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  1. goshisanniichi

    Script to count notetags...

    Alright cool everyone, got this working, I'll edit my original post with the working script. It takes a few seconds to work, but doesn't seem to slow the game while it's working. So great, neither I nor the player will be using the data generated, right at the beginning of the game.
  2. goshisanniichi

    Script to count notetags...

    They would only be counted once at the when a new game is created and never again. The ones that would be counted more than one, would be maps that have two or more secret areas in them. When a player finds a secret room or area, I'm using a common event to increment a variable to keep track of which ones how many have been found, whenever that count gets incremented, it checks if FOUND == TOTAL and if that's true, it'll give the player their bonus for finding 100% of them. So, using the above examples, it'd be something like, the following: module TH VAR_ID = [83] def self.secret_map_count count = 0 $data_mapinfos.each {|id, mapinfo| map = load_data(sprintf("map%03d", id)) res = map.note.scan(REGEX_FOR_THING) count += 1 if res[1] } $game_variables[VAR_ID] = count end end I hope my questions aren't too silly, beyond just requesting a script I'm try to learn Ruby and RGSS3 a bit at the same time.
  3. goshisanniichi

    Custom Equipment Slots

    Great script. This is it as I'm using it. ... 40 Slots[11] = "Accessories" ... ... 56 return [0,0,2,3,4] if dual_wield? 57 return [0,1,2,3,4,11] if @actor_id == 1 58 return [0,1,2,3,4] 59 end Now, what I'd like to accomplish is to have my main char have two slots to equip type 4 equipment, but I'd like the initial equipment for one of those slots to be an accessory that has fix equip type 4 (accessory) on it but still have the second accessory slot not affected by the fix equip setting . That's why I can't just use: 57 return [0,1,2,3,4,4] if @actor_id == 1 ...because if I do that the fix equip will disable both type 4 slots. I've tried everything I can think of with just playing around w/ the armor types, but because the fix equip attribute only works on types 0-4 it's not possible to do with just what's available in the GUI. So..! what I was think was to make it so that the "type 11" slot (see above) is able to equip type 4 equipment without getting disabled by the fix equip attribute. Unfortunately for me... although I've attempted to figure out how to do this, the scripting that would be required is, unfortunately, beyond me. If anyone else has any ideas on how to get this to work, please advise... Thanks.
  4. goshisanniichi

    Tile Swap 2.0

    Great useful script. Helps me get around some of the limitations of a script for mode 7 that I'm using. Although I have noticed some errors in how your script handles tiles with transparency, (layer 2, b-set), I've tried it with the mode 7 script disabled, so I'm certain it's not the problem. The image I'm using for examples for this post are on Google docs, so the links are to the images. This image is after a swap has been done on a layer 2 tile, I intentionally chose a tile that has lots of transparency to better show what happens. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-UFkq51k1uIZl9lMy1vRGt0dE0/edit In the following two images, I made it so that the normal "unswapped" tile was the broken bridge and the swapped it with the unbroken bridge. (The tint in the before image is from a simple event-based day/night algorithm.) Before: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-UFkq51k1uIYnVqa212MElndjA/edit After: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-UFkq51k1uIaEZ2QW9LVmEzZXc/edit JIC, this is the script as I'm calling it: pos_swap(111, 53, 104, 2, 6, 12) Unfortunately my skill at coding is at a very Basic level (both literally and figuratively), so it's beyond me to be able to even begin to suggest how to fix this. But aside from these little issues, this script is pretty awesome. EDIT: BTW, the first part is because I tried removing the layer 2 tile altogether and using an initial autorun event located on the same map as the player start to put in the broken bridge. That way I could use a later event to again call your script to remove the tile of the broken bridge and the call the script again to insert the tile of the intact bridge.
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