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  1. Music Inspired Projects?

    As a big fan of Eluveitie I'd say this is a great idea. If people can make Pokemon fan games I see no problem with taking your ideas from songs. Let's see what you can do with Inis Mona and Your Gaulish War.
  2. Dating Sim Game

    While I personally don't like Otome Games (I prefer Galge and Eroge) it's not a bad idea to start off with to get some experience. I'd probably recommend expanding on it a bit more though, simply picking which route you're going down at the beginning of a game isn't a good idea. Instead you should do what all VNs do and use choices to determine which route you go down. It makes it a bit more interesting than being able to pick right away.
  3. High Fantasy pack 2 how do i import?

    You need to find a side view battle script to have side view battles since the default system is front view. Just look through the master script list for one and read the instructions on how to use the one you pick http://http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/11708-master-script-list-on-site-a-z-section-currently-under-construction/
  4. You've gone a little over the top with your boulder move routes, all those branches aren't needed. Just simply set the move route to "move away from player".
  5. Swearing in RM Games

    As others have said, swearing is a part of life. You just have to go out for a few drinks to see that it fits in with conversations, when in a certain environment people will use "shit" or "fuck" in their sentences the same way a weeb adds "desu" or "kawai" into theirs, it's perfectly natural. So long as it fits the character and the style then there really shouldn't be a problem with adding swears in, or to even just balance it out with some characters who don't swear but one who constantly does to add to their personality.
  6. Since everyone I know has it, does anyone want my Total War Shogun 2 coupon on Steam for 75% off?

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    2. Fafnir


      I think it's the 20th. Although I could be wrong since we only have this to work with - (Valid until [date]1369674000[/date])

    3. Tigerbite
    4. Darkanine


      Okay,I get paid by then,what would you want for it?

  7. NPC animation Help.

    To do that you would just need to set up a move route for her in the event. If you look at your door events you'll see how it works. You just need to "turn" the NPC like a door event and that will make it do the teleport animation when you want it to.
  8. mario Paper mario 2 badges?

    I'm gonna guess the event badges are something like the gym badges in the Pokemon games? You can probably do something like that, but you'll need a script.
  9. NPC Event to event

    I'm confused. Are you saying that after NPC 1 moves and talks you want NPC 2 to move? Or are you saying you want them to move together? Since you're running an autorun event you just set the move routes for the NPCs from the autorun. So set the move route for NPC 1, do the text box and then set move route for NPC 2.
  10. Need some help with an event...

    You could make a variable that is linked to that actor's level, then make a conditional branch of that variable being equal to 2.
  11. Wooh, out of retail and back to good ol' site joinery. Goodbye fake smiles and acting polite, hello constant swearing and spitting on the floor.

    1. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      You should always be nice.

    2. Fafnir


      I can be nice, but I draw the line at being nice to people who are rude and impolite. Being back on building sites means I don't have to worry about that. No one gets butthurt easily and there's no chance of getting fired for dropping a few dozen f-bombs.

    3. MurgianSwordsman


      Way I like things. I don't see why people get offended by swears. I only see a problem when people are swinging an axe in my face.

  12. Just use some image editing software like GIMP and resize the image to whatever size you want.
  13. Miku is my favourite Vocaloid character and I can say without a doubt that you've done a good job here.
  14. Enemy Death Cry

    From the troops tab you could put the condition as that enemy's health being 0 and then just play the SE you want for it.
  15. My art (practice copies and own creations)

    Good stuff, especially the Sonic characters. Keep up the good work.