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    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 10 <-- MASAMUNE LOOKS AWFUL D: At least the Masamune key chain I had looks better! The Terrible Witch Part 3 <-- The amount of scams, insurmountable... Alter Legend is on hold for a moment due to it's difficulty. As usual, if you have any questions feel free to ask. WAIT WTF HAPPENED TO THE POST?! GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Eh, here's the videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhJWtKG4OtA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky46q23ZTyc
  2. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    Ah, that simply means a new download? Man, that's great. I needed something to catch more people to subscribe my channel! Help me out guys, it'd really help me out a lot. For some reason, whenever I see the videos not receiving much views, my mood to continue the game seems to wear off a lot. Share it to everyone so I can continue LPing, and also to prove everyone I can be someone by doing these screaming and doing all the ridiculousness in my videos.
  3. Question for any scripter out there, is there a way to play a SE when you press the New Game button?

    1. siChainlinks


      Here's what it would look like:


      class Scene_Title < Scene_Base

      alias put_your_unique_alias_name_here command_new_game

      def command_new_game


      insert command to play sound here


    2. siChainlinks


      The comment formatting here removes tabs, though, of course.

    3. siChainlinks
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  4. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: The Terrible Witch Part 2 <-- You're kidding me... Alter Legend <-- My camera suddenly did not work. I had no idea why and I am sorry. Therefore, I can only give a review here. As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, subscribe to my channel, it'd help me out a lot.
  5. Okay... Fahk it... Anyone with RPG horror that will scare me off? It's time to face my fear.

    1. kayden997


      Role Playing Game Horror... Can't think of one.

  6. It's so hard to deal with noobs in Dota 2 TwT; They ruin everything...

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    2. Tigerbite


      Finally, people talk about dota 2 and not LoL. :D

    3. kayden997


      Haven't play Dota until now... But I have played a Dota in SC2 so it's about the same

    4. Tigerbite


      lol @ about the same

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  7. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: Alter Legend Part 6 Split into 2 parts <-- Solved it! The Terrible Witch <-- Okay, enjoying it. OTHER UPDATE: Dota 2 Skeleton King play has been added. As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 9 <-- I solved it, at last... God dammit. Alter Legend Part Part 5 <-- More of the same... Screwed and bitched up puzzle..?! Guilty Rose: Well, I'll make one later cause yours is special... SIDE INFO: I am making Dota 2 LPs too! You can check it out in the others section. As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  9. Holidays here, RPG LPing start :)

    1. ShinGamix


      what holiday


  10. Thanks, I'll work really hard on this project. CG Art will come soon since a two week holiday is coming in next week, well just hope my artist is not too full of commissions... Thanks to anyone who is supporting, who knows, it might be accidentally be very useful to the disabled people who are special , I wish that'll happen.
  11. I want to say i love you, but I can't... Genre: Science Fiction/Romance Game Progression: Only 9% A tale that tells a story about love that begins from friendship at a young age. A boy named Kurai is determined to help a new transfer student, Hikari, a deaf and mute girl. As they helped each other along with Kurai's friend Hahn, they lived their lives and wanted to help Hikari to become a successful pianist and finally, the ability to speak. And it all began from that day... Will Hikari be able to speak or remain silent for the rest of her life. He is very helpful and is a good friend to Hahn. When he saw Hikari, he was quite curious and wanted to know why Hikari did not want to speak with anyone. He has a little sister named Saya and with her help, he wants to help Hikari change her life and be her sound. His dream is to become a psychiatrist. He is also capable of playing a guitar. Lost in the fog, she cannot speak or hear as she was born deaf. Her life was enshrouded in darkness ever since she was little being abandoned and hopeless. Until that day when he met Kurai, her life changed as Kurai showed her the world and eventually loves him. She can play the piano even if she couldn't speak or hear. She is determined to learn how to speak for Kurai. An energetic person and is a huge fan girl towards Hayane Yukari. He thought Hikari was being arrogant when he first called Hikari, but when that day they met and clarify what's the scenario, Hahn also wanted to help Hikari out. His dream was to become a successful game maker, but the problem was, everyone doesn't want him to be a game maker. Screenshots Title Screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQqyuXNn8qY Game info http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiGtzmInkFw Credits Yami Script Ace - Simple Anti-lag Event Yanfly Engine Ace - Gab Window v1.00 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Menu Engine v1.07 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System v1.05 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Item Menu v1.02 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Save Engine v1.03 Galv's Message Background Galv's Visual Novel Choices MOG - Animated Title A (v2.2) Ring Menu BY Syvkal XaiL System - Core XaiL System - Journal XaiL System - History Book siChainLinks - Title Screen Sound Artwork Nasx Deathspark Story Deathspark Debug Deathspark Music and Sounds Deathspark BerryRuiYi Spriting Deathspark Looseleaf Tilesets used RPG Maker VX Ace tiles RPG Maker XP tiles RPG Maker VX Ace Futuristic Tiles Reviews by Readers of the Story From the RPG Maker VX Ace Community Forums That’s a nice story – Magic2345 It sounds dramatic like a professional visual novelist made this – furrari fullbuster Review from my school. (Honest replies, I am not good in lying, people can easily tell...) Really touching & full of love – Ace.K I think this story really touched me – BerryRuiYi An interesting story to see – My English Teacher Unique and new – WKM A good heart-touching romance story – Nasx Improvements can be made, but it has the potential to grow into a beautiful story. - Daniel BF A good and touching story. - TheGwarriorCK I hope this game will open people's hearts and show that even in this cruel world, there must be at least something beautiful in this world, we just have to find it. This game starts off from the childhood of the boy and the girl. As you progress, they will grow and stories shall unfold to you. A game that focuses on difficulties I had seen one faced and I had faced. The sadness and joys we humans have. I want to show them all. The pain and laughter of my life and also, how I even started to make RPG. Of course, the hero and the heroine are both fictional, but the story of my life will be true. This is also my way of saying thank you to Hatsune Miku (Or in this game, Hayane Yukari) for being a bridge for me to get here at the first place. That's why this game is going to be released on the 31st or August on her 6th birthday. I'm aiming on quality for this game, it shall take longer than that. This project is a serious one now for me. You asked us to tell our world, I shall do so now. I shall do my best to present the message.
  12. Godammit, offenses made and now I feel bad about it, I have to be extremely careful next time, feel like removing that video and make a new one...

