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  1. 153 pages of new content. Guess I have been away for a while

  2. Zeriab

    Afar Online RPG

    It's nice to see how far you have progressed ^^ Is the christmas cape still available? I'm confused, where do you see RTP graphics being used? *hugs*
  3. In that case I'd consider two options. Create the window once and then change its visibility. Loose the reference to the window after you dispose it. I.e. @my_window.dispose unless @my_window.disposed? @my_window = nil Be careful about using the greedy Kleene star. Let me give you an example. Say you have the following regular expression: regex = /<name(.*)>/i Sure it appears to work fine for your purpose, but let me show you what happens in a couple of cases: '<name 1, 2, 7>' =~ regex #=> $1 = "1, 2, 7" '<name 1><name 2><name7>' =~ regex #=> $1 = "1><name 2><name7" '<name 1><type 5>' =~ regex #=> $1 = "1><type 5" Remember that you scan for all the numbers in the resulting string which is ok for the first to cases, but if you have another tag on the same line then you'll get that along. Not really what you want. You can use a non-greedy approach, /<name(.*?)>/i, or use the greedy approach for all characters except >, i.e. /<name([^>]*)>/i. The trouble with using those two is the general approach that you only consider the first match rather than all matches for each line. You can do a scan like to you do for the digits. Do note that I have not added a space after name unlike what you have after skill-types. If I had then it would not match "<name2>" as there are no space there. Also, what happens if try to match against "<name>" or "<name garbage>"? Special cases that you should consider. Maybe it makes sense, maybe not. Maybe you should require at least one number. *hugs*
  4. Zeriab

    Greetings, Earthlings!

    *hugs Ben welcome* I hope you will enjoy your time spent here It does make the waiting easier.
  5. No, if I am right about my suspicious then you just have to remove the code where you try to dispose the window.
  6. For scenes inheriting from that does not overwrite dispose_all_windows all Window instance variables will automatically be disposed. That is probably the reason for your problem, you are trying to dispose an already disposed window *hugs*
  7. Scripting is fun ^_^

    1. Fomar0153


      Except when debugging. :)

    2. Zeriab


      Sometimes even debugging can be fun.

      It usually is not.

    3. Indinera


      It gets funnier when you have such talent at it. :)

  8. Zeriab

    Miscellaneous Options

    Nice script Jet I suggest that you cache the window handle as not caching it has been known to cause performance problems in XP and VX. It may of course not be a problem in Ace, but if you are not caching it then I suggest that you at least try to assess the impact of not doing so. I also suggest you try to see if the SAVE_IN_APPDATA feature works with strange user names. I believe that Jenisé caused problems in XP unless you used the short name of the path. *hugs*
  9. You can either enable the console window and see the print and p message there. You can also use msgbox and msgbox_p for VX print and p style message boxes
  10. So many games means so little time to be creative

  11. *hugs Legacy welcome* It's nice to see you here I hope you'll also be creating and releasing some Ace scripts while you are here. *hands Legacy a roll of toilet paper*
  12. Zeriab

    Hugs for everyone

    Such nice welcome. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy. :3 *huggles shaz* Long time no see. I look forward to see how you have progressed. Actually there was no arm-twisting. Esrever cleverly made me want to join without actually being explicit. The understatement was an accident. I couldn't really decide if I wanted to underplay it or be accurate, so I ended up with that >_< As fun as it would have been I am not an impostor unless I am actually a clone of myself believing I am me. I never really did die, not when only part of me turned undead. Yes, I was half undead, well three-quarters undead to be more accurate. On the bright side I acquired fresh brains which I managed to get imprinted properly thanks to some mad scientist. (He wouldn't let me eat it) Btw. ever wondered why zombies go for fresh brains? You'll know when you eat your first rotten brains. *shivers* It really is nice to see so many familiar faces and it's also lovely to see new faces *hugs* (No, I won't eat your brains) - Zeriab
  13. Hi all! I have joined to follow RPG Maker VX Ace after Esrever made me interested in the make I'll probably be lurking around for the most part watching what's happening. I really like many of the changes with the scripting system so I may dabble in that from time to time. Oh yeah, I'm a professional software engineer with some experience using RMXP/RMVX/RM2k and I am please to meet you. *hugs* - ZeriabI'