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  1. Kaliske

    Large Sprite Overlay Problem

    Thanks that worked perfectly ^^ @Dymdez - I'm not using any scripts just the out of the box editor
  2. @ Myst88I - I think the tilesets go quite well, although I noticed there's no windows on the back wall unless that was intentional, personally I'd add a window or two with some light on the floor, you could probably fit a large window on the left side of the counter @EpicFILE - Lol thats how I had the hair before I changed the outline to black XD, the reason I did that was because I have a character in game that has red hair and red clothes and with a red outline on the hair it blends into the clothes, by changing the hair to a black outline and having the armor with a coloured outline it stops them from mixing though I've changed back and forth about 3 times lol can't really decide which way to have it, Thanks for the reply ^^
  3. I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem I've been having for a while but haven't figured out a solution The problem I'm having can be seen in the screenshot below As you can see the hair is 2 pixels to high so it goes into the above overlay of the fence however the sprite I've made is only 32 x 62 now you might ask just reduce the size of the sprite by 2 pixels but it makes a fairly significant difference on how the sprite looks (to me anyway) since I cant get the heads as round as I'd like with the 2 pixel difference like the below example Anyway the solution I can see but I dont know if its possible to do would be to move the sprite 2 pixels down, I cant do this in paint.net as the sprite is at the very bottom of the 32 x 64 box I've created as you can see below But despite it being at the bottom of the sprite box in game it automatically gets moved at least 4 pixels up which is whats causing me the problem can I stop the, or reduce the amount that the sprite gets moved up?
  4. Kinda nice for me! A lot of little rooms are good with limited space and furniture. Only one advice, can you put the "top" of the wall on the roof, like the other walls, on this version? (on the point, what version is this? Never seen ever ) Of this home its Version 1, I'm not sure what you mean by put the top of the wall on the roof # and since you cant see it on the screenshot the rooms are seperate maps like this
  5. Hi guys, I've been trying to create a village home but kinda stuck for clutter ideas, any suggestions?