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  1. csca CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Make this script call: SceneManager.call(Scene_CSCA_Encyclopedia)
  2. Achievement script

    My quest system is set up basically the same as my achievement one. Follow directions at the top, make sure the data types are all correct. If you need help there are examples in the script. If you need more help you'll need to post your code.
  3. if $game_variables[88] = 0 YES::DASH::ENABLE_WINDOW = false else $game_variables[88] => 1 YES::DASH::ENABLE_WINDOW = true The first check does not work because = sets it to 0, you need to use == to compare things. The else check does not work because the > or < sign ALWAYS comes before the = sign. Also, it's bad practice in general to change constants. I'm not sure you can inside methods (other than with eval). There are much easier ways to do what you want than going this route.
  4. asking for Tips and Guides

    RGSS (based on Ruby) is very slow to begin with. A lot of the syntax are just aliases of other methods to make your code more readable and easy to write (something that ruby far excels in compared with pretty much any other language). Unless is the same as adding a ! in front of your if.
  5. Directing NPC Movement Advice

    You can do this without scripting easily. Set a variable to be his mapX or mapY, then find the mapX/mapY value you want him to be at, and if his mapX is lower, make him move right. Your loop will look like this: while npc mapX is less than 20, set move route: right (for example). Then if you want him to moveup/down you can just do the same thing with MapY.
  6. Censorship and Acceptable Themes

    You can pretty much do whatever you want in your game, barring using someone else's IP. However, you need to consider your audience. Young people might not necessarily want to play an overly sexual game. This is especially true in the commercial RPGM game market, where a lot of over-the-top violence and sexual themes are strictly not allowed. If all you want to do is make a game for fun or for yourself or whatever though, then there are pretty much no limits. If your game is overly graphic then you might benefit from a disclaimer since that way people who may be offended by your game will know to be wary of playing your game. Basically, there are no limits to what is allowed, but you should consider the audience you're trying to appeal to or your game won't be successful. And if your game is commercial then you have to follow more strict guidelines to get it accepted by whatever company sells it for you.
  7. Chrono Trigger (etc.) music in my planned game?

    It's not OK / allowed, but generally big companies won't care unless your game gets really popular and players generally don't care at all. Even then, you likely won't get sued or anything if your game is non-commercial, you just might have to stop distributing it or change the music.
  8. csca CSCA Crafting

    Could you test calling the scene from the map? Also, post your recipe setup here.
  9. csca CSCA Toast Manager

    Sorry, I am more busy lately and don't have much time to update my own scripts, let alone make demos for them.
  10. csca CSCA Crafting

    I'm not familiar with Yanfly's Menu script at all. Could you tell me the script call it's using to open my crafting system?
  11. csca CSCA Difficulty System

    @Kory Why would you think it doesn't? An easy way to test would be to use a huge value such as -99% or +100% or something. With smaller values such as +/-10% it might not be very noticeable since 10% of the default 30 steps is only 3 steps, not something that will really be felt by the player especially because it's slightly random.
  12. csca CSCA Currency System

    futrchamp Could you post the entire error message? Our line numbers are likely different if you've made any changes at all to the script. Sievn the exchange currencies script call does not have anything to do with color... Are you getting the error later in the game or right when you make the script call?
  13. csca CSCA Sidequest/Bulletin Board System

    You add the variable reference in the script in the option thats ays something like: "variable" => [2, 10] This will make it so the quest is discovered if variable #2 is 10 or more.
  14. csca CSCA Teleport

    CSCA Teleport By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: October 10, 2013 Latest version: 1.0.0 Introduction Creates a teleport scene. Can be called from a skill/item, or through an event. -Unlock teleport destinations -Unlimited teleport destinations -Require MP or item cost for each teleport -Display an image of the teleport Screenshots Basic view of the teleport system and displayed information: How to Use Place in your materials section. Setup required. Instructions in script. Script Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK Requires CSCA Core Script to work properly - Get it here! Optional: The CSCA Toast Manager is required for the pop up toast messages - Get it here! Credit Casper Gaming Terms http://www.caspergam...rms_of_use.html
  15. csca CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Try updating it, some methods have changed or been added along the way.