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  1. Hullo. I had a theoretical idea for a monster tamer combat system; it sounded rather interesting in my head, anywho. I would like some feedback on the concept, to those willing to lend their input. For the unaware, a monster tamer game is centralized around the idea of capturing monsters and training them for battle. Pokemon, Monster Rancher, and Digimon World are prime examples of a monster tamer. The Concept First off, the foundation of this system runs on an active time battle system. Regardless of whether or not the player gives any direct input, both sides will continue to battle one another. Frequency of attack is determined by a party member's or enemy's speed statistic. Think Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy IV. Secondly, the player can have up to four members in their battle party. This will consist of the player's tamer character, and up to three of their captured monsters. Now then, onto the actual concept itself. The player can only control one character (initially): their tamer character, who can support and battle alongside his/her monsters. Your monsters will battle their enemies based on a "gambit" system; a prioritized list of actions they will take based on certain conditions. (Think Final Fantasy XII) At first, your monsters will only have a few gambit slots to work with and configure, because they're stupid/disobedient. However, as you continue to use them in battle, you will unlock more and more gambit slots until you can create a complex list of actions for any situation. The number of gambit slots that can be unlocked varies by monster, and are also subtly affected by certain statistics. Lastly, the player's tamer character can take direct command over any of their monsters, and control their actions/attacks in battle. However, the tamer can only control one monster at a time (This may upgrade to two once the tamer has gained enough experience as a tamer). Furthermore, while a tamer is directing a monster, they are unable to attack or take any actions of their own. Releasing control of their monster will set their action bar back to 0, as well as the formerly controlled monster's. This will also give a bonus to "synergy", which helps to speed up gambit unlocks, and allows the tamer to unlock "combination" attacks/abilities with their monsters. That's pretty much the basis of it. Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, comments, feedback, criticism, etc? If so, do tell.
  2. Red Herring

    Skip Title Screen & Load Saved Game

    This is the script I'm using, http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8772-single-save-file/ The save file is simply "Save01.rvdata2"
  3. Red Herring

    Skip Title Screen & Load Saved Game

    Hey there, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, an error occurs,
  4. So I had an interesting concept. Please let me know what you think of it, as well as any interesting input you might have. You, the player (you will be able to choose your name), are the fourth wall...a mysterious entity trapped within, and at the same time, without a nightmarish dimension; a realm consisting almost purely of malevolence. Within this nightmarish dimension inhabit creatures known as "dolls"; beings that are constantly victimized by the denizens of the realm and even the realm itself. They exist only to be brutally slaughtered. The player, however, is able to converse and interact with these dolls. Once you've gained their trust, you may take a form of indirect control over them (though they still maintain their free will and personality), allowing them to serve as the player's avatar in order to explore and interact with the malevolent dimension and hopefully find a way of escape. The player can collect a great variety dolls, all of whom have their own unique personality and talents. Some dolls are better at responding to and surviving certain perilous situations. Some dolls are capable of traveling to or traversing areas that other dolls cannot. Some dolls are blessed with wisdom and can provide hints on how to progress in different areas/puzzles or discover secrets that less clever dolls might overlook. Regardless, all dolls that end up in the player's possession entrust him/her with their life. However, if a doll succumbs to death in this malevolent dimension, not only are they permanently dead and removed from the player's collection, but they are also respawned as a hostile entity into the dimension; a hostile entity that will harass, assault and attempt to kill the player and his/her dolls. Not because they want to, but they are in such agonizing pain that they're driven to do so (pain that they will suffer for all eternity). Furthermore, in order to access certain areas in the game or acquire certain dolls (often non-essential but very helpful to get access to/acquire), the player will have to sacrifice some of their dolls. (And I would very much like to note that these scenes will often be gruesome and heartbreaking. As I've mentioned, all dolls have their own personality.) The player controls a haven they acquire very early in the game where all idle dolls live while the player is exploring the realm with one doll. This haven can be expanded and decorated as the player likes, often with helpful functions/furniture/etc. The player can discover new customization options by exploring the realm. The realm itself is completely open world / sandbox with some slight linear elements in that certain dolls need to be acquired in order to access certain areas (or have a better chance at surviving), but it is mostly open. In order to escape and conclude the game, the player will need to collect a certain number of dolls. Furthermore, they will need one of the "Escape Dolls" (not actually called that, just a nickname I've given them), dolls that are capable of weathering the trials required to help the player and the dolls escape the realm. There are very few "Escape Dolls" capable of helping the player accomplish such a feat, and much like any other doll, they are fully capable of dying. It is not clear to the player which doll is an "Escape Doll." It could very well be a doll the player collected early on, or a powerful end-game doll. --- So anyway, that's the concept. Do let me know what you think.
  5. Red Herring

