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  1. My microphone sucks...? Yeah I know, it's terrible... I can't afford an expensive one, sadly...

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    2. Deathspark


      LOL, I FOUND A WAY TO TWEK MY MIC TO WORK AT IT'S BEST! XDXD Welp, it seems that I have put my mic's sensitivity, or should I say, spiked it way too high! XDXD That's disrupting the quality! But thanks, I think that Zalman thing can screw itself X3

    3. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      I saw the video on playing DOTA2 with noobs.


      The best way to do that is to push ALT + F4.

    4. Deathspark


      You can't, doing so you're going to receive a punishment pool, sad.

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