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  1. After being away from the development scene I'm back :D

  2. My graphics card broke so I was unable to enter the game, but still plan on developing the game to possible completion.
  3. Game building on hold whilst I wait for my computer to be fixed, my graphics card fizzled out on me
  4. Well this is just awesome, I'm working on my game for a compition and my graphics card gets fried.....good news is my computer is still under warrenty and they're sending me a box to ship the computer back to them to fix.

  5. Required: Purpose: I am making this game for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. I really wanted to test my skills and see if I can indeed make a game in one month. Seeing as I've used a bit of the scripting that I got from this site I felt that I should share my project on here. Story: The Goddess Bellexa who rules over the Angelic land of Lumana and the mortal lands bellow, has had a terrible vision of the Angelic war that is to come. To prevent the lose of thousands she summons Meril a young up and coming angelic knight on a task to retrieve an old text Character Bios: Meril: A Young Angelic warrior who lost her parents at a young age and has strived to become one of the goddesses Angelic Knights. Credits: Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com/) Mr. Bubble ( http://mrbubblewand.wordpress.com/ ) Nicke (scripts) Fomar0153 (scripts) Yanfly Engine Ace Screenshots: Download: N/A (Just about done with a demo)
  6. Here is the link for the updated Demo No RTP
  7. 2 hours from now my new demo will be uploaded ^_^

  8. In about 2 hours I'll have a new demo up. This demo skips the opening part of the game but you will have an option to watch it if you so wish. Saddly not much done playing wise but have cleaned up some scripting and mapping. just learned how to use common events to keep things tidy and together I'll be continuing to work hard on pumping out another demo soon, with time allowed.
  9. working on some detail for my first town

    1. Cadh20000


      "detail"? Graphics or design?

    2. WolfBlitz Media
    3. Cadh20000


      Ahh, have fun!


  10. I know its not alot to go on atm, but I've had people asking me to post a demo, I promise that I'll have a demo with more game play in it by no later then (5/29/2014)
  11. YAY demo of my game is up. its been a long time coming since I went back to formula on my game.

  12. Got a new playable demo up. Saddly not much to it but I wanted people to get a feel of what the game will feel like.
  13. Thanks to the awesome mods here, my project post has been re-opened and I will try to have a demo of my game up asap

  14. I will be working on a playable demo asap. will try to have it up by monday for every one interested in it. I will also post alpha intro of the game as well.
  15. Guess who is back! Yup thats right me! I've got some news on my game too. I made a pre-alpha video to show the opening to my game now.

    1. TheoAllen


      Sweet. I like the musics. Did you make them?

    2. WolfBlitz Media

      WolfBlitz Media

      Most of the music in the game were gotten off steam. Royalty free music