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  1. Hiya. I like your rating system. I don't mind criticism - in fact, I'd like it so I know what to do with Zendir 3 once it comes around.


    Would you be able to play my game?




    No knowledge of Zendir 1 is required. There is one known graphical bug but the scripter is currently fixing it.






    Here you go, the demo is about 2 to 3 hours long if you don't mess with any of the extra stuff to do. I've watched a handful of your LP's so I'm hyped to see you play it.


    I have sad news... Haha, I logged in just to make sure you don't worry why I'm not active.

    I'm going to be very inactive because I am having major exams in, well, three weeks?

    I need to prepare hard because the test is the final test of the year, do or die. X3

    Don't worry though! I'll come back to these games around November?

    That's when my two month holiday begins, and probably a day after day video. It shall be better this way don't ya think? :3

    So, very sorry to disappoint you both and anyone else, but I'll continue making LP videos after my major exams. X3

  2. UPDATE: The Terrible Witch Part 5 <-- Hehe, you think you can scam me all the way?


    Only one video you ask?

    Well, my laptop gets hot quickly, because my environment is super hot. :/

    Perhaps I'll make recordings at night. (Which can be a major issue to me because that's when everyone needs sleep, like me =P )


    Anyway, as usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  3. You've been playing too much Harem. I'm cutting you off. ;_; (Specific example, The Terrible Witch LP, 14:13)


    Sourdough Bread is actually pretty good. I think it's strictly an American product, though, considering your facial reaction to hearing "Sour"dough Bread (it's not actually sour, how can bread be sour? O.o). You make it with Tuna Salad or Grilled Cheese and it's absolutely orgasmic (for lack of a better term).


    During the battle with Date, the reason you couldn't get Sakura/Friedelinde to attack was because you were using skills that cost 2 FTB points. Just remember to make the most use of all the Techniques and Spells for each character while also keeping an eye on your FTB points for the turn. Some of these battles take a lot more effort than what they actually put on.


    EDIT: Also, even though the Demo ends at Geneva, there is still plenty to do in Geneva, and outside of it in the conjoining area. In fact, I rather quite like the Desertsea mini-game. Another thing is, too, you can return to Pyrrha, and there will be a woman to talk to that gives you coordinates to a new Dungeon that leads to a particularly challenging Boss Fight.


    Oh don't worry, I only do this in LPs, I'm clean outside. =P

    Your game has been less perverted as I play through. =P

    I realized the FTB thingy after some time, but meh.


    So Demo ends there? Fine, at least corruption ends there for a moment. (Although, the corruption rate is totally low already)

  4. UPDATE: Post fixed.




    And I couldn't find a good character model for Date. X.X Stop hatin'.


    I honestly don't know how to fix the sprite, other than adding a new event to stop her from spawning. It's easy to fix, but I just couldn't fix it because I was too focused on everything else. 


    And I honestly would suggest getting new weapons and armor. Finding weapons and armor in chests is rare, if at all very minimal, and the Spiral Tower is your best chance at getting some amazing OP loot, considering you can consistently farm there for multiple armors.


    But considering the fact you get scammed all the time (Scam Count so far is 842) in Terrible Witch, maybe buying gear wouldn't be the best idea. X.X


    lol, at least the crescent hat! Masamune is not Masamune without his/her signature crescent hat!


    New armors and weapons? Meh, your game is quite beatable without it, except that got damn blue, uh, thing.

    I'll play behind the scenes on those instances and farm a little before the next LP so I can gobble up everything quickly.

    Or, just set it at a slutty level. =P

  5. UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 10 <-- MASAMUNE LOOKS AWFUL D:

                   At least the Masamune key chain I had looks better!




    YEAH I KNOW, NEKO MASAMUNE FTW! And the one on the left is some kinda, well at least it has a crescent samurai hat! You can ignore the other two things on the right. They're all the way from Japan.



                    The Terrible Witch Part 3 <-- The amount of scams, insurmountable...


    Alter Legend is on hold for a moment due to it's difficulty.


    As usual, if you have any questions feel free to ask.



    Eh, here's the videos.



