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  1. ♥SOURCE♥ helped me set this up with my game and it runs much better than it used to. Hope the new demo will feel more optimized with less lag when I put it out!
  2. Yin

    Array Problem

    Thanks, I figured it out though. My setup and loops were just wrong. I still don't know where or why it went wrong, but I fixed it somehow by totally recoding it
  3. Yin

    Drawing Equipment Horizontally

    Thank you so much for your answer! I was doing that but I'm not sure how that will work because the slots are dynamic. They can be upgraded throughout the game (the amount of slots). There's only 2 etypes in my game. So that means 2 rows.They both have a max of 8 making the max equip slots 16. But what if I have only 2 slots of one and 4 slots of the other? The @equips array does not separate them and I have not found a way to put nils in place of the other 6 that would be missing. If the information was static, I could do this easy. I'd always know what slot was what. I have managed to separate them by the types, but I don't know how to use that information for this. Something tells me I'd also have to mess with cursor_directions too so it knows where to go when I press the arrows or is that automated through item_rect? EDIT: I've got it working! But alas another problem. The cursors only move left and right, but I have 2 rows. I need to be able to move freely through the rows and columns. I know this has to do with the cursor_directions, but not sure what the calculation should be . EDIT: Left and right work perfectly, but up and down do not. my cursor code: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Move Cursor Down #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def cursor_down(wrap = false) if index < item_max - col_max || (wrap && col_max == 1) select((index + col_max) % item_max) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Move Cursor Up #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def cursor_up(wrap = false) if index >= col_max || (wrap && col_max == 1) select((index - col_max + item_max) % item_max) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Move Cursor Right #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def cursor_right(wrap = false) rect = item_rect(index) if rect.y == 0 if col_max >= 2 && (index < @actor.weaponslots.size - 1 || (wrap && horizontal?)) select((index + 1) % @actor.weaponslots.size) end elsif rect.y == line_height if col_max >= 2 && (index < @actor.armorslots.size - 1 || (wrap && horizontal?)) select((index + 1) % @actor.armorslots.size) end end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Move Cursor Left #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def cursor_left(wrap = false) rect = item_rect(index) if col_max >= 2 && (index > 0 || (wrap && horizontal?)) if rect.y == 0 select((index - 1 + @actor.weaponslots.size) % @actor.weaponslots.size) elsif rect.y == line_height select((index - 1 + @actor.armorslots.size) % @actor.armorslots.size) end end end Right now, up and down are default, but I am working on getting it to go to the right index. Going to try doing it the same way I did the left and right cursors. Nevermind, the code above only works for the top row. EDIT: Took me all day, but I did it! This is solved... I hope.
  4. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    SGITC dû Brëuch - That sucks, I've been trying to work on the performance issues, but I'm just not that skilled I will try to get someone to help me with that. A game like this should not require a high spec computer. I've been working on a crafting system. The way it will work is you throw a bunch of items into a mix and then BAM. Item made! Or... not. Once you discover the recipe/formula/whatever I decide to call them, you can easily create it over again. Fun stuff. A thing that I'm trying to add right now is creating bonus items! Once you put in a recipe, you have the option of adding bonus items to create a brand new item. These items will add in new features to the base item. Say you have a lohal vial which on it's own heals 500 or 50% of HP, that is the base item, but you can add in up to 2 additional items. You can get a Potent Lohal Vial of Fire. An item like that might heal more as well as give a boost in fire resistance. That is not something that you can find anywhere in the game because you INVENTED it! That is actually functioning perfectly fine, but the aesthetics are killing me. The item list is not displaying properly and item names are appearing in the wrong spot among other errors. With this news, I wanted to introduce a character who will be your go to gal for this stuff: Mioni is the most knowledgeable alchemist from Annox Desert. Her father is one of the most decorated solders in the Annox military, which gave her the opportunity to learn from some of the most skilled alchemists in the city. Mioni is considered sort of an oddball, she almost never leaves her home and strange things seem to happen there quite frequently. She always experiments with new recipes and she is never shy of testing something new on the first test subject she finds. Mioni will become very important in the game as she will be your central hub for discovering and creating new items and enhancements. Alchemy plays a rather large role in Demon's Revenge. It is the basis of the crafting system and a very important commodity in Hasphal. On Hasphal, it has always been considered an essential part of human culture. Studied and manufactured by those with the means and proper equipment to produce it, alchemy is perhaps the greatest form of medicine in all of Hasphal. Although healing is considered the most useful form of alchemy, it is also useful in combat mostly against demons. It can also be used to enhance a weapon’s effectiveness as well as powerful concoctions used to cripple enemies. Another thing I've been working on is a total revamp of the enhancement system. As it is now, I don't like it much, not much can be customized. Just some stat boosts. I want to add enhancements that give you status effects, can be cursed and sealed, give you skills for as long as it is slotted, increase exp rate, etc. I may also do a visual overhaul, but nothing too different from what it is now. Lastly, we've been having some computer trouble... Actually it's just me, but I'm the one who puts everything together, so my computer going down is a big problem. Fortunately it was fixed. It's on its last limb, but it is working and we can be grateful for that!
  5. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    @Pringlesguy - I'm so happy that you decided to try it out and I hope that you are enjoying it! @SGITC dû Brëuch - Thank you for trying it out! I'm sorry to hear that it does not work for you Did it give you an error of some sort? Maybe I can try to fix it. Just updated the download to version 1.03! (It might still be uploading) Change Log: 1.03 - - Added a way to skip cutscenes (Pressing the cancel button prompts for a skip)(Thanks to TDS with a bit of modification of his cutscene skipping script) - Fixed a bug where you could take 3 party members instead of just the required two - Added visual notice of the different parts of the menu (Pressing left and right to switch infobook categories + others) - Changed Books & Notes to Writings so the words would not be squished together - Made light source around character brighter at night - Added another missing dialogue piece - Blocked off wolves' den after event - Various other small fixes - Fixed victory song playing during game over (but could not get the game over song to play ) - Fixed tinting to work in battle (but we have no night time skies so it still looks kind of weird ) - Added build number to title screen - Added full screen option to the options menu(Upscale)(Thanks to Zane's Fullscreen script) I would love to know what you guys think of the battle tinting. It is still something that I am struggling with to get it to look right to me. And of course, if you guys let me know of any bugs, it will go on my to do list of things to fix! There is a save bug that has been eluding me. It happens when you go into the blonde guy's tent and then go out to save it. I left the debug crash in there so that I can try to fix it, or maybe if some scripter who knows more about that stuff can help me with that error. I would be eternally grateful!! Other than that, lots of bugs have been fixed. I hope you all enjoy it! Oh, and don't forget to leave any feedback!
  6. Hey fellow RMers! I'm excited to announce that we put our game up on greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=249961324 Please check it out and vote it up if you like it! :D

