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  1. @roninator2 That worked perfectly. Thank you very much. I know, right? I've tried so many things including using Yanfly's item menu script. I've put the new categories into Yanfly's script and they've successfully been created in the item menu. But when it comes to the Synthesis list from Kread-Ex's script, it won't recognise the new categories. Hopefully someone will have the solution. Knowing my luck, it'll probably be something simple.
  2. Apologies, I've put it in a spoiler tag.
  3. Hi I've installed Kread-EX's Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~ Script. What I need help with is creating categories. At the moment I can only get the 4 lists which are Items, Weapons, Armours and Key Items. Firstly, how do I change the name of these categories without changing the main command names? Also, how do I add extra categories such as the different categories of armours: Helmets, Light Armours, Accessories, etc Or if I wanted to create a new item type called Lapis for example. I have a very basic understanding of scripting, but whatever I try to edit doesn't seem to work. I've even tried editing on an empty project and I'm still having the same problems. Would I need to install another script to work alongside, to add these categories? The script is below:
  4. Thank you very much for your kind words. I miss those days as well, truly a golden age of RPG's. I understand your dislike of front view battle systems. It's like marmite, you either love it or hate it. If you could bypass the annoyance of the front view and find the time to play the game, (If you haven't already) I would be very grateful. Anymore feedback from that would also be great, The demo is about 5-10 hours long depending on playstyle and side-quest/dungeons.
  5. INTRODUCTION Hello! I'm Declan, the creator of Perpetual Chains. Like many people here, I grew up on the RPG games of the 90's/00's. It probably became a contributing factor to the career I landed in. I became an actor, touring all over Europe and eventually doing commercial voiceover. During that time I meddled in RPG Maker and had written this story while on the road. Eventually I realised I could bring the story to life. Using online auditioning pages such as BTVA and CCC I got a handful of capable people wanting to train in voiceover to voice my characters. In short, I give them experience and mentoring and in return they let me use their voice. Before I knew it, this little labour of love became bigger and bigger, and I've been told to share with people what I've got. Perpetual Chains follows all the things I enjoyed about RPG games in my childhood such as compelling storytelling, emotionally deep characters and addictive battle systems. As you probably can see, the mapping and main menu isn't unique as I am a bit of a novice as a designer and programmer. However I feel the work of my voice actors and the music kindly donated to the project really brings the story to life. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The main thing I want to find out is if it is actually something people want to play and learn more about the story and world. If successful I have the capability in making a complete version and hiring people to do the things I cannot. So if you want to get involved feel free to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you all... YOUTUBE PAGE LINK WITH VIDEOS OF GAMEPLAY. CREDITS ALSO IN A YOUTUBE VIDEO. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj7VA8vpFXf-dFoFxl4xTzQ/videos DOWNLOAD LINK https://ufile.io/4zi54n4p SYNOPSIS The world is at peace, thanks to the teachings of Neras, a religious queendom in the centre of the Ecclesian continent. Neras is both feared and respected to the furthest reaches of the world. They preach the story of ‘Alpha, The God of Light’, and ‘Omega, The Beast of Darkness’. The teachings tell of the battle between the two sides and warned that a descendant of Omega would be born and lead the world to destruction. Only the sacrifice of their Goddess and the penance of the people would bring the world back to salvation. This cycle would repeat itself again and again for eternity. The story follows Cyrus, a trainee solider from the distant kingdom of Espova who bares the tragic fate of being the next descendant of Omega. It also follows Aria, Princess of Neras and next in line to the role of Goddess. Through a stroke of fate, their destinies become entwined as they journey the continent of Ecclesia to find the meaning behind the prophecy. CHARACTERS Cyrus Breeze – An orphan from a village in the kingdom of Espova. He has been trained from a young age to become a soldier, as is common place for the kingdom. It is also the tradition for the orphan to take the surname of the place where they were raised. A polite and likeable person, he found himself having a happy and carefree upbringing surrounded by friends. Until one day the mark on his arm starts to glow and the power of Omega is born within him. Cursed and feared, he runs from the world and those who would wish him destroyed. He seeks to find the meaning behind the curse. Aria Vita Lumen – Princess of Neras, Aria was born with great privilege and responsibility. However to many she is seen as the antithesis of royalty. Crude and impolite, she rejects the role she has been given. This lead to her mother sending her to the abbey to tutor Aria in the ways of nobility. Though on her return it proved somewhat ineffective. With her mother busy ruling the faith and having no other relatives, she feels there’s something missing from her life. One day, she hears a rumour that a member of her family might actually be alive so she seeks to leave her responsibilities and find something more fulfilling. Moulder Clay – An ex-mercenary and hero of Espova. Back during ‘The Gaia Wars’ he hoped to line his pockets. In the end, convinced by Troy, a soldier from Espova, Moulder helps his new ally in turning the tides of