    1. morewordsfaster


      Don't beat yourself up! Just keep in mind that the type of game you're making requires a lot of tact and you may step on some toes

    2. Deathspark


      My fat dream to become a successful game maker, haha... I'm quite serious about game making, I'll pull it off properly, hopefully.

    3. Jonnie91


      Hey,making a game is gonna piss off at least 1 person xD

  13. I replaced it with a sorry message. But that answers the questions directed on me, so only on the Youtube video. Still, at the end of the video, I call them special. I do not disrespect them and I am truly sorry since the video might have accidentally offended them. I'm really sorry about the accidental offense made, I'll take full responsibility and I'll be careful next time.
  14. Apparently, when I think about it, you might be right. BUT! Remember, at the end of the video, I called them special. Just telling you if you did not watch the video. Malaysia has almost no place in the gaming industry, yet... Me and my friends have school, so I can't guarantee how fast or how slow progress could go. EDIT: Now I remember why I had put that in the dialogue. When I presented this in class, the same question asked by everyone was: Is this game going to be for the deaf and mute? My answer is no and I have to state it here, so I'm answering my teacher's and my class's question. Sorry if it's offensive, I'll do something about it later.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiGtzmInkFw <-- A little talk on my game, well just a little.
  16. UPDATE: After so long, lol. An introductory video of what will the game be like has been added. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiGtzmInkFw Any questions? Feel free to ask.
  17. Well, keeping it to myself is indeed useless. So Vocaloid fans, I allow anyone to use this. But of course, please credit XxDeathsparkxX. If you have any suggestions to improve this sprite, you may suggest here. I don't mind criticism, I believe failure always come first. Questions asked by the MikuDB -Can't you make Miku's hair thicker? Well, I actually can, but it will make her a monster sprite :/ Miku isn't a monster! -Can't she be cuter? Well, that's quite hard... I even took around 4 hours on this. Think about all the other sprites I have to make for Project Sound D: Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as9aqsw_2-o Tested and works perfectly, can be even used as a normal actor. You can check progress at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deathspark/511812762216179 Please do keep in mind that this sprite cannot be used at all in commercial projects AT ALL! Vocaloids do not belong to me, if you were daring enough to use it, I have no hesitation to tell Yamaha about what you did. D=< But if you want to use this in a non-commercial project, then use it without hesitation. *NOTE: If you liked this, I actually had a sprite where Miku is waving her hand. If you want it, PM me and I'll send it to you.
  18. Wow, how much I had that girly "Nuuu!!!!" cry when playing Archeblade... Joys of running away from the enemies and allowing others to kill the person chasing you, then kill them both. :)

    1. Darkanine


      Alright,looks fun,Ill try it out.

    2. Xaiyeon


      Hey add me on steam! :D

    3. Deathspark
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  19. All works and LPs and shit like that... DELAYED... God dammit, please wait til my exams are over for my full activeness...

    1. Darkanine


      Are you okay?

  20. lol, I feel like a professional reviewer when I find glitches for people and have a serious tone. XDXD

  21. lol, I feel like a professional reviewer when I find glitches for people and have a serious tone. XDXD

  22. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    Sorry pal, it was a little funny, I wonder how BGFT 2 will come along, are you working on it? XDXD I'll make a video specially for you. But I won't post it in youtube. I'll do it later.
  23. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: ... I have some terrible news... My recordings do not have any of my voice due to errors on my microphone. I am truly sorry about this. But don't worry, I'll give my reviews here. BGFT: The James Lucas Story I have finished the game, but sadly I couldn't show it, I'm sorry. I am quite curious about BGFT 2 XDXD So my final score for this game will be: Guilty Rose Dear god, be thankful! This game has loads of loads of glitches! I can show each and every one of them! Basically I laughed all the way and I would say I was slightly annoyed by the amount of glitches. This would be my score: I Want A Harem, Too Arin... Please... I hate the next one! It's incredibly difficult and I have not made any progress! I am indeed stuck at the stone statues part! I got really mad I basically did not LP any other games after that! But the next part was not posted as no progress was made. Therefore...
  24. Ah, it's done. Mind listening to it and tell me what you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM3jp8Ox39A&feature=youtu.be

    1. Cecillia
    2. Deathspark


      @randomstranger I'm still learning. My first time making music. Thanks.

      @Cecillia It's called "Childhood Dreams". So childish is alright. =D

    3. randomstranger


      Congrats! Making music is pretty much the best thing ever as far as I'm concerned haha :)

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  25. "Okay! Today's the presentation!" "Teacher is sick, tomorrow." "GOD DAMN IT, MY ALL NIGHTER FOR NOTHING!"

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