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  1. I'm going to present "Sound" to my class since my group's theme is about disabled people. For some reason my heart's beating fast because of it.

    1. charlesthehurst


      Nervousness. Advice: don't be. tackle that presentation like a boss.

    2. Deathspark


      I know, I just hope they don't think the song in the game sucks XDXD

    3. charlesthehurst


      Well, even if they think that, that should only give you more reason to work harder and make their jaws drop in the long run.

  2. Can you tell me how is the song I made? It's not done yet, so there's plenty of room for improvement in the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQqyuXNn8qY&feature=youtu.be

    1. AbsoluteIce


      I really like the Sound Presentation titlescreen you made. It looks quite soothing and nice. The song is pretty nice aswell, overall, good job!

    2. VenomTDA



      Not bad at all. You could use a little more variety, but in general it's pretty good especially as it's the first time doing that, and it's not even finished. What program did you use?

    3. Deathspark


      My little brother said it sucks, glad you guys think it's great =D Well, I only used Magix Music Maker, so I bet even a baby knows how to use it XDXD

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  3. Homework, great job! What an impressive way in INTERRUPTING MY LPs!

  4. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 8 <-- So the line ends here for now? Okay I guess. Alter Legend Part 4 <-- God damn it! The puzzle hurts my brain. BGFT:The Lucas Story? Well screw that for a moment, I have to clean my brain first! Guilty Rose I added a new game to the LP list, I'll play it later. As usual, if you have any questions, please ask. Subscribe if you like my videos! =D
  5. I finally made music! Yay XDXD I'll try and post it in one of my LP videos as cut scenes X3

  6. Aye sir. As you know, I LP games, and I wanna try this Action Combat style, or some sort. Nya, will you allow me? If you want to know more how my LPs go, you can see: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/15537-deathsparks-lets-plays/
  7. "Yay!!! I just bought Project Diva f three months ago!" SEGA announced Project Diva f 2nd... GOD DAMN IT SEGA!

    1. Deathspark


      Greeeat! I can't wait to see Miku using rifles shooting Kaito's head off! =P

    2. Vincent


      I once paid $20 for a game that became completely free 10 days afterward.

    3. Darkanine


      I played 20 bucks for Mount and blade thinking it had online multiplayer(only reason I bought it) ONLY to figure out MOUNT AND BLADE WAR FRONT had multiplayer and they're the same price ;_;

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  8. Deathspark

    Nine tailed Critique

    Great job there! Looks badass, and a little cute. XD I wonder how it'll be when you actually make it's tails longer XDXD
  9. I will, just a reminder cause I fear he might not see it =3 Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation and am just now arriving home. I will be watching all the let's plays tomorrow and will get back to you My reply for you to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNx3hwkpFHU I play rhythm games, a lot of them. (Osu!, Hatsune Miku Project Diva, Beats, Cytus, Reflec Beat) DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME! I'LL SHOW YOU DEATHSPARK RHYTHM! Glad you loved the star system, I needed feedback about it. It seems it is a good system, I'll stick with it. I'll play it when I have time, I have to school too so please understand. XDXD Anyway... Please subscribe if you like watching! =3
  10. My innocent and pure mind is scared... TwT;

    1. NekoLuca


      Sorry, I read "innocent" and "pure" there. You must be mistaken ^_^

    2. Novem


      I'm not touching that one with a ten-foot pole.

  11. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: Alter Legend Part 3 <-- This game is going really well. BGFT: The James Lucas Story. <-- One thing for you now... I Want A Harem Too? Eh, I decided that needed a break, give these two games a chance kay? That is all, if you have any questions, ask me.
  12. Deathspark

    Horror In The Orient June ReStaff Release

    This is some awesome stuff! By the way... Was this that surpwise Jonnie? Cause I luv it =D I'm inspired to make a horror game later XDXD
  13. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    It's a completely new feature. Since you like it, I'll go on with it. =3 I thought it'd be great. My videos get better and better, I guess.
  14. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 7 <-- Haha, I already recorded the video before you posted. BGFT: The James Lucas Story Part 1 <-- WOW! Such stupidity! Alter Legend <-- Sorry, not now. Maybe later. 1. I didn't play Chrono Trigger cause I was lazy =P I did remember now. Persona 4, Makai Kingdom, Wonderland Online (lol). Whatever, I have other game experiences too. 2. Too bad, I already went through the whole load of bullcrap before you posted. XDXD For some reason, I like the song at Pyrrha, never heard of it before. Which RPG Maker did it come from? Or was it from some other game or stuff?
  15. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 6 <-- Control yer god damn hormones... Alter Legend Part 2 <-- The puzzles are disturbing :/ I'm so clueless! BGFT: The James Lucas Story? <-- Ah sorry for now, I was quite busy! I'll LP it first later, no worries. Post has been edited due to too many words and stuff, blah! That's all, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  16. Deathspark

    Request to have your game 'Let's Played'!

