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  1. Don't worry! Just watch how I actually LP beta games. I won't comment much, instead, I'll give you ideas on what you should do here and there. Don't worry, I'm not the type that, well, comments harshly unless it's seriously sooooooo bad. I hope you'll enjoy my LP =3
  2. I need help :< Can someone give me reviews on my current story? Well, it's another project and I'm quite unsure how will it turn out because it used to be a failure.

  3. Oh man, thank god Hayane Yukari was drawn already, now let's hope nobody else would take her design concept.

  4. This looks good =O I feel like giving it a LP! But of course, with the creator's permission. If no, I'll just create a review.
  5. I'm planning on LPing Onimusha Dawn of Dreams, hope it goes well.

    1. Darkanine


      Im also planning on making a new LP soon,but mine is the NES version of the bards tale :3

  6. Any Jet Set Radio players here I wonder?

    1. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      I played JSRF a really long time ago, when I was little.

    2. FleshRenderStudios


      I played JSRF on the original xbox ^_^ it was free ^_^ there was a racing game that came with it for free too but I can't remember what it was called -_-


    3. AJNR


      I love both JGR for Dreamcast and JSRF for the Xbox. Have the HD of JGR/JSR and still have a copy of Future. Gum is the best character

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  7. Deathspark

    rpg maker xp Tina of the Stars

    I finished the game =P Put my name right there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niyAbmZPfv4
  8. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: Tine of the Stars Part 4 (Final) <--- FCCCCKKKKK YEAAAHHH!!!! Now I'm free, anyone wanna request any games?
  9. Finishing Tina of the Stars.... AT LAST!

  10. Finally! Back to LPing!

  11. Deathspark

    Tina of the Stars [Review by Dante][Also 900th post]

    Deathspark, that is all. Good to see you back in action again Arin - Someone's got to review the games around here, I can't because the Battle Systems won't let me. Congratulations on 900 posts for whatever it's worth. You felt my pain bro XDXDXD
  12. Changing the default into a new resolution = GAH SHIT ON YOU COORDINATES AND NEW MAPPING STUFF!

    1. INDOJIN


      Screen transitions have to be changed as well.

    2. Deathspark


      Yeah, one of em :/

    3. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      Most everything from the RTP has to be changed with a higher resolution. I honestly don't see why EB should just release the engine already with 640 x 480 reso.

  13. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    Ahaha... I did my best 0w0; I guess...
  14. Wondering now, 544 x 416 resolution or 640 x 480 for my game...

    1. Deathspark
    2. FleshRenderStudios


      yeah defo 640x480 ^_^ especially if your using parallax's ^_^

    3. Tigerbite


      I like 640x416. Gives more of a widescreen feel. xd

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  15. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    How about Blue now? =3 Added custom title now.
  16. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: Child's Light Part 2 (Final) has been added! As usual, if there's any questions, please ask!
  17. Deathspark

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    UPDATE: No sorry, not a video. I'm quite busy and I have school now so I am trying on one week one video, maybe two a week. I didn't get a new camera as I realized my webcam is already, well, good enough. The reason the microphone was not so good was because I set the mic to 10dB by accident. It's at 20dB now. (lol...) Once again, I am sorry I couldn't upload any videos but I'll try my best! -I accept horror now, BUT ONLY PIXELATED HORROR! -I now use color codes, refer the codes to know how is your game coming along. -As usual, if you have any questions, please ask.
  18. When school is back, my game will stop right there... Annoying :/

  19. Deathspark

    Request to have your game 'Let's Played'!

    Good attitude to have, which also makes me feel bad for not liking the game.I guess the question should be, why do you miss so much in the first place? If I'm not landing at the very least 90% of my attacks I tend to get frustrated really quickly. OK~ DeathSpark ~ Ocedic ~ Vincent ~ :/ Like I said, I did tweak the parameters and stuff to hit frequently... Odd... It was indeed at 100% hit rate. And... I forgot to mention magic spells are not for warriors. :/ So much to learn! XDXD And yes... Next time, I'll need professional beta testers :/ Last Imagination (Synonym) Final Fantasy XDXD <-- I needed that WTF reaction XD I understood why you crashed, that's why I had posted a patch. (Once again, this was a late discovery after people did try it... So I really need true beta testers...) You can stop playing already... I don't want to torture you any more XDXD Still wondering how my god damn crazy mad friend finished the beta game...
  20. School is back... Well, here comes my full inactivity in the internet.

    1. magic2345


      it is? That was rather fast

  21. "Let's make LPs!" <--- Idea crushed immediately due to homework that comes during the holiday from holiday classes.

  22. My brain hurts so bad... I wanna look at the walk through, but that shows how stupid I am...

  23. I realized my computer's webcam is HD enough, I just didn't realize it's a separate application! I had to use Lifeframe for better performance XD

  24. Hm, indeed. Sound might need a demo, but the demo won't do much... I only have talking scenes and option scenes, so is my game considered as a Visual Novel?

    1. Cecillia


      Pretty much a visual novel. Would be cool if you had CG's though :P

    2. Deathspark


      Oh yes I do on the way, my artist is just designing characters at the moment XDXD Music haven't add yet :/ I need to talk to my musician since I am the one singing later.

  25. It seems like I play Dota 2 now, for fun XD

    1. Dark Horseman

      Dark Horseman

      No one plays MOBA to have fun, they play to rage!

    2. magic2345



    3. Xaiyeon


      RAAAWR go die in jungle