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  1. My original topic on RRR: http://www.rpgrevolu...showtopic=55305 Introduction Yes, since the time of RPG Maker 2003 (not sure about 2k), they removed that little function that some developers wanted: videos. But now we can forget about that since Ace has it now! In VX Ace, they require a format called: .ogv, which is basically a compressed video with .ogg sound format. Pretty sick. Although most don't know how to convert to this format, I do! Thing you will need: VLC Video Player A Video VX Ace Demo/Full VLC is free! Download now! Part 1: Converting process When you are ready, go ahead and open VLC. Next, open VLC and go to streaming... Add your file and continue on. Just press next on the next few parts instead of stream. On the next step, select "Theora + Vorbis" then click on the Tools icon to the right. Go to the "Video Codec" tab, and change the width to 544 and the height to 416 Press ok, and click the "add" button above. This next part is typically tricky and sometimes is annoying. There's a problem with the VLC streaming if you choose the location of the video. So, instead just type in the Filename: [name for video].ogv Press next, then press stream. The file, after streamed, will most likely be found in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC or your Downloads folder. Now, since the file format was .ogg in the conversion process, we need to change that by changing the extension to .ogv If you don't see the extensions, take a quick look at my sub-tutorial: Part 2: Import and Test Go to resource manager, and select the "Movies" section. Import the video from that location or if you moved it, the other location. After, create an event to test out your video. And voil�, a video (Note that the back box on the sides of my video were like that in the original). No that's no me, that my friend And that concludes this tutorial.
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    Dialog Editing

    Ensure you have an event with the auto-run feature
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    Sprite moving

  5. @@Cait I'm really liking the tint of blue, but perhaps would go with a more greyer blue instead of so intense... Not black and white though. I wonder if that sushi sign animates. That would be pretty cool. @@J0pac Unsure how the rest of the game is in it's style, but it sure is an improvement from the default. Perhaps you could move the message box art downwards or clip more of this tail piece off (or shrink it). Up to you if you plan on fixing the portrait issue. Might I suggest a more definitive colour used around the boarder of the message art? Try a complementary colour that works with blue and see how that would look in game. Best of luck. @@YummyTiger Big improvement from the previous so nice job on that. I will have to suggest to revise this shadow though. It caught my eye X] As for the flags on that one house, it seems too overused for me. Perhaps remove a few and see how that would look. Another suggestion would be to do what you did with the pathing in the old image; where some of the road's textures are split/mixed by the textures around it.
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    Hello! :D

    Welcome to the community!
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    Newgame+ That Impacts Multiple Storylines?

    Perhaps not a full play through on the newgame+ (As that would probably be lots of work) but it could work and show the player the outcomes of their actions. For instance, if you destroyed this city or not, the newgame+ could show (probably from a different player's perspective) the cause of their actions fast-forwarded years ahead of the final conflict
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    Rookie RPG Maker

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  9. That is odd. I'm using a custom battle system but it works regardless. Is it possible to send me a small part of your system so I can view it? Perhaps I can figure it out quicker that way
  10. It should work with basic attacks Put it on skill 1
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    Custom sprites

    No, it should work with any size of sprite size. Just be warned that 32 will be the detection size of your sprite (anchor being bottom-centre).
  12. Oh wow. Thanks for that Ninja. Here you go then b.mp -= (a.atk*4 - b.def*2);a.atk*4 - b.def*2
  13. Erm... My guess is that you can run a common event for one skill and have that common even release two different types of skills (same but damages different). You know how to do this? If not, I could provide an example of sorts.
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    Change map position in list

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    Change map position in list

    What you'll have to do is create a new map, and drag every grouped map in that one. Then drag out of the new map from last to first. Delete the new map after you're done. No way to swap positions directly
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    New in these parts

    Welcome to the community
  18. Yeah, I remember trying to mess around with the player's initial direction (by default the player faces down). I one time I was like "Oh, I'll just change it from the main script." Every event on the screen turned out like yours. But that was before I knew about the system better . Closing
  19. Ah, I know this problem! I have to pinpoint where it went wrong but it's to do with the scripts. To fix it, first get all your non-default scripts out of the game. Then, create a new vx ace game. Inside the data folder of the new game, copy the Scripts.rvdata2 and paste it inside the old (your current game you are working on) folder. After, open up your game again and paste your scripts (if any custom ones) inside the game. This should solve it. I'll edit when I figure out what the problem was (I have a good idea).
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    Item Drop Help

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    Item Drop Help

    Another is you can make the dog drop (i.e.) Bag of Spoils (or whatever name you can think of). Then the player can open that bag which is attached to a common event called (i.e.) Heart chance. Inside the Heart chance common event, you add a random variable (say 1 - 3), then after do a condition branch checking for each variable. Inside each condition branch will contain a different heart. After every condition branch is passed, remove the Bag of Spoils from the player's inventory.
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    VXAN Staff Resource Release: The Ancients

    So much content
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    Just some tips needed...

    Is it possible I could take a look at this via fileshare or screen viewing? Perhaps something is missed
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