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  1. Apple3.14

    Text box above events head script?

    I could try that! Thanks again.
  2. Apple3.14

    Text box above events head script?

    @Caveras Just tested that and I realised that you can't call the message pop up when you wanted and you actually had to approach the event. For example: The character is stood still, people are walking past him and saying things about him. Sorry about the hassle. Thanks.
  3. Apple3.14

    Metronome-Like Attack?

    @Axio Belmot Sorry, I misunderstood you. I'm not sure what move would have access to the skills class. I will let you know if I come across the script. Edit: Okay, someone already posted a script for you! ^^
  4. @Joey It's looking okay. It's far too dark though and perhaps over saturated with colour. It looks a little cluttered perhaps, almost like the person playing this might enter the library and find it difficult to focus on something specific. I miss the notice board. You should still add manual shadows using the shadow tool to emphasize the rows between the bookshelves. Keep up the good work.
  5. Apple3.14

    Text box above events head script?

    @Caveras Thanks the those links! I think I will use the first link Thanks again.
  6. Apple3.14

    Party formation extension: empty slots

    Hey. Do you mean similar to the 'Pokémon' party system?
  7. Apple3.14

    Metronome-Like Attack?

    Hey. Just allow that specific enemy to use every possible move / skill.
  8. Welcome to the community! I'm new to this project and have recently starting using RPGVXA from RPGVX. I have used the other RPG platforms, but yeah, the sale in Steam was one of those beautiful offers that just catches your eye and to be honest, I didn't know there was an RPGVXA. I used to own RPGVX, but I stopped working with that for a bit, until I saw this RPGVXA and then it got my creative juices flowing. Flowing? Does that sound better than sparking? o.o Good luck with all your projects.
  9. @Joey I think the library looks really good, but I think if you used the 'shadow' tool and created shadows in right places you could emphasize the rows between bookshelves and if you add some ambient lighting for the central area of the library you could add focus to the larger area (more well-lit) area of the library where the man and lamp are.
  10. Apple3.14

    Event cutscene with multiple NPCs moving?

    Assuming you are making them appear to walk 'off the screen' make sure you have the option 'skip if cannot move' ticked for the 'move route'. Having 'through' ticked will help with collisions, but will not stop the 'off screen' collision freeze.
  11. Apple3.14

    Hey everyone!

    Hey, I'm new to this community forum. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays!
  12. Looking to create a small dev team for the recreation of a serious anime.

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