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  1. A handy little aesthetic piece. I always appreciate things like this.
  2. Moving into a new place has been quite an ordeal! I hope my new settings will help me focus more. If you think your game development is going stale, try leaving the computer and going someplace. Sometimes, you can come up with great ideas while in places you might not expect.

    1. Mashuzu


      True, I get several ideas even when I'm watching in the cinemas for some reason. xD

  3. Feeling kind of crushed after yesterday. I find learning something new, or trying something different, can help give new insight and restore creative spirits.

    1. Darkanine


      If you don't mind me asking, what happened?

  4. Blindga

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    I'm abandoning the challenge on mine and Cookie Ninja's behalf. I don't want to sound like I'm shifting blame, but Cookie Ninja is gone right now. My teammate hasn't responded to me since the second day of the challenge, and we haven't produced anything substantial as a team. Our original idea isn't going to survive at this rate, and I don't want to start working on a revision to our plan without forming a consensus between us. So I'm going to clear my conscience and dissolve our efforts. I won't be participating anymore. Sorry Cookie, for whenever you read this. I hope nothing bad happened to you, and that you aren't upset at me for giving up. We were off to such a great start, but our game plan is pretty much doomed.
  5. Did you ever notice the two soft clicks if you listen to the VX Ace sound effect "rain"? It makes me curious for some reason; it's kind of creepy.

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    2. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      It's most noticeable at 120% pitch, too. There's a loud screeching noise when it loops back.

    3. Chadzter01


      Now that is creepy. *Shivers*

    4. JuJu


      "(ʘᗩʘ')" This is doing me a concern

  6. What is the color of a healing potion? Most games say red, some rpgs use blue. What do you think?

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    2. Takeo212


      Red for health, due to blood and typical heart colouring.

      Blue is more mana/MP since it represents willpower and spirit.

      Green is normally stamina, in my opinion.

    3. Thejaxinator


      I think Green maybe that's just from the games i play

    4. Rikifive


      HP has usually heart icon, so that's one of the reasons why HP potions are red.

      Green is usually for stamina or ailment related things. But, your game, your rules - use pink! =3

  7. Contest fired off, concepts are all coming out of the mold and ready for the first coat of paint. High spirits!

  8. So it works, but then the game stops until the timer runs down and ends? I think Lord Vectra may be more useful here, this sounds like a computation limitation with MV that you may have to work around. I don't think Vx Ace does this, as I tried to pull it up and mess around with putting loops in parallel processes and couldn't get the game to stop like that. Again, Lord Vectra has a good suggestion about trying to break up the main process into multiple processes. As for the battles crashing thing, I can imagine that would happen if you tried to relocate the player during a fight. What you could do instead to subvert that issue, is give the player a token if they use a skill that would otherwise call this event, and then call a second common event after the battle resolves that takes the token if the player has one and flips the switch. Sorry if I wasn't too helpful.
  9. I'm not entirely sure about the limitations of MV, but just to try testing something, if you put a show text that says "test" between the switch control Chaos Variant Calculation = OFF and the Break Loop command, does the text display? Also, does this script freeze you on the map (everything just stops), or do you correctly move between any maps at all when it activates?
  10. LIghtning struck my house last night. It caused quite a commotion!

    1. GameKirby


      i heard that lightning STRIKES up a good conversation at times!

  11. Homework can be a bit of a beast sometimes, but real life obligations are important. Don't get sucked into a fantasy.

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      True words from a true soul.

    2. Kayzee


      I hardly count homework as "real life", but I get your point.

  12. Blindga

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    I just want to add... It's good that you have a concept thought out, but remember that if you are going to work in a team it needs to be a joint effort, and not just someone tagging along with your idea. Be prepared to make compromises or sacrifices based on what your partner may also want to do. Not to dissuade you at all, but that's something to keep in mind. Also, since we brought up concepts, is the posting of game concept things allowed for this competition, or do we need to keep our ideas exclusive until submission? Can we create our own game topic or hosting web page, do we need to keep everything we post about our game in here, or can we do either one? Also, thanks Yuugami!
  13. Blindga

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Cookie Ninja has agreed to ally with me under the team name "Cookie Conductor Confluence"
  14. Blindga

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    I'd like to join, but I don't think there is anyone who would work with me; my schedule could be a little unreliable in the next few days. But I'd like to if anyone would be willing to risk joining me. It would be a good trial by fire for my sprite skills. I have good story design, world design, gameplay mechanics design skills, and intermediate art, spriting, and character design skills. If anyone is willing to cooperate, I'm available.
  15. Good progress tonight! There is a chance I may have a working sprite sample by tomorrow. I'm hoping this is going to be worthwhile to everyone in the end..

    1. LadyMinerva


      The important thing is that you've got it done for now :) Keep it up!

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