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  1. Meinos Kaen

    Yanfly CTB Problem - Crash on Battle

    Hey, there. A good morning from Italy. I'm experimenting with a few plugins and now I've run into a problem that I guess pertains to the CTB Battle System plugin by Yanfly. The game starts but I suddenly can't battle test anything anymore so I guess the same would happen if I battled in the game proper. This didn't happen before but it happens now and from what I understand of the log, it says that there's the word 'user' placed somewhere wrongly, so that the software can't identify it. Problem is, I can't figure out exactly where the problem is. This is the console log at crash. Hope you can help me some way. Edit: Deleting and putting the Plugin back in fixed it but I'm still curious as to what exactly I did wrong. I guess I put 'user' somewhere it should not have been but where exactly? Mah.
  2. Hmm... Well, it depends on the kind of story you're trying to make, at least IMO. Example: I'm making a game with a story where the main characters, while having abilities of their own, will need to continuously craft new magical items. Each magical item will modify their stats and/or give them new skills/resistances/etc... So, most of the skills aren't 'learned', but acquired by finding/creating items and can only be used as long as the characters have those items on.
  3. Meinos Kaen

    What helps or inspires you in making the story for a game?

    The stories I like. Don't force yourself to write, or you will go back to it and modify it again, dissatisfied with it. Take a break and read one of your favourite stories again, be it a manga, a book or a game. May I suggest the Berserk trilogy of movies?
  4. Meinos Kaen

    forum game The 'Related' game.

    Jake Gyllenhaal
  5. Meinos Kaen

    Kanonelsebas's Maps

    Very good! I was wondering, the shadow effects in particular are really good. How did you make them?
  6. Meinos Kaen

    Obelion - RPG-BGM

    Oh god, Him Again reminds me of something... Or someone. Did you take inspiration from some other track? It's a very nice tune for a recurring boss, but I have this memory just on the tip of my amygdala...!
  7. Meinos Kaen

    Young Prodigy's Music Thread

    It's definitely funky. Reminds me a bit of PS1 era JRPGs, like Persona 1.
  8. Meinos Kaen

    Using the environment during battle?

    So, in short, you're looking to make something reminiscent of the Geomancer Job from Final Fantasy Tactics?
  9. In a future where the impossible was made real, no one's prepared for the advent of magic... Mix your characters' natural powers with magic stolen from your enemies to survive and solve the mystery behind the cataclysm in the town of Calendam. GENRE - JRPG Inspirations - Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey, Persona 1, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy Tactics, Devil Survivor GAME PROGRESSION Story – 75% Eventing – 7% Graphics – 10% Gameplay - 15% Sounds – 33% Secrets – ??? RECRUITMENT My Skills – I'm good at Eventing, Scripting, Parallax Mapping, Video and Audio Editing and of course, I'm Writing the game's story and dialogues. I'm currently a 1-man army doing everything so... Yeah. I'm looking for: Pixel Artist – For both Character Sprites and Battle Monster Sprites Composer – Self explanatory. I'm currently using free music and Steam DLCs Background Artist – I'm getting pretty good at Parallax but my dream is to make a JRPG with Pre-Drawn Backgrounds, like FFVI-IX Artist – For the Character Portraits, and if you're that good, I'd like to make some CG Images, for cutscenes ala Hyperdimension Neptunia/Omega Quintet If anyone is interested in the project and wants to join the team, great. But I'm also willing to pay on Commission Samsara is set in an universe I created for my story, S-CLASS (you can read it for free here). Playing the game doesn't require having read the novel, even if it takes place an year later. In S-CLASS, a mysterious event on what has come to be known as The Day Humanity Evolved left most of the population of earth with special powers, Skills. Some were left suddenly able to talk to animals, others could break the sound barrier, others yet turned cities of millions in toxic graveyards. After two centuries of upheavals, tensions and wars, the world has settled into a fragile geopolitical balance which has recently been threatened by the events taking place in S-CLASS. They involve the most dangerous and powerful Skillers of the planet -the S-Class-, to which some of the main characters of the novel and videogame belong to... An year after risking their lives against a terrorist organization the protagonists of S-Class are spending their summer vacation in Calendam, a small town in the scottish highlands, guests of a friend and her two daughters. But on their second night in Calendam, the city is covered in mist. The town becomes isolated from the rest of the world, invincible monsters roam the streets and many people are now missing. Jason is the only person of his group of friends who wasn't spirited away during the night and it's up to him to find the others, discover a way to fight these creatures and discover the reason behind their appearance... Jason Christine Thomas Maya Catarina Grace Donna Orchilong
  10. Meinos Kaen

    Kitty Survival Simulator

    ... On one hand, I like the idea. On the other, I get a very Watership Down feel from this.
  11. I think the question was related to cringing at the writer not the character. Obviously a character who is well written can still make you cringe, but that's a different kind of cringeworthyness then a character that is obviously so poorly written it makes you cringe. Well, sadly the well-written aspect is objective. I think Stephanie Meyer and E.L. James are horrible writers, their books absolute tosh. They think they're better than Shakespeare and Tolstoj, and they have a lot of fans saying the same.
  12. Okay, this is something that really helped me through writer's block. It's one of the most important realizations I've ever had about life AND writing characters. And it may be difficult to accept, but you won't believe the liberation... Most people do not act and think using common sense and logic first. It happens in real life. We have people saying and believing the most incredible things -I've had someone tell to my face that the laws of physics and math are relative (as in, they change if you believe it hard enough)-, and most prefer coming to conclusions not thinking about it or, if they do, their thoughts and actions go through the filter of prejudice or just thoughts they already have. So, it's perfectly okay for you to make characters that may be cringeworthy to some people. Don't try to make all your characters likeable by everyone-except for the villains-, or be all perfectly logical and only differentiated by their morals. It's okay for them to make mistakes or come to the wrong conclusion. Making some stubborn or selectively stupid or giving them some other defects is also okay, because that's how real people are.
  13. Well, Final Fantasy 9 did four at a time in ATB and each character had his personal role, which I think it's very close to what you're trying to make here. You should play that and see if you like what you see. For how your characters would actually work off each other, a concept is not enough since there's an abyss between how they work together in concept and how their skills actually play off each other during gameplay, especially since an rpg involves leveling up.
  14. Meinos Kaen

    Making story through gameplay

    Oh, I love JRPGs. But my perfecta is the Shin Megami Tensei series. I love FF and DQ, but there's just something about your decisions and what you do in the game affecting the story, even if in a minor way... I think that's the potential of games as a medium.