  6. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but each time you complete Harem, I instinctually respond with "hey, maybe it's time to put out a new update so Deathspark can LP it." So I'm going to PM you that. Eventually.


    Ah, that simply means a new download? Man, that's great. I needed something to catch more people to subscribe my channel!

    Help me out guys, it'd really help me out a lot.

    For some reason, whenever I see the videos not receiving much views, my mood to continue the game seems to wear off a lot.

    Share it to everyone so I can continue LPing, and also to prove everyone I can be someone by doing these screaming and doing all the ridiculousness in my videos.

  7. UPDATE: The Terrible Witch Part 2 <-- You're kidding me...


    Alter Legend <-- My camera suddenly did not work. I had no idea why and I am sorry. Therefore, I can only give a review here.




    The boss Taketa was severely dangerous. The difficulty was quite crazy strong and whoever doesn't know how to time the attacks right will suffer like crazy.

    The dark place makes the enemies almost unseen. It's seriously difficult for me to navigate around.

    Also, the part where I see two doors. That red/white tiles map was very unresponsive. I seem to have difficulty when moving and got killed one or two times.

    Still it didn't do much to the ratings so...





    As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Also, subscribe to my channel, it'd help me out a lot.

  8. UPDATE: Alter Legend Part 6 Split into 2 parts <-- Solved it!

                    The Terrible Witch <-- Okay, enjoying it.


    OTHER UPDATE: Dota 2 Skeleton King play has been added.


    As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  9. UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 9 <-- I solved it, at last... God dammit.

                    Alter Legend Part Part 5 <-- More of the same... Screwed and bitched up puzzle..?!


    Guilty Rose: Well, I'll make one later cause yours is special...


    SIDE INFO: I am making Dota 2 LPs too! You can check it out in the others section.


    As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  10. Hey, don't beat yourself up! Obviously you are trying to do something really great. It's easy enough to write something and not think about how it could be misinterpreted. I'm sure you will think twice next time and add that little bit of extra polish to ensure your game's message is consistent throughout the experience. Also, I wouldn't be so sure that disabled players won't want to play your game. Just because the point is to raise awareness of the reality of disabilities like deafness and muteness doesn't mean that players with those conditions wouldn't want to try it out. ;)


    Thanks, I'll work really hard on this project.

    CG Art will come soon since a two week holiday is coming in next week, well just hope my artist is not too full of commissions...

    Thanks to anyone who is supporting, who knows, it might be accidentally be very useful to the disabled people who are special :) , I wish that'll happen.

  11. I agree that, that message is offensive especially since I do know a few deaf and mute people. That message categorizes the deaf and mute to not be "normal" like us and is downright rude. It is basically contradicting your own game by saying THIS GAME ISN'T FOR DEAF AND MUTE BECAUSE THEY AREN'T NORMAL even though it's about a deaf and mute person. You shouldn't even have put that message there in the first place. You could have easily said, this game requires sound and is not meant for the hearing impaired. Just saying.


    I replaced it with a sorry message. But that answers the questions directed on me, so only on the Youtube video.

    Still, at the end of the video, I call them special. I do not disrespect them and I am truly sorry since the video might have accidentally offended them.


    I'm really sorry about the accidental offense made, I'll take full responsibility and I'll be careful next time.

  12. Just FYI, I found this to be highly offensive. I realize, based on the remainder of the video that that was not at all your intention so you may want to consider rephrasing this. Instead of "This game IS NOT FOR THE DEAF AND MUTE! This game is for normal people like us!" maybe you could put something like "This game is for players who can appreciate sound." The point of your game is to teach people that just because someone has a disability does not mean that they are not "normal," but here you say that only people who can hear/speak are "normal." 



    Overall, I think it's a great idea to do anything that celebrates diversity and promotes people being nicer to each other. Great work! Also, if you want some free money you may want to look into government grants for games that are educational or support diversity or something like that. I know there's a ton of those here in the states, not sure about in Malaysia. :)


    Apparently, when I think about it, you might be right. BUT!

    Remember, at the end of the video, I called them special. Just telling you if you did not watch the video.

    Malaysia has almost no place in the gaming industry, yet...

    Me and my friends have school, so I can't guarantee how fast or how slow progress could go.


