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  1. Sievnn

    Character Select Screen(Moghunter) with Story!

    Demo would be nice, although the tutorial is good Would credit you by the way for your hard work.
  2. Sievnn

    Gate of Portrait - The Minigame

    Link broken I still would love to see.
  3. I forgot haven't posted here for a while so... @Rim I like the graphics/art style of the map and the tall characters Now My new title screen : Do you think it looks awkward to put light effects at night time?
  4. Title screen of my new game :

    let me know what you think
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    2. Sievnn


      Wouldn't mind it would make the game popular :P

      should I count on you so when its done you would do a LP?

    3. Deathspark


      Why not? :) I needed more games to play in the future!

    4. Scoosh


      Looks good, makes it immersive, bit laggy tho. Did you use a script? If so can you post a link to it? thanks

  5. Dat momment when your super computer mother board gets fried...

  6. Dat momment when the super computer mother board gets fried...

  7. What is the most necessry RPG Element game play or story or music or art style?

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    2. INDOJIN


      Didn't you ask the same question a while ago? o.o


      Either way, it's gameplay at the top for me, and narrative comes before story. An intricate story is cool, but good narrative can make a basic plot like LoZ's to feel much better than it really is.

    3. INDOJIN


      Same can't be said vice versa. A game with a deep story but crappy narrative bores the hell out of me. Music is quite important, especially during gameplay sequences where the music changes to signify something is up. You don't even to tell the player, when the sound fades out and a bleak tune creeps in, he knows s***'s about to go down.

    4. Ratty524


      You are making a game, so focus on gameplay in addition to that other crap.

  8. Am I the only one who kind of ... dislikes reading some thing unless I am very intersted in it. For example I don't like reading stories (unless I am intersted but even then I hardly read), but I would prefer to watch a movie than to read a story. Am I the only one?

    1. regendo


      It's the opposite for me. I read a lot (although in the last two years, most of this was manga), but unless I'm really interested in it, I usually don't watch movies (or anime, for that matter).

    2. RetroExcellent


      I'm with regendo, I prefer to read over watching a movie, mainly because it is easier for me to stop reading and get back into it, then pausing a movie or a show and getting back into it.

    3. VenomTDA


      I read a lot to. I'm guessing you are talking about games in here, so i do agree that it would be nice for them to have a skip button that takes you right in to action, because not everyone likes to read. But, i have no problem with long stories if they are good, actually, for me that is the best part ( alongside the battle system ).

  9. If you mean the houses don't have doors, just black shadow. I will fix that thanks for the feed back! @mist your game screen shots are giving me the creeps ofcourse that what your game is about! maybe it will be the first horror RPG Maker game worth playing for me. Hopefully as scary as it is, the story should be good.
  10. Title screen for my new game : Edit : Looks cool It should be one of the great future styled RPG game.
  11. What do you guys think of this title screen ?

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    2. Cecillia


      I did watch the whole video haha

    3. Jonnie91


      Shrek? xD The music from Shrek xD :D That's all I heard from it...

    4. GOD
  12. I need a full story writer, I can assure you any Story line you want will be added to my game. I just want the game to be Un empty, P.S : you must be really good writer at fantasy adventure. PM To apply.

    1. Novem


      Well exactly how much work do you need done? I don't mind chipping in a bit.

    2. Sievnn


      PM me if interested.

  13. I need a story writer. PM me if you want to write my game's story. Credits will be given..

  14. Sievnn

    Simple house system

    Perhaps, I'm new to the RGSS engine couldn't figure out the choice window and such, still trying to find tutorials on how to use it plus Ruby isn't my best language more of a PHP/C# curly brace language guy. It looks like a great script for a start. When you figure out it would be nice to make a unique choice window but its great.
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