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  1. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 2 18+

    Warning: This game contains Nudity, Mild Language, Fantasy Violence, and Suggestive Themes Please Note this is the full game. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Important Notice: If you want to use your save from arc 1 you have to copy the save folder first, then select new game, and then when it asks if you want to use your save from arc 1 choose yes.
  2. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Sorry for the bump, but if you downloaded the game earlier today, please re download. I had to replace Yanfly's New Game Plus with Hime'sSyncSaveData plugin.
  3. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Update The game is finished now. Could a mod move it to completed games for me please?
  4. This game is a lot of fun actually. The only thing I read about it in one of your posts that I don't like is the slaves thing, but I do NSFW stuff as well. Lol! So it don't bother me that much. Good luck on your game. I really hope to see the full game soon.
  5. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Uploaded fix for animation, and maps 7, and 10. Please download them, and replace the old ones with them, or you will get errors.
  6. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Thank you Nirwanda. Sorry for the late reply I was trying to figure out how Itch.io works.
  7. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Warning: This game contains Nudity, Mild Language, Fantasy Violence, and Suggestive Themes Please Note this is just a demo for right now. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Important Notice: If you downloaded the game on 9/26/2018 please re download, because I had to replace New Game Plus with Hime'sSyncSaveData Plugin.
  8. Hi. I decided to come back here after a few years. I am doing a lot better now. I left the site for awhile because I was under a lot of of stress at the time. I hope everyone else is doing well too.I am glad to be back. ^_^

  9. RoseGuardian

    Main character for Eternal Destiny

    Thank you. I am glad you like it. I been trying different coloring, and shading styles.
  10. RoseGuardian

    panic attack Battle Portraits for my RPG...

    The battle portraits look good. The only thing I would recommend is more dynamic poses.
  11. I know I have not been here in away. It because I been working on my games, and practicing my drawing skills. So for I just finished drawing Sengal's new appearance, and hopefully final appearance for my game Eternal Destiny. Here is the picture. I hope the coloring isn't too bad.
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know, I finished writing the story for this game, so the next update will be soon, and will be the full complete game, but I will not mark it as complete just yet. The reason why is because I am unsure if the new story is good enough, and I would like feed back on it after I post on what changes need to be made before I mark it as complete. Also the next update will be using a completely different battle system, It'll be using Mog Hunter's new linear motion battle system a.k.a Tales of games battle system. If you want to see it here a screen f it action in my game: I haven't added any monsters other than the rtp ones yet, but it won't use the rtp monsters, i also have to update the face graphics, this was just me testing it in my game. I also changed the hud to support five party members later on. I will probably give the characters more hp since it is a linear motion battle system so they can go longer without getting K.O.'d right away. By the way I am surprised that no one found this new battle system on Mog Hunter's site. lol
  13. Don't if I should talk about this or not. It seems almost every time I write a story for a game I am doing I feel like it isn't good enough. What do you guys and girls do if this is how you feel about one you wrote?

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    2. imascribble


      I'm never confident with my writing, regardless of what it is. The stuff I have managed to publish have been edited a billion times - character alterations, major plot points changed... Sometimes the entire thing is scrapped and completely rewritten. Eventually I give up changing it and send it out before I'm completely satisfied with the result. In trying so hard to make something I'm pleased with, I find that others comment that they really enjoy the writing I do. Setting the ba...

    3. imascribble


      *Setting the bar so high drives me to produce great things in the eyes of my audience :)

    4. RoseGuardian


      Writing can be stressful sometimes especially if there is a chance people may not like it. I happened to notice I felt that the stories in some of my games need work but others liked it.

  14. I'm sorry for bumping this old topic. However I updated the character information, in the main post. I am trying to decide if I should use Tomokay's shooter script, and just use an action battle system, and set up missions for the player. The problem I have with Tomokay's shooter script is that sometimes it is hard even when enemies drop health points, and bomb points to grab, and I do not want players to give up because it is too hard, or because of frustration. I am unsure what to use, so please give me your suggestions on this.
  15. RoseGuardian

    I need help with Tomakay's Barrage Shooting Script

    BUMP It's been three days. I really need help with this. Can someone please at least look at the script, and try to help me. I really want to use this in my game.