the war and freeing the kingdom. Exhausted from battle Moulder is convinced by Troy to look after the latter's home of Breeze Village. During the war he finds a boy on the battlefield in the arms of its dying mother and seeing the destruction that he was partly responsible for, he opens an orphanage and trains the children to become soldiers so they could make a life for themselves. Since the war, he refuses to use his sword and instead fights with his fists. Richard Breeze – A fellow orphan from the kingdom of Espova, Richard and Cyrus were best friends from childhood. Young and motivated they make a pact that they would see the world together. In many ways his focused and serious approach is the opposite Cyrus’ more relaxed personality. However deep down he bears a sadness which stems from watching the murder of his parents during ‘The Gaia Wars’ when he was only three years old. Richard doesn’t understand his emotions about this trauma and chooses to suppress them. Freya Blythe – Daughter of Troy, the hero of Espova. Her father saved the kingdom during ‘The Gaia Wars’. With her mother dying from childbirth her father struggles to show Freya affection and therefore sends her to the orphanage in Breeze Village to be brought up by his friend Moulder. Beautiful and intelligent, she becomes close to the orphans, particularly Cyrus and Richard. The three of them became inseparable and Freya sees the two as her family. Upon being summoned back to the castle she focuses on becoming a mage in order to put distance between herself and her father. Tiberius Germana – A travelling lothario from Trysus. Son of Edgar, the now deceased general of the kingdom. Since Trysus lost ‘The Gaia Wars’ they was severely punished by Neras and the royal family were executed. It was up to the Germana family to lead the kingdom through the troubled times. While his brother leads with dignity, Tiberius ran from his responsibility to experience the thrills of the world. Now short of money, he gets a stroke of good fortune. He bumps into Cyrus and hopes bringing a capable warrior to his brother will let him be welcome back with open arms. Lazarus Octavia – A trainee knight from Espova. The family of Octavia has been close to the royalty of Neras for centuries. As Aria and Lazarus are the same age they were put together so they would be become friends. In actual fact, with Aria being more outgoing, Lazarus quickly becomes overwhelmed by her personality and becomes much more timid and shy. Even though they were supposed to be friends, Aria treats him more like a slave, jokingly threatening to have him executed if he doesn’t do what she says. Over the years he’s effectively become a wimp and although a skilled warrior, is pushed into becoming a knight when he would rather stay at home. Despite all this, he cares for Aria and hates seeing her alone. Roland Cestus – A leading knight of Neras. He continues the family line in being a protector of the goddess. As one of the few people Queen Cecilia can trust he spends a lot of time with Princess Aria hoping to raise her not only to become a noble queen but to have her own mind. A relaxed and pleasant man, many of the nobles blame him for the way the princess has become. Due to pressure from his enemies in Neras he IS ordered to go on a holy journey known as 'Crusade' away from the capital. Before he goes, he hopes to protect Aria as much as possible from those who would wish to control her.
  6. It works!!! You are a legend, thank you very much! I really appreciate it. Regards
  7. Are these the two parts that the line needs inputting. Sorry I'm not so great on coding teminology. Where in these do I add it? #============================================================================== # ■ Window_MenuCommand #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This class is kept towards the top of the script to provide easier access. #============================================================================== class Window_MenuCommand < Window_Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: make_command_list #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_command_list for command in YEA::MENU::COMMANDS case command #--- Default Commands --- when :item add_command(Vocab::item, :item, main_commands_enabled) when :skill add_command(Vocab::skill, :skill, main_commands_enabled) when :equip add_command(Vocab::equip, :equip, main_commands_enabled) when :status add_command(Vocab::status, :status, main_commands_enabled) when :formation add_formation_command when :save add_original_commands add_save_command when :game_end add_game_end_command #--- Yanfly Engine Ace Commands --- when :class next unless $imported["YEA-ClassSystem"] add_class_command #--- Imported Commands --- when :sslots next unless $imported["YSA-SlotBattle"] add_sslots_command when :grathnode next unless $imported["KRX-GrathnodeInstall"] process_custom_command(command) when :gogototori next unless $imported["KRX-AlchemicSynthesis"] process_custom_command(command) #--- Imported Commands --- else process_common_event_command(command) process_custom_command(command) end end end #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # - General Menu Settings - #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # This changes the way menus appear in your game. You can change their # alignment, and the location of the help window, Note that any non-Yanfly # Engine Ace scripts may not conform to these menu styles. #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- HELP_WINDOW_LOCATION = 0 # 0-Top, 1-Middle, 2-Bottom. COMMAND_WINDOW_ALIGN = 1 # 0-Left, 1-Middle, 2-Right. # These settings below adjust the visual appearance of the main menu. # Change the settings as you see fit. MAIN_MENU_ALIGN = 0 # 0-Left, 1-Middle, 2-Right. MAIN_MENU_RIGHT = false # false-Left, true-Right. MAIN_MENU_ROWS = 10 # Maximum number of rows for main menu. DRAW_TP_GAUGE = true # If true, draws TP in the main menu. DRAW_MP_GAUGE = true # If true, draws MP