  7. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    Hey guys check out our tech demo and tell us what you think. Please give some feedback it only helps us get better. 1st post has been updated.
  8. Basic gameplay from my game! Let me know what you think!
  9. Basic gameplay from my game! Let me know what you think!
  10. Can't wait for this to come out, just saw your lore video on youtube, looks really good and the story seems to pan out very well! Keep up the great work! You two are a great team
  11. Just posted a long over due update to demon's revenge.

  12. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    We have a pretty cool update for you guys today. We want to show you guys a very important city which is located in a sandy region of Hasphal called Annox. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvfjS9zyXxY We have varied types of sidequests in Demon's Revenge and one of the more complex ones is in Annox which is diplomacy. It's nothing too crazy but it will have minor effects on how the different towns operate. It could change prices of items or alter the way some people in the towns react to you. Since we have a more complex NPC system, that could effect some individuals more than others. If you ever heard our theme song from the original demo you will notice our melody. Its something that we hold dear as its been around since the beginning and in a lot of ways inspires us. It has been upgraded significantly by Quigon. He did a fantastic job and we love it. I think it represents every bit of our game with mystery and suspense as well as adventure and discovery. This video not only showcases the song, but also everyone who is making Demon's Revenge come to life. Another thing I wanted to talk about is archetypes and races in Demon's Revenge. This is something I touched on before but I want to elaborate on. As you play, you will notice that most characters have distinct stats based on both their skills and race. The one character who may seem to have varied abilities is Sen, but every one else falls into these categories: Jehts: Jehts are the most varied of all the races. They live off the land and being on Hasphal for so long they adapted to their individual environments. They are brash and rely on their high speed and frontal blitz strategies since the ridders have hunted them for years. They have been known to fight hard or die fast. So in essence jehts all have varied abilities and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, depending on where they are from on Hasphal. Humans: Then we have the humans. They may be the more crafty and adaptable beings. Having to adapt to the varied harsh world of Hasphal. They are able to take any situation and use it to their advantage. Being the physically weakest of the races they have a high dexterity and are able to adapt to more classes. There are more races in Demon's Revenge but the conflict between the humans and jehts is the most prevalent. As you probably could imagine, humans function as an industrial race but some cultures may be more advanced than others. Jehts on the other hand do not get such luxuries as humans have proclaimed them unfit for society, and in some rare cases, slaves. Most humans find jehts to be grotesque. They banish, hunt, and kill them. There are places where they try to live together but the prejudice and ignorance still lingers. It's only a matter of time before the jehts do something. Whether it will be diplomatic or aggressive, only time will tell. Jehts claim the world belongs to them and humans proclaim it thier birth right. Who will have the last word? This chart shows (from left to right): Humans, Jehts, Kelt, and Gaddok The chart is missing: Remergio, Druff, and Turrenz. Of course there will also be other little critters throughout the game. We have a new concept based on doing the different areas and coming up with more complex and varied mission. There will be elemental creatures around Hasphal. These beings will look like the environment and element that they represent. Which makes these types of quests unique is that it will be somewhat of a mystery on how to get them to communicate. They will only speak to you if you can determine what the underlying task is. We feel it will increase the variety of quest types and also reward the player for exploration.
  13. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    Fixed. The link must have gotten screwed up when I updated the topic.
  14. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    That is correct. We also plan on having a longer demo which will feature Origin forest (which is in the demo that's up now) As well as the first town in the game. It is going to showcase our Day/Night system, battle system (which is being redone), and story (emphasis on the story). We are expanding on Jagen's intro to make sure players understand why he makes the decisions that he makes. As it is now, Jagen and Sen kind of just agree with each other a few seconds after they meet which makes it kind of unbelievable.
  15. Yin

    Demon's Revenge

    Thank you! But just so you know, the demo has the graphics in the "OLD Screenshots" section.