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  1. Put a tream together for my project, have two mappers and a researcher :D

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    2. corneredcosmos


      That's good! Now you better keep that team together.

    3. Demintika


      Um... researcher? :o

    4. Hokobishu


      Yeh, researcher for culture and stuff like that :D Don't have time to sift through the internet

  2. Well a lot of the stuff is prewritten, however I do compose the songs from scratch. Each individual note is played individually
  3. So, a couple of you wonder where I've been for all this time? Let me clear a few things up. Starting with where it all began. So, I received RPG Maker VXAce as a Christmas Present back in 2013, where I began using it to create many failed projects that never went anywhere. And so it was that one day, I should find myself dating a random stranger who I then got engaged to a few months later (Sidenote: Let it be known that this part is purely my fault and I have acknowledged it as such). And so it was that my first ex and I moved to my mother's house in Florida. It was a horror story of survival, at first it was all rainbows and sunshine. However, when the days go by and the sun goes down, sunshine and rainbows quickly turns into death and decay. My mother was on prescription meds for her MS, but she started to take more and more and more at once and the money went towards booze and drugs instead of foods. At this time, I was using RPG Maker and was an active part of the community, this was around March I believe, ask Spectre, he knew me then. RPG Maker was my sole relief from reality because my ex would lend me her laptop and go to work. Soon thereafter she got lazy and got fired and thus my work on RPGMaker was substantially less and less. We would fight more often and she would toss me about the room and throw things at me, yes I was abused and it was the darkest time of my life. (Sidenote: I know this has turned dark and creepy and horrifying, but stay with me for a moment more, soon we shall be once again, into unicorns and rainbows Blaaargh) And then my ex left the house, I had no way to use RPG Maker and spent the next four months playing console video games and wasting my life. It was then that I called my father and said, "Get me out of here, I might be homeless soon." To which he swiftly bought me a Greyhound ticket and off I go, back to Californification (California). (Sidenote: In my head, it's a british narrator with a humorous tune, you should try it this way) And so it was that upon coming back I applied for all sorts of jobs, and in September I landed one, working at Wal-Mart as a truck unloader with a shift of 4PM-1AM. It was amazing, I was working and I was happy, but as fate would have it, soon I began to see couples everywhere. I got jealous, I wanted a relationship like that. And so it was that I happened to have hooked up with my current girlfriend, she and I aren't doing too good right now, but that's a story for another day mate. Upon hooking up with my current, I began once again to work upon my most beloved of works, my story about a Spirit Walker and his quest to endlessly save the world. Thanks to all of you or allowing me to say my piece, I don't expect any of you to read it (Because heaven forbid anyone reads these days right?!), and definitely don't expect any of you to comment on it. If you did take the time to read this, kudos to you, just add Blog Follower to your comment, if you so desire to do so. If not than a simple smiley in my inbox to brighten my day. This has been a wonderful stress relieving evening/morning/noon/night...it is somewhere in the world. I love you all, this is SirVivor/Hokobishu derping off!
  4. Probably going to start a changelog blog soon to let people know how far my game is getting updated, a twice weekly blog or something. Sounds like a good idea.

  5. Happy new fears! Endulge in a delightful taste of the new dreadful hollywood horrors this year!

  6. Hokobishu

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! Now however, they ask you why you don't count dogs as people. I wish someone would find this funny.
  7. Hokobishu

    Basic Story of Rekkoku Kinkou

    Lol Shi, I edited the posts so it would contain only information related to what's going on in the project now. Right now I'm developing characters and each of them has a couple of flaws
  8. Hokobishu

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Dogs are people too! Wish granted! You are now a knight in shining armor, however it soon rusts and falls off leaving you in your skivvies. I wish a boat!
  9. Hokobishu

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! You are now super attractive, however the only thing you attract is female dogs. I wish I was a butterfly that only lived twenty four hours with a happy ending!
  10. Hokobishu

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! You now have a child and it is intelligent, it also is very jealous that you are older than it. I wish for hardware.
  11. Whelp, updated my T&D page, will create blog tomorrow. Yawn, created two characters, started world map 1, finished world map 1, all in all, good effort for two hours :)

  12. Hokobishu

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! However, some one else wishes for it to be brought back and thus things remain the same. I wish for a wish that could wish a wish that wishes for wishes if it could wish
  13. Hokobishu

    Basic Story of Rekkoku Kinkou

    Hahaha the idea here is that it is based on Japanese culture in the 12th to 15th century, doesn't mean it is the culture from said time period. Having an interest in Asian cultures, it will have a mix, after all, it is a fantasy game and it is my own vision.
  14. Hokobishu

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted, however in the world's eyes it already is a sport so your wish was invalid from the start. I wish Spectre was validated