    EDIT: Now I remember why I had put that in the dialogue.

    When I presented this in class, the same question asked by everyone was:

    Is this game going to be for the deaf and mute?

    My answer is no and I have to state it here, so I'm answering my teacher's and my class's question.

    Sorry if it's offensive, I'll do something about it later.

  13. You can't show it? That's a shame; that just makes me even more curious as to what went down with you and the game. 6.5/10 is actually far higher than I could expect from anyone. The LP was quite worth the watch.

    Sorry pal, it was a little funny, I wonder how BGFT 2 will come along, are you working on it? XDXD



    Was there really a lot of glitches ?


    Can you like send them to me trough pm , so that it can be fixed ^^

    I'll make a video specially for you. But I won't post it in youtube. I'll do it later.

  14. UPDATE: ...


    I have some terrible news...

    My recordings do not have any of my voice due to errors on my microphone. I am truly sorry about this. But don't worry, I'll give my reviews here.


    BGFT: The James Lucas Story


    I have finished the game, but sadly I couldn't show it, I'm sorry. I am quite curious about BGFT 2 XDXD So my final score for this game will be:



    Guilty Rose


    Dear god, be thankful! This game has loads of loads of glitches! I can show each and every one of them!

    Basically I laughed all the way and I would say I was slightly annoyed by the amount of glitches. This would be my score:



    I Want A Harem, Too


    Arin... Please...

    I hate the next one! It's incredibly difficult and I have not made any progress!

    I am indeed stuck at the stone statues part! I got really mad I basically did not LP any other games after that!

    But the next part was not posted as no progress was made. Therefore...


  15. UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 8 <-- So the line ends here for now? Okay I guess.

                    Alter Legend Part 4 <-- God damn it! The puzzle hurts my brain.


    BGFT:The Lucas Story? Well screw that for a moment, I have to clean my brain first!

    Guilty Rose

    I added a new game to the LP list, I'll play it later.


    As usual, if you have any questions, please ask.

    Subscribe if you like my videos! =D



    Deathspark, you can edit posts to post something new, like a link to the lp. Please keep that in mind in the future.

    I will, just a reminder cause I fear he might not see it =3

    Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation and am just now arriving home.  I will be watching all the let's plays tomorrow and will get back to you  :)


    My reply for you to this video:



    I play rhythm games, a lot of them. (Osu!, Hatsune Miku Project Diva, Beats, Cytus, Reflec Beat) DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME! I'LL SHOW YOU DEATHSPARK RHYTHM!

    Glad you loved the star system, I needed feedback about it. It seems it is a good system, I'll stick with it.

    I'll play it when I have time, I have to school too so please understand. XDXD


    Anyway... Please subscribe if you like watching! =3

  17. UPDATE: Alter Legend Part 3 <-- This game is going really well.

                    BGFT: The James Lucas Story. <-- One thing for you now...



    I Want A Harem Too? Eh, I decided that needed a break, give these two games a chance kay?


    That is all, if you have any questions, ask me.

  18. I'm a huge fan of the way you show the rating change as certain things occur. It makes things a tad easier to follow. Your commentary is as good as it should be, too.


    It's a completely new feature. Since you like it, I'll go on with it. =3

    I thought it'd be great. My videos get better and better, I guess.

  19. UPDATE: I Want A Harem, Too Part 7 <-- Haha, I already recorded the video before you posted.

                    BGFT: The James Lucas Story Part 1 <-- WOW! Such stupidity!


                    Alter Legend <-- Sorry, not now. Maybe later.


    Is Chrono Cross/Trigger in that list of RPGs you've played? You seem like the guy who would love Chrono.


    You would be able to take another boat back. If it wasn't evented against your will. Mwahaha!


    1. I didn't play Chrono Trigger cause I was lazy =P I did remember now. Persona 4, Makai Kingdom, Wonderland Online (lol). Whatever, I have other game experiences too.


    2. Too bad, I already went through the whole load of bullcrap before you posted. XDXD For some reason, I like the song at Pyrrha, never heard of it before. Which RPG Maker did it come from? Or was it from some other game or stuff?

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