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  1. That is not part of the AP Mechanic. The only part of that video related to it are the icons on the top right. Sorry for the confusion. I will make a more comprehensive and less messy demonstration sooner or later. (hopefully sooner, time permitting)
  2. V1.04 is public. New Features in v1.04: - fixed misc bugs... (see notes) Planned for v1.05 - Action conditionally impacts target AP. - Action conditionally impacts users AP. (ex: If hit, gain AP... If crit, gain AP... etc...)
  3. V1.03 is public. New Features in v1.03: - Enemy AP Schedules. - New script call for troop events. - New Turn & Surprise Turn Popups. - Should now report relevant information to the battle log. - misc... (see notes) Planned for v1.04 - Action conditionally impacts target AP. - Action conditionally impacts users AP. (ex: If hit, gain AP... If crit, gain AP... etc...)
  4. Glad you are excited. If you are referring to the AP Schedules, they will be part of the default system. Currently, the only separate add-on I have planned is AP Manipulation via actions. Right now, the only way to change a battlers AP (Both generated every turn, and maximum allowed) is through feature objects, such as adding states, or wearing equips. But the add-on will allow for actions to change the AP's of a target directly. Such as draining or stealing AP from enemies, gifting AP to allies, or even drinking an AP boost potion... Etc...
  5. Just added Enemy AP Schedules to V1.03 (for future release) Essentially it will allow you to create arrays of AP values that are assigned to an enemy each round. Assuming they run out of scheduled assignments the array will simply repeat itself. This way you can give a boss battle an extra kick in the pants every so many turns! Or, punish a player for not ending a battle faster, by setting enemy AP to spike every so often... etc...
  6. haha i'll look into Theo's then. on another note, i'm definitely curious to see what else get's added to this script. just tested it and it's working like a charm so far. and with my own adjustments, i think it'll be perfect in my game! Feel free to suggest what you'd like to see. I may not have considered it and may choose to add it in. Just don't expect me to. Be safe.
  7. I'm glad you like it. I have a few additions I will be making and at least one plugin that I will make public. Hope you like those as well. As for Theo's SBS... Honestly, I wouldn't want to give you any bad advice considering most of what you see in my script test build, I have hobbled together over several months of on and off work. I can only say, with certainty, that the battlers themselves were merely a copy and paste job exported from the tool set, and the location of them at the bottom of the screen is just changing the ActorPos array coordinates. I may have written code here or there in order to get some sequences to work the way I wanted, or to jive with other scripts like Yanfly's TP Manager, and I couldn't remember them specifically unless I spent a lot of time looking. Hope that helps.
  8. v1.01 (and before) have a 'Pass Turn' bug I didn't catch until today. The script is best removed until v1.02 is released! Sorry for any inconvenience!! On the plus side... - Popups for 'Delay' and 'Pass' have been added. - Delay turn 'dancing' has a resolution now! Latest v1.02 is up!
  9. Totally understood. And agreed. (I am using more scripts than I care to list, as well.) I just thought I'd mention how I side stepped it. So far, so good. Theo seems to be on extended vacation though. Shame really, because his scripts are some of the best out there. IMO.
  10. Soon to come in v1.02 - Fixes for both menu glitches. - Fix for 'Delay' dancing. (where two or more actors with similar initiative delay between each other until all AP is spent) - General code and use notes clean up.
  11. This was a serious issue for me as well, due to my frequent use of 'eval' lambdas in RPG::XXXXX classes. I cleared up 100% of the trouble by creating a separate cache (thanks for Hime's suggestion) that handled all such evals outside of any serialized classes. I now do this with all my note tags by default. Also, I am not the most competent coder, but I found deep copy, didn't work as well as marshal dump/loads did. Ruby 1.9.2 is simply not very object copy friendly, from what I've seen. Of course, I could be mistaken. I'm a relatively new to ruby. On that note. I rank my using Theo's SBS up there with using Source's Effectus as a few of the best decisions I've made for my build. Even though it sort of required/encouraged me to start from scratch.
  12. Thank you for your purchase! Can you provide a link to the Visual Battlers script? I'll update the download to include a compatibility patch for Enemy HP Bars today Much appreciated. Here is the link: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/visual-battlers/ With your skillful scripting, and your prompt customer service, you've made a loyal customer of me in record time. [ ] I look forward to your future products!
  13. I just purchased the script and it took a VERY script/event heavy build from an avg of around 25FPS to 60FPS (give or take a few). I honestly didn't believe it until I saw it. As I have begun re-building my project from the ground up, to undo my learning curve mistakes, its put me in a rather fortuitous position to be able to report any issues with scripts, as I implement them. I hope not to have to many issues I cant figure out, but anything dealing with graphics still intimidates me something fierce. I'll be sure to test the issue in as clean a build as I can manage before reporting it. The first few issues I can report are: - Yanfly Visual Battlers (Effectus makes the sprites created by the script not visible) - Yanfly Enemy HP Bars (Plane fix makes the HP bars not visible)
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    Enemy Exp

    This is also nice for those of us using *.txt files to organize as much database info, with note tags, as possible.
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    When combined with your Active Cost, and Param Max States, scripts this script really shines brighter than ever.
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