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  1. @Emerald: Oh, so I don't see a problem. If you just need to display the name, graphic, HP + mana in that player area, where's the problem? It looks just fine, and not too crowded, I think. If you want to make absolutley sure, show us a screenshot with "max content", so put everything in there, displaying a situation where everything is full.
  2. @Emerald: Yeah, but, what I mean: In your screenshot, you have those 2 characters + extra space for 8 more. Let's call that the "party area", yeah? What I asked was: When we assume that your party area is full, WHERE will the character info be shown? Does that need to fit around the party area for all 10 chars? Or will you click one char and all the info of that char will appear in the party area (thus replacing the 9 other characters)? @Artorias: I think the "Project" isn't clearly readable enough, since it's red on red. You could work with a light glow around that word, or change the hue of the red in the background (since both of the blue tones (in the back + for the word "Lancelot") are not the same either). As for a further constructive critique: The title screen imho doesn't really show what the game is about. It looks futuristic, yeah, that's of course clearly visible. And if you don't want to hint at something else, that's fine as well. But apart from that, I find it sad that there is nothing more that makes me curious, "hints at something".
  3. @Emerald: What kind of information do you NEED to show besides your 8-party-member display? Do you really want to arrange the actual info around the 8 characters? Or will you click on one of the characters, and then the info appears in the window? You should describe entirely what you want to display and what shall work how.
  4. @Fated: Hmm, I think for a forest it looks to sunny, more like a meadow. If there were numerous trees, the sun wouldn't be able to come through that much, I think. When you have shadows for your trees, that rock and the tree trunk should have a shadow as well. That would be my suggestions.
  5. Hmm, okay... Though changing the light layer to soft light or overlay won't help me, since these layer modes are not available in the RPGMaker. So I won't be able to reproduce that effect. I need to work with the layer modes that the RPGMaker gives (normal, add, sub + opacity). Since I won't include the light in the background pic for the editor, but put it above map, character and so on, so that the character walks under/in the light. Okay, but I can make my glow softer nonetheless, thanks again! You guys really helped me!
  6. Okay, I edited my map now! That's the new one: It's 20x15 in the editor. I changed the light gloomy things around the lanterns, stuffed stuff together and so on. (Only problem now is that it does not have the right size in the game. It _is_ 640x480 pixels which should just be 20x15 fields, but when I walk in the map I can't get to the edges. Although in the editor mode I see all the edges. :/ Gotta go to a help thread here...)
  7. Thanks a lot for the input you 3 guys!! @Fated / Jonnie91: You said you'd feel "overwhelmed" or "lost" in the middle of the map: is it because of too much detail (little flowers), or by the vast space that would be too big for a chibi VX character? I'll work on the rest of the issues that are clear to me this evening and repost my map. @Fated: Everything's fine, I'm glad you put it the way you did!
  8. Hi, I'm new here! So first of all: my first critique goes to Nicke with his(her?) video of the "Dark Ruins": That's pretty sweet! You have a cool glow and darkness in your scene, you have tons of custom stuff, you have effects in your map and so! The only thin I'd criticize is that there are very many of these women statues... The repeat in every room and never look different. So if they don't have an explicit meaning I'd suggest to alter and replace some of them (e.g. head chopped of, broken in another way, and so on). So here is now my screenshot: It's parallax mapped. It's supposed to be some temple of a God, located in a medi-eval fantasy world (standard...). For now, I used tilesets I found here and there in the internet, so there are obviously some that are not free for use in finished projects. I know that I'm not allowed to use them in my real project, but this is just a test, my first map, so I'll have to do maaaaany more, with either my own tilesets or legally, crediting the respective owner. I have a pretty high ambition on beautiful maps, so please don't go easy on me. I want to create maps that look REALLY beautiful, and not just standard beautiful. So it's more about basic mapping techniques, like overlapping, variation, hue/lightness, positioning of objects, map size and so on. I have Photoshop skills, so I could alter tiles and so on. Any tips?