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  1. Jon (NPC)

    contest The One Map Challenge

    Sure, I'll play along with this. Why not? Sign me up.
  2. Jon (NPC)

    Indie by Night

    This is all I ended up doing. :I
  3. Jon (NPC)

    Indie by Night

    To add to Eien's post (just so I don't have to take any blame personally), if we, for example, decided to use voice acting in our game and weren't exactly feeling up to doing the falsetto for a female voice would it be possible to have a consultant-non-team-member voice a couple lines? Just asking for a friend.
  4. Jon (NPC)

    Interest check: Indie in a Month?

    I don't feel like we need it :I
  5. Jon (NPC)

    Indie by Night

    I should be able to do this...but I may change my mind later if I get too busy ^-^
  6. This hasn't been updated for a while so it may be futile asking but: is there a way to use move routes to trigger the transfer? I'm using a mouse script and to transfer maps I need to use the keyboard controls since the mouse only lets you click what's on the screen. I attempted to remedy this by adding a move event but that didn't work.
  7. Jon (NPC)

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Close but no cigar! I'll be back with a vengeance next IIAW to crush Jacob >: )
  8. Jon (NPC)

    Indie in a Week 4!

    ♫♪HERE I AM WITH MY GAAAAAAAAME~♫♪ THE GAME HAS COARSE LANGUAGE AND NUDE SPRITES. IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THIS, THEN DON'T PLAY. (it's not a porn game, it just has these things in it so discretion is advised) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmbtlxe73tu1b2q/SavingAngel.exe?dl=0 This game requires the VX Ace RTP to run. If you do not have it, please PM me for the RTP version. Screenies! (I'm too lazy to play through the whole game but not all of the game is outside in snow) CREDITS:
  9. What if I add this script? Nope, broken. What about this one? Nope, broken.

    1. magic2345
    2. magic2345


      I feel ya, for better or for worse

  10. Que sera, sera.

    1. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      Whatever will be, will be~

    2. Thaletos


      The future's not ours to see~

    3. Chaosian


      I can see Russia from my house!

  11. Jon (NPC)

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Sign me up Sign me ​up
  12. Jon (NPC)

    Idea's for my story

    Wrong place to post :I In regards to the first idea...just don't use amnesia. Please, just don't. Especially if it's SciFi/Fantasy. Regarding the part about the mass murder...it doesn't connect to the amnesia unless 'Examino' is connected to the murders somehow. Which, unless done in an extremely creative way, is an extremely overdone trope. :/ In regards to idea numero deux: why is child named the same thing as the previous dude? The idea itself is unfortunately an overused trope/cliché also; you will need to have an interesting spin for it to be original. (Take 'Erased', a show where a man can go back in time involuntarily to stop incidents from happening, and he is sent back to when he was in fifth grade to find his mother's killer in the present, and save his childhood friend in the past. This is all thrown together with the fact that the killer has framed the MC for the murder)
  13. Jon (NPC)

    A nisexual (opposite of bisexual)

    Most sexual identities are the product of a certain balance of hormones and other various chemicals, but nisexuality is definitely not a healthy state to be in. It sounds like you have a serious deprivation of testosterone (I am assuming you are a male), which can lead to depression as well as a decreased sexual desire. This is not to say that it is unnatural to not feel sexual attraction, as men do lose testosterone as they age, but it is often a sign that things are not quite right. I do wonder what the difference is for women, but I am aware of the effects for men thanks to sexual education. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, then I suggest you find a doctor who can help you with that. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then, at least, schedule regular outings/walks in nature, taking the time to take in the scenery and breathe. The air in the house, even with the windows open, grows stale and can even deprive you of energy, which doesn't help when suffering from depression. That said, I'm not an expert on the subject, but I have dealt with a similar situation where I broke it off with my girlfriend because I couldn't feel any sexual attraction towards her or anyone else. Considering this is a new feeling, it's very unlikely that this is natural.
  14. Jon (NPC)

    Akea Animated Battle Cursor

    Does this work with regular front view?