    Negated Conditional Branch

    This...this is an amazing and very clever contribution that will seriously come in handy. Thank you very much for the release Tsukihime, I will put it to good use.
  6. Red Herring

    4 Characters with Different Positions

    You should be able to do this with Tsukihime's Party Manager and its add-on, Party Conditions. http://himeworks.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/party-manager/ http://himeworks.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/idle-party-conditions/ I cannot guarantee it will comply with Pearl ABS, but I see no reason as to why it wouldn't work.
  7. Red Herring

    GTBS for Ace, Errors and Fixes Compilation

    Update: One scripting incompatibility solved. One error solved. One scripting incompatibility has been appended with a temporary fix. Hats off to Gubi for finding the solutions.
  8. Red Herring

    GTBS for Ace, Errors and Fixes Compilation

    Sure thing. Will do.
  9. Red Herring

    Army Manager

    Perfect. Thank you very much, Galv.
  10. Red Herring

    Army Manager

    I so very much look forward to using this with the newly ported GTBS. One question, however, Galv. Is it possible you could potentially allow for a scene call for the players themselves to rename their army? If not, could you tell me how I could replace the name display in your script to display an actor's name instead? (That way I could use Name Input Eventing to more or less do the same thing.) Being the novice scripter I am, I'm not sure how I'd go about doing that, myself.
  11. Red Herring

    GTBS for Ace, Errors and Fixes Compilation

    Confirmed. Added to the compendium, thank you.
  12. Red Herring

    Survival System

    Went and tested this script earlier. It's quite awesome, I have to say. The only thing I can think of to improve it at the moment are individual switches to enable and disable the different needs individually. While it's wonderful having them all, there may be some individuals who only want Food and Water, or those Fallout guys only wanting the Toxin meter. Perhaps also an option to hide it from the menu or easily include it in their own scenes and menus. Once again, great work. The survival developers will benefit greatly from having this script released.
  13. Red Herring

    Battle Engine Symphony Layout

    What you desire, a new battle UI / HUD, actually has nothing to do with Yami's Battle Engine Symphony. Symphony only enables the sideview battlers and serves as a sort of library for the script's advanced use of tags and the like. It's Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine that changes the HUD a bit, which is what I'm assuming you're using with Symphony since you posted the script for it. In this case, what you really need is a new battle HUD script that works fine with Yami's Symphony engine and Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine. I could probably design one with what you're asking, but I'm afraid laziness gets the better of me for the moment. The only battle HUD script I can name off the top of my head that caters to what you is Moghunter's Advanced Battle HUD. http://atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT03.html It doesn't have a vertical display of actors, but the graphical interface is rather pleasing to the eye. And the graphics can be customized rather easily if you don't mind tweaking the script a little. The battle menu also displays on the left side by default. If you plan to use it, place it ABOVE Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine and Yami's Battle Symphony Engine in your scripts. The same goes for just about all HUD/UI scripts, I suppose. If you're not into that, then I'd search the RM VX Ace Japanese communities and scripters. They have a lot more resources and community than us English users , and have designed things like what you're looking for. As for tweaking the message boxes. "X attacks the Iron Giant" and whatnot, you'll probably want something that allows scenes to have their own individual window skins. Then design what you want for the windowskin and use it for Scene_Battle.
  14. Red Herring

    Survival System

    Very nice. I haven't tested it quite yet, but it's a very delicious looking script you've got there. And I'm certain anyone with a survival-based project will very much appreciate this. Well done.
  15. Red Herring

    "Notebook" type script.

    There's a few scripts like that, that I know of. There's... http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/10582-xs-journal/ XS Journal Script by Nicke. Which is a fully functional journal system for quests and the like. Quite good. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/9761-xs-history-book/ XS History Book. Also by Nicke. Allows for actual "books" and the like instead of just using the message system. Also quite good. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/5776-est-notebook-system/ Notebook System by estriole. May or may not be precisely what you're looking for. I know there's at least two or three more I know of, but they don't come to mind at the moment. Hopefully those ones are suited to your needs.
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