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  1. Main character for Eternal Destiny

    Thank you. I am glad you like it. I been trying different coloring, and shading styles.
  2. panic attack Battle Portraits for my RPG...

    The battle portraits look good. The only thing I would recommend is more dynamic poses.
  3. I know I have not been here in away. It because I been working on my games, and practicing my drawing skills. So for I just finished drawing Sengal's new appearance, and hopefully final appearance for my game Eternal Destiny. Here is the picture. I hope the coloring isn't too bad.
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know, I finished writing the story for this game, so the next update will be soon, and will be the full complete game, but I will not mark it as complete just yet. The reason why is because I am unsure if the new story is good enough, and I would like feed back on it after I post on what changes need to be made before I mark it as complete. Also the next update will be using a completely different battle system, It'll be using Mog Hunter's new linear motion battle system a.k.a Tales of games battle system. If you want to see it here a screen f it action in my game: I haven't added any monsters other than the rtp ones yet, but it won't use the rtp monsters, i also have to update the face graphics, this was just me testing it in my game. I also changed the hud to support five party members later on. I will probably give the characters more hp since it is a linear motion battle system so they can go longer without getting K.O.'d right away. By the way I am surprised that no one found this new battle system on Mog Hunter's site. lol
  5. Don't if I should talk about this or not. It seems almost every time I write a story for a game I am doing I feel like it isn't good enough. What do you guys and girls do if this is how you feel about one you wrote?

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    2. imascribble


      I'm never confident with my writing, regardless of what it is. The stuff I have managed to publish have been edited a billion times - character alterations, major plot points changed... Sometimes the entire thing is scrapped and completely rewritten. Eventually I give up changing it and send it out before I'm completely satisfied with the result. In trying so hard to make something I'm pleased with, I find that others comment that they really enjoy the writing I do. Setting the ba...

    3. imascribble


      *Setting the bar so high drives me to produce great things in the eyes of my audience :)

    4. RoseGuardian


      Writing can be stressful sometimes especially if there is a chance people may not like it. I happened to notice I felt that the stories in some of my games need work but others liked it.

  6. I'm sorry for bumping this old topic. However I updated the character information, in the main post. I am trying to decide if I should use Tomokay's shooter script, and just use an action battle system, and set up missions for the player. The problem I have with Tomokay's shooter script is that sometimes it is hard even when enemies drop health points, and bomb points to grab, and I do not want players to give up because it is too hard, or because of frustration. I am unsure what to use, so please give me your suggestions on this.
  7. I need help with Tomakay's Barrage Shooting Script

    BUMP It's been three days. I really need help with this. Can someone please at least look at the script, and try to help me. I really want to use this in my game.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but the next update is going to be the complete game. So if anyone has any suggestions on to make things better suggest them now. Also if there are any game crashing bugs please tell me. Not telling me if there is a game crashing bug makes me mad.
  9. I hate to ask for help on this, but I downloaded Tomakay's Barrage Shooting script demo, and I cannot figure how to set up boss fights with certain enemies, or set up cut scenes upon stage clear. I really need help with this. Here is the download for the script. http://hikimoki.saku...3/rgss3_stg.zip
  10. Yay I got my interent back up! :D Now I can update my stuff here when I finish.

  11. I'm sorry I haven't been lately to update anything. My internet router broke. I'm at the library with my lap top right now. I don't know for sure when I'll get my new router.

  12. Dark Slayers Scifi RPG idea, revised story

    Sorry for the late reply. The internet at my house is down. I am at the library right now. I actually made this game take place in another world, because it was just too hard to make take place on Earth in the future.
  13. Dark Slayers Scifi RPG idea, revised story

    Sorry for the double post. Just wanted to let every one know I added a revised story. I would like to know if the grammar of the revised story is correct. If there are grammar errors, please give suggestions on how to reword the sentences, ad paragraphs.
  14. Dark Slayers Scifi RPG idea, revised story

    Thank you. I can actually draw out some of the scenes for the game, so that not everything has to be done with sprites.
  15. Dark Slayers Scifi RPG idea, revised story

    Thank you! I wanted to make sure I explained every thing correctly, because I don't want it to get denied here, or at rpgmaker.net. So I typed it up.