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  1. DangerZone

    Enhanced Picture Control

    That would be amazing as well
  2. Sorry I couldn't help more, I couldnt get the time. but it looks like Soul has just what you need- http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/36639-chapter-select/
  3. I propose a plugin that takes the current tile x and y coordinates of the mouse pointer and loads them in to a variable, that can then be called for conditional branches and such. Useful applications could be creating entire clickable HUDS using parallel processes and pictures, custom mouse pointers using pictures, hidden buttons on the screen(or even regular buttons I suppose XD)
  4. DangerZone

    Enhanced Picture Control

    I am currently in need of a plugin that allows for better control over pictures, with options like; Rotation (rotating the picture by x amount, like 180 flips it) Scaling (Rendering the picture bigger or smaller) Movement (making a picture move from point A to point B, designated by X and Y variables on screen) Speed( the speed at which the picture performs the movement based commands) Hue(change the color values of the picture) Mouse(Designate the picture to follow the movements of the mouse) I would like to have these as a string in a plugin command, designated by Picture ID. For instance; Plugin command: rotate, x, y, z where "rotate" is the command, x is picture id, y is amount to be rotated by, and z is the speed it rotates. and x could be a string like x,x,x,x, y, z to designate multiple pictures to move at once Most of these commands are available in the editor, but they clutter the event space, speed is hit and miss and you cannot move multiple pictures at the same time. I believe this would open up a lot of possibilities for animation and effects, with relative ease and precision.
  5. I don't so much need a script as I need help figuring out where in the .js files to start. I am trying to make it so that when I use a skill that has a common event as an effect, the common event runs first, and THEN the actual skill. For instance, if I create a summoning skill called "Ifrit", and I set the effect to a common event to show pictures, it would do the damage and then show a picture. Instead I would like to run the common event first, to show the picture first and then finish with an animation and damage.
  6. Changing the options on the title screen is what cannot be done with an evented chapter select. everything else though, I should be able to incorporate. I will upload it when I am done.
  7. At least 90% of this can be done with some eventing knowledge. If you would like I can put a viable event into a demo for you.
  8. DangerZone

    Skill use on map

    The plugin that I would like to propose is that of an easier to access skill menu that pops up when a specific button is pressed, to be used for puzzles and interacting with the environment. Player presses (button) Windows pops up with a list of skills/spells the lead character has Player selects a skill which then executes on the map. No shuffling through multiple menus and drawing the player away from the action. This plugin could be beneficial to many different game types. Two prime examples of a similiar system would be Pokemon and Golden sun, Though Golden Sun is a quite a bit deeper. For instance, player has a spell called burn, that can burn bushes down. Or telekinesis to remove debris from a path.
  9. DangerZone

    VPS - Blood Mage

    Is it possible to disable the check? For instance the blood mage can use his blood magic, but it is risky, and he wants to cast a powerful spell but it will kill him, but he does it anyway and sacrifices himself for the party.
  10. DangerZone

    Enemy Classes

    Exceptional plugin, Tsukihime. This is what I am talking about. Definitely useful if you have trouble as a developer when it comes to enemy balancing.
  11. After working on a project for too many hours, MV tells me the project file cannot be opened. Uhm, wut?!

  12. DangerZone

    Show pictures instead of sprites?

    Thank you for your reply Then that is where I shall start.
  13. DangerZone

    Show pictures instead of sprites?

    I am trying to figure out how to get the game to draw a picture or pictures during battle instead of the actor's sv battler. This includes changing the picture(s) when the actor attacks, defends, casts magic or uses an item. I just need help figuring out where I should start? I am not the best with JS but I am also not hopeless. Any help will be appreciated and credited.
  14. I agree with Soulpour on the exporting. As it stands getting it to android is a huge pain. One of the main upgrades I would like is out of the box control schemes. No one uses arrow keys anymore. update yourself. In that same regard, I want to use the mouse without my characters walking to where I click. Give me control configurations that are easy to manipulate, including a selection of touch type controls, given that 2/5 of exporting options are to touch devices. Outside of that, we have the exact same list of eventing options that was in Ace. Give me more event options. Especially conditions. Do you know what I could do if I could check actor moves while in battle? Like if actor 1 attacks as a condition? Actor 1 uses a specific spell? Item? Eventing options = unlimited.
  15. DangerZone

    Centering Text

    You can try in rpg_windows.js. I think line 1562 might be what you are looking for. Maybe modify the x variable to a number.
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