in the main menu. #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # - Main Menu Settings - #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # These settings adjust the main menu, the order at which commands appear, # what text is displayed, and what the commands are linked to. Here's a # list of which commands do what: # # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # :command Description # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # :item Opens up the item menu. Default menu item. # :skill Opens up the skill menu. Default menu item. # :equip Opens up the equip menu. Default menu item. # :status Opens up the status menu. Default menu item. # :formation Lets player manage party. Default menu item. # :save Opens up the save menu. Default menu item. # :game_end Opens up the shutdown menu. Default menu item. # # :class Requires YEA - Class System # # :gogototori Requires Kread-EX's Go Go Totori! Synthesis # :grathnode Requires Kread-EX's Grathnote Install # :sslots Requires Yami's YSA - Slot Battle #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- COMMANDS =[ :item, # Opens up the item menu. Default menu item. :skill, # Opens up the skill menu. Default menu item. :equip, # Opens up the equip menu. Default menu item. :class, # Requires YEA - Class System. :status, # Opens up the status menu. Default menu item. :formation, # Lets player manage party. Default menu item. # :event_1, # Launches Common Event 1. Common Event Command. # :event_2, # Launches Common Event 2. Common Event Command. # :debug, # Opens up debug menu. Custom Command. # :shop, # Opens up a shop to pawn items. Custom Command. :save, # Opens up the save menu. Default menu item. :game_end, # Opens up the shutdown menu. Default menu item. ] # Do not remove this. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # - Common Event Commands - # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # If you insert one of the following commands into the COMMANDS array, the # player can trigger a common event to launch. You can disable certain # commands in the menu by binding them to a switch. If you don't want to # disable them, set the switch to 0 and it will always be enabled. The # ShowSwitch will prevent a command from appear if that switch is false. # Set it to 0 for it to have no impact. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMON_EVENT_COMMANDS ={ # :command => ["Display Name", EnableSwitch, ShowSwitch, Event ID], :event_1 => [ "Camp", 11, 0, 1], :event_2 => [ "Synthesis", 0, 0, 2], } # Do not remove this. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # - Custom Commands - # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # For those who use scripts that may lead to other menu scenes, use this # hash to manage custom commands that run specific script calls. You can # disable certain commands in the menu by binding them to a switch. If you # don't want to disable them, set the switch to 0. The ShowSwitch will # prevent a command from appear if that switch is false. Set it to 0 for # it to have no impact. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOM_COMMANDS ={ # :command => ["Display Name", EnableSwitch, ShowSwitch, Handler Method], :debug => [ "Debug", 0, 0, :command_debug], :shop => [ "Shop", 12, 0, :command_shop], :gogototori => ["Synthesis", 0, 0, :command_totori], :grathnode => [ "Grathnode", 0, 0, :command_install], } # Do not remove this. end # MENU end # YEA
  8. Thank you so much for your help. Using the lazy fix you created, I've tested on both a new project and my main and it has come. The only issue I have now is the position on the menu. I changed it from Shards to Runes. Where In the main menu did I need to add the first bit of script you added? Is there any way to edit where Runes appears on the menu? Say in-between equipment and Status.
  9. I think it requires the other scripts I have to make it on a new project which are a lot. From what I'm aware they shouldn't clash with Galv's script. So I'll add a copy of the original Yanfly's Menu Script. If you could get the Magic Shards to work with the original Yanfly Menu script on a new project and let me know what you needed to add I should be able to finish it from there. Yanfly Menu Script (2).docx
  10. My have put this in the wrong category. Can someone move this to script support please?
  11. declan

    Yanfly Ace Menu Script Help (Missing MP Bar)

    You PhoenixSoul are a legend!!! At my first attempt I shuffled my scripts around and it didn't really have any affect. I looked around and found someone else had similar problems so they downloaded a more up to date version of the Yanfly menu so I downloaded the latest version which still didn't seem to work. In the end I made a new project with the core script and the menu script which still didn't seem to work. So I did the only thing I could do and that was go back to your advice swapped the position of the menu script, putting it above the core script and EUREKA!!! Something so simple in the end. Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Hello I'm in desperate need of some assistance in regards to Yanfly's menu script. You see, when I open the main menu the MP bar isn't there. I've added an image to show what this looks like. To give you some more information, I use Yanfly's core script and menu script but don't use his battle script, instead I use MOG's Battle HUD EX. I think that might be the issue I'm having but I'm not confident enough to be sure. As well I've turned off the TP bar on the main menu. When I tested it with the TP bar on it showed the HP, MP and TP as normal except for one character where it seems to all be crushed together. Ideally I would like just the HP and MP menu on show. I somehow feel this could be an easy fix, but there's something obvious I'm missing. I'll also add a copy of the menu script so people can see where I'm going wrong. I would be eternally grateful for any assistance anyone can give. Regards Declan Yanfly Menu Script.docx