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  1. Doing a re-write of the story/character since I got a publisher called Eaphox-Interactive that is backing my project now. I changed the name to Zombie Courage as well. Will post all the new stuff as I make it.
  2. misttribe

    Ocarina of Time Script

    Terms for commercial are nothing, but giving credit where credit is due.
  3. misttribe

    Ocarina of Time Script

    Well you do it under common events which it calls when you play a song correctly.
  4. I'll add you. I'm sorry I didn't before. Oh trust me there's a lot more to it than just dying. It's got a pretty good story before then. Yes you can use a shot gun to shoot zombies.
  5. Added a video of the concept gameplay showing everything that's finished so far in the game. Just click the link in the OP.
  6. misttribe

    Mystic Action System, graphic bug

    Does the script support use of charsets for animating the weapons?
  7. Updated first post and added my latest screenshot from this morning. I've finished the HUD and most of the status icons for bleeding, hungry, and thirsty. ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I've finally got my ABS finished with the help of Falcao so I can progress towards that and I'm struggling with mapping... -.- I lack in that creative aspect..
  9. It's based off of Project Zomboid. My main characters are the story line for the Alpha of Project Zomboid.
  10. Of course, if you're attacked you get different stages of bleeding. You have make bandages from stuff like sheets, cloths, etc. Right now I'm working with Falcao on making the ABS. It should be good once I get everything working together.
  11. Zombie Courage Publisher: Eaphox-Interactive Story: Complete re-write. Character Bio: Complete re-write Screenshot: Video of concept gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjp1xe0JZlY Features: ABS System with the ability to equip two weapons and one item. Bleeding System so you can bleed out if your wounds aren't bandaged. Time System to keep up with how long you survive. Crafting system so you can take certain items and make them into other items. Recruiting for Positions: Scripter Graphic Artist (Charsets) Beta Testers Current list of Beta Testers: Sgt Twilight Sparkle NicPre Sindaine santashi Current Helpers: Scripter: Falcao Graphic Artist: Leo-Aka Zombie Courage Needs YOUR Help! Click here to help!
  12. How do I disable the lighting effects on Falcao's hud caused by Khas' Awesome Lighting Effects? Anyone know?
  13. misttribe

    Ocarina of Time Script

    You're both welcome. If you have any questions or suggestions. Please post them.