic?

    I was working on this one turn-based RPG named Gladiator; you choose a weapon and set of armor, and then head on into the arena. Each weapon was categorized by its reach, power, and speed, and type. Reach = whoever's is higher gets more speed and more accuracy. Power = determines amount of damage dealt. Speed = whoever's is higher goes first, as well as recieving a bonus to accuracy. Type = Either Slash, Pierce, or Crush. (Accuracy = % chance to hit.) Additionally, you could choose an armor set. Each has a weakness to a certain weapon type. Light Armor = High speed, low defense. Slash deals bonus damage to the wearer. Plate Armor = Medium speed, medium defense. Pierce deals bonus damage to the wearer. Heavy Armor = Low speed, high defense. Crush deals bonus damage to the wearer. In combat, you had the following skills: A standard basic attack. A heavy attack, which has greatly lowered speed for greatly increased damage. A parry attack, which deals low damage and has low accuracy; only works if the enemy executes either a standard, heavy, or killing blow attack. if it connects, the opponent is helpless for one turn. A killing blow attack, which has extremely low accuracy that will increase based on how low the opponent's health is, weapon speed, and weapon reach. Defense. Negates a certain amount of damage from the enemy's next attack, and makes killing blows even harder to land; does absolutely nothing if your armor is weak to the enemy's attack type. Also, some weapons (there were 2 slash, 2 pierce, and 2 crush) had a secondary skill that dealt damage of another weapon type; it had either decreased reach or damage. For example, you could stab with the Shortsword (dealing pierce damage) or hit with the flat side of your blade (dealing crush damage.) Both had greatly decreased damage, but were a good utility against defending opponents. So, as shown, I created a very deep weapon-armor-loadout based battle system without the use of any magic. It's worth noting, though, that this system was meant for 1-on-1 combat and might not translate too well to some RPG designs without proper tweaking.
  10. Hey, so I've been working on some character designs for party members of a game lately. I'd like some feedback on how they complement each other, both personality-wise and gameplay-wise. There are 4 characters total. Setting: A world similar to that of many various RPG's (Final Fantasies 1-6, Legend of Heroes, Ys, etc) in civilization and depiction of magic and more. Name: Jacquelyn Class: Spellblade Description: An ex-bounty hunter who bears a grudge against the infamous White Shadow, who she wishes to find for reasons beyond the hefty price on his head. Appearance: She is not particularly slim or tall, nor heavy nor short. I haven't decided on a hairstyle yet, but she will likely have some sort of leather coat, long pants, and boots. Personality: She is levelheaded and mostly ethical, though bribes work on her. Dim-witted, airhead, and clueless are not words that can describe her. (i'm looking at you, every anime heroine.) Silver-tongued; good at lying, bribing, or getting information. She WILL take advantage of her gender in negotiation, but only if necessary. Not particularly materialistic, but still minds appearances. Somewhat knowledgeable about the crafting process of weapons, hardness of metals and alloys, and trustworthy blacksmiths. Has a sense of duty; if she starts something, she has to finish it. Relationship: Is considered the leader of the party, and is respected as such.Gameplay: Wields either a Sword or a Saber. Her LH is occupied by a Gauntlet, which amplifies MAT. Can equip a Hat, Light Armor, and 2 Accessories. Her skill type is called "Enchant," and allows her to use up MP to cast abilities such as "Fire Strike", "Ice Strike", or "Poison Strike", which let her deal additional fire damage, additional ice damage, and grant a chance to poison, respectively. She has moderate defense, and provides much single-target damage and utility with various elemental strikes and status ailments; however, she does not do well at all against large groups of targets. (Fitting for a ex-bounty hunter, no?) She has the second highest AGI of her party members, placing below Vince and above Roman and Exylia. ~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Roman Class: Time Mage Description: A fashionable young man who is training in the arts of rending time and space. He joins Jacquelyn on her quest because the White Shadow has caused spatial phenomenon that he possesses interest in. He has a dual personality; an extremely dark side to Roman that has seen too much of the world exists. It was created as a coping method to a horrible experience with space-time. Appearance: He's slim and tall for a teenager, with an outfit I'm still working on but will most likely express maturity and fashion sense. His hair is longish for a boy, dark, and messy. Personality: Out of the four party members, he is youngest and least knowledgeable of the world. He's not very familiar with prices, travel, advanced etiquette, etc. Quiet; but in a stoic way, not a shy way. When fashion or time magic are involved, he becomes quick to speak his mind. Knowledgeable about cloths, clothes, the best materials they should be made of, and such. (This might never come into play within the game) He isn't as impulsive as, say, Jacquelyn or Vince; he'll try to think actions through. When the group makes a decision, he's the first to say, "Is this really a good idea? We could ________ instead." Relationship: Has full devotion to Jacquelyn; the least likely to leave the party. Vince and Exylia have less obligation to stay in the party than him. Though the youngest, he isn't particularly picked on by his fellow party members for it. Gameplay: Along with Exylia, the most fragile of the group. However, while Exylia sports high MDEF alongside crippling DEF, his DEF and MDEF are both low. Probably going to wield either a Pocketwatch or a Clock of some sort. (more to come)
  11. Ah, this was the part I slipped up on. Thank you both! Going off to try it now...
  12. My motivation is the size of a dime...

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      Slay a slime for a dime :D

  13. Oasiris

    my first steps into making music

    Ah, FL Studio. I remember my first song on Version 9. Good times... http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/348489 Keep cracking at it! Try to get your hands on a Fruity Loops Guidebook. It'll teach you lots about how to use the software.
  14. Oasiris

    The Darkest Angel at your service!

    Please convert all lead in the world into gold using only a metallic ãŠã¨ã†ã¨ and an arm that squeaks whenever you bend your elbow. Welcome to the forums, Darkest Angel.
  15. Oasiris


    Hello. My name is Drew - my username is Oasiris. Happy to be on this forum. I was on the RPG Maker VX forums for a while (more specifically, rpgmakervx.net); and now that I've entered high school, while my motivation/RPG-understanding/artistry/music-skill/writing are severely improved, my time is severely crippled. I've never released a full game; I always got caught up in "Wow, I want followers!" or "Wow, this would be so much like this other game that was good, and people will like it!" With luck, my current 3-game project, Project Aquamarine, will not crash and burn horribly with no survivors as did my other projects. I am genuinely a "Jack of All Trades"; I possess aptitude in creative writing, problem-solving and coding, hand-drawing facesets and promotional game art, Photoshopping together logos, spriting characters and icons, and composing music using Fruity Loops Studio. As for interests, I watch anime, play piano, write, play JRPG's, listen to music, listen to music, listen to music, waste time on the internet, get hyped about games that I don't purchase, and express jealousy over close friends' PS3's. I additionally enjoy listening to music. Also, I know Japanese.