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  1. Ryo'

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    Jam! Aside from the beat, its the lyrics that gets to me.
  2. Ryo'

    Cliche, too mainstream?

    @SpookyMothman either a crossdresser or bisexual @AlliedG Thanks for the link. It will probably help a lot... If I ever decided to make the game. @LordSquirrel And that's what this game will be like. To show people that mainstream isn't a bad thing. --- Well, the main point of the game is to try represent itself as it is, a cliched game. Showing the players that this game is actually, well, cliche. lol. The gameplay will probably be the generic turn base, since the driving point of the game is the humor and a bit of story I guess. The humor will probably like dead pool. y'know the typical "playable character breaks the 4th wall and talks shit about the game for humor's sake" To sum it up, the purpose of the game is to tell or show the players that the game is cliched but it doesn't matter because sometimes, cliche are the ones that are not cliche(if anyone gets it).
  3. Hey, everyone! I know that I've been inactive in this forums... but who cares! right? Alright. I have this idea for a long time now, just wanted to let it out. The game title is "Cliche", yes a very straight forward title. Basically the game elements are so cliched that you will probably hear the word cliche a bunch of times in this one post. The characters, plot, etc are all cliched. The game is mostly for comedy (about 90% of the game) which involves tons of jokes (regardless of what type), classic 4th wall-breaking, and the most cliched stuffs that you can expect in an RPG. Resources: Since it will be a cliched game, the resources will also be cliche. 100% pure RTP resources! No customization! The Plot Well, I don't really need to explain it since its cliched. The typical hero who got chosen by destiny and save the world from the evil Dark Lord or something, collecting ancient relics, saving villages, doing quest, and complaining about how cliched the game is. Wait, what? The Charaters: The most clihed characters you can think of! -We have the hot-headed hero(male ofcourse) who uses sword and likes to fight bad guys, and always breaks the 4th wall and complains about how stupid the game is. -a female healer who will probably the protagonist's love interest or not and very useless, -a female mage who plays the role as the annoyingly annoying girl in the party, -a male thief who plays the role as the coward in the party, he's probably a traitor, but let's just pretend that we didn't know that, -and an archer (can be male or female... or both) who plays the role as the silent badass of the party who kills 5 enemies using only one arrow. -The Dark Lord bad guy who is the hero's father, but of course, you guys already saw that coming. Plot Twist: Of course... what else do you expect. It turns out that the cliched game is not so cliche after all! Note that This is only an idea. I probably won't make the game itself. But whether you guys do, then its up to you. k baaaii~!
  4. Killing time by staring at my monitor, doing absolutely nothing.

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      Why do you guys keep killing time?! He's done nothing wrong!

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      Killing my time reloading my Steam and see if anyone took my trade offer ;_;.


    4. Haru the Demon

      Haru the Demon

      doing some work experience for an IT Job.... i do absolutly nothing because all are busy finishing their own work... im sitting around 8 hours listening to music :D

  5. Ryo'

    Character Quiz

    Its like Pokemon mystery dungeon. at the start you will be asked questions, and your character depends on your answers. pretty cool if ya ask me.
  6. Ryo'

    Choosing Your Character's Gender

    I actually think that this is a good idea, the only problem is it is hard to implement, okay, maybe not that hard, but time-consuming, since each gender should have different dialogues and such. Either way it's a pretty cool feature for a game. Whether its worth implementing or not, well, it depends on the execution. Will the plot change if you chose the other gender? or will it stay the same with just minor changes on the dialogues? Does the background story of one gender differs from the other? Take Tales of Xillia for example, here you chose between two characters with different gender and different background, nevertheless it has the same plot, the only difference is the characters' point of view. Anyway... It's a good idea. Heck, in these type of games, after beating it, I even play it the second time just to see what happens if I'm playing the other character.
  7. *Updated the first post I added the sprites of some characters. Yep, that's all. xD
  8. That's actually a good suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't have the time and motivation to do all of that. lol And I already thought up a storyline revolving around Kandata, our mc. And throughout the game the player will also be uncovering the other characters' background story. It will be difficult to implement the 'choose your character' thing since each of the character have different story. Though, I might reconsider after finishing the main story. Well anyway, thanks! I'll think about it.
  9. Ryo'

    Hm. This One...or That One...?

    I dunno, I kinda like those type of characters, the cocky, aggressive, in-your-face type of characters. Yeah, I also liked Alice in wonderland, but the concept is used a bit too much nowadays. Unless Alice turns out to be male, well then, I might change my vote xD
  10. So I reformatted my laptop, now there's a problem with the display driver...

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      Thanks! I'll try it now. hope it works.

  11. Ryo'

    A simple RPG game

    I like the idea of having a lazy 8th grader as the mc fighting aliens and stuff. It gives off an Earthbound or Mother3 vibe. This seems to be a solid story for a simple game. I think it's one of those story who start out light-hearted and as you progress, shit gets serious.
  12. @Random Nobody Oooh, that script is kinda good. Thanks! I'll check it out later... actually, I'll do it right now. @Tsarmina Funny thing about the mc is.... nah, I can't spoil it. Sorry
  13. Ryo'

    Hm. This One...or That One...?

    I kinda voted a long time ago, but, I forgot my vote(yep, I have a memory of a goldfish). So I deleted and voted again, after rereading the plots, The Phantom seems like a solid story, the mc has an interesting background.
  14. @Brackev Yep, that's what I'm thinking. And some good choices lead to bad end too, cause why not? In a city full of sinners being too good can kill you xD @Tsarmina It doesn't sound sarcastic at all aaanyway, I'm planing to use variable bar script made by galv, the same script I used on my other project. A few tweaks on the script and I can do the negatives. Edit: Oh, and about starting with 0 karma, well, everyone who goes to the city of Dis will have their karma reset, just think of it as a bonus for the sinners.
  15. Now that you mention it... you're actually right. *slams head on the desk* Alright... time to improvise. I don't want to remove that feature so I'll make so that you have to keep track of your karma and prevent it from reaching a certain point. Now here's what I had in my mind. The Karma meter makes use of positive and negative values. Good karma increases the meter, while bad karma decreases it. Basically, you start off with 0 Karma, 100 being the highest, and -100 being the lowest. If you hit -100, its game over. Yeah, that sounds a bit better. So you can still make bad choices, just don't let your karma hit -100. And yes, the endings are based from you karma points. I'm also thinking of adding character relationships or something like that. What do you guys think?
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