    This could just be me, but this sounds a little passive aggressive. Sorry if you're offended I didn't mean to offend you, but I can't help it if I didn't enjoy it :< Edit: Well I WAS editing this into my above post, but mistakes happen and it somehow ended up here... in a new post... where I didn't want it to be... Urgh! You didn't offend me, I simply wondered why you continued even after your disappointment. XD Since that 1st map was generated in one day AND that part was done in 3 days after I learned about eventing from tutorials, I'm not surprised how bad it went 0_o; I'm learning how to script from your videos anyway. I'm ridiculously new to this program so I'm really hopeless. I'll continue to LP to learn even more about game making, hopefully I might impress you one day.
  17. Shit... Thanks to the Razer Surround, my LP recordings lost their SE, I'll change it next time. Videos affected: Alter Legend and I Want A Harem Too, very sorry... ==;

  18. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/235/entry-648-weapon-master-chapter-1-the-first-movement/ Updated the story, still wondering whether the story is going well so far...
  19. Deathspark

    Request to have your game 'Let's Played'!

    0W0;! You didn't quit?! I coulda sworned it pissed you off before :/ The monster in a box logic for me is, the monster is in the box, so it's meant to troll, well took that concept from FF2. Also, I just wanna show what's a monster in a box, so it was an intentionally given monster in a box =P And yes, apparently you might need to restart the god damn thing ==; I tried again, it works, a new game might be necessary... I had scrapped the old version away, damn... Why didn't it work, it questions me cause it works for me before. 0_o; You were so freaking close to reaching the main point of the game TwT; The part where you finally meet Elisha and also realize what's going on but- Bah forget it. You can just turn back on this, you're pretty disappointed, I can tell. The ultimate flaw of a almost nobody beta tested the game. ==; At least one lesson learnt, never create parodies of my own god damn game again! I have to make Weapon Master for real, not the parody when they get into the game. I won't ask you to LP anymore, don't worry.
  20. I guess I'l not be LPing Onimusha, my private playing game now.

  21. Wow, we have PS4 and XBox One, why do I see Sega Spectrum out of nowhere?

    1. INDOJIN


      Sehgga Sanic Qoob

    2. Tigerbite


      1) The "fake" picture is the same thing as a sega saturn except sega saturn is replaced with sega spectrum and a br logo was added to the bottom left. 2) If Sega was coming out with a new console, they wouldn't have their first party games on other consoles. Enjoy the rumors! :}

  22. I will, just a reminder cause I fear he might not see it =3
  23. Sorry if this is considered as double posting, I can't wait too long for someone to actually post to prevent me from that. I apologize in advance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xb0PjtuQvI Here, your game's 1st LP. You can check the ratings here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/15537-deathsparks-lets-plays/
  24. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    Aha, I have saw the bad ending for this, well what I heard was a bad ending. I'll give it a whirl later. ROFL XD I knew that would eventually catch someone off guard. But no, I'm much older than that. But as far as internet interactions go, I think I have the mind of a 17 year old, which is why I made that statement. It's simply a poke at my silly behaviour. I didn't realize there was a bug with the two children in Arulia. I will fix that. It's supposed to say "sand castle". Knew something was definitely wrong! XDXD Mind of a 17 year old, don't screw with me, that DOES NOT sound 17 year old! Alright, let's not get off topic, I'll take care with whatever I have right now.
  25. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: Alter Legend Part 1 <- I'll get used to it, don't worry. I Want A Harem, Too Part 5 <- Just read down there... Rating system has been added! You can check the ratings of your own game now! Videos shall also have rating system! You can refer the two videos above to understand how it works. Special Note for Arin: I don't know how many levels of wrongness is in your game, and I had no idea you were actually only 17 cause your content and the way you speak is waaaaaaaaaay more than that age, man, what the heck are you...? No, I'm not trying to say your game sucks, check your rating. As usual, if there's any questions, you may ask! Any games even not in the RPG Maker forums? Just let me see it and I'll LP it.
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