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  1. Link to the script Everytime you try to use item, the buzzer sound will simultaneously plays with the normal "use" SFX. Is there any way to work around this? The script itself, minus the bug, is pretty great to use and it would be great if someone could create a fix for this. Here's a quick demo I've uploaded to demonstrate the bug. Interact with the old man to have your HP reduced by 1 and get a free potion. If you try to use the potion, it will be used normally but the sound of "successful use" and buzz sound will plays simultaneously. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tuuloudac7ghfbj/Project2.rar?dl=0
  2. Investigation Script

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    No worries, I'm grateful for any help at these times.
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    Please do, I will be waiting warmly here. Here's another video, the guy scrolls way slower this time. http://youtu.be/zUQ5ArOSNG8?t=3m27s I do understand it was eventable, but I think it would be pretty redundant because if scripts could shows the same thing with smoother execution and better customizable interface, why stick to the eventing? (Again, that is only my opinion. Beside, eventing has its own forte in other area.)
  11. Investigation Script

    What interface? More than 4 choices? You never mentioned that you required these. I've mentioned that the interface need to be close like in the video I've included in the first post. In the video, when you talk to the NPC the screen changes and the investigation dialogues is shown. I really can't explain it clearly so you have to watch the video to get the better representation of it, it would only take 10 seconds or so. And yeah, it would need more than 4 choice since the actor isn't only 4.
  12. Investigation Script

  13. Investigation Script

    It would take more than 4 choice to accomplish this and the interface wouldn't be as slick as if it was scripted.
  14. Investigation Script

    Hi, basically I'm looking for a script that enables a NPC that help you to find out your party members info/secret, and also find tips/hint to recruit more party member for a price. It was similiar to Richmond's Investigation minigame in Suikoden 2 and Oboro's Investigation in Suikoden 5. Here's the video representation: http://youtu.be/w4Vg-n7qPIc?t=22s You will see that each recruited member got 4 up to info/secret that can be discovered for a price. I need this script as this would allow me to flesh out the story behnd my other non-main character that could be recruited without clouding the original plot too much, and it also allows the player to find out the tips to recruit the character that they might miss out, or might even let them know that they missed out some character that they can recruit as a party member.