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  1. Yeah, well I haven't really touched it in a few months, so I don't know the method to play a soundfile. It should be quite easy to figure out, though. The method that handles all the transfering is under Line 325 def jms_met_transfer(d) If you add the code to play a soundfile right there, it should play it exactly when the transfer happens. If you want, you can try to figure it out by yourself. Otherwise just contact me again and I will try to add it when I am home.
  2. Hi Glyxis. Thanks for the suggestions! (and sorry for the late reply) I can not promise you to update the script very soon, but I have a list of things I might add, when I have the time to get into RGSS3 again. I will add your suggestions to the list. An option for the inverted walking sounds like a good idea, too. I have to modify the way this script handles the transfer check for that though, so that probably won't happen but I won't preclude it. Greetings Jester
  3. Jester

    XS - Inn System

    Nice idea! The link doesn't seem to work though D:
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I have added a Script call for offset in 2.3. Take a look at line 100 in the script for more informations and report any bugs and problems please.
  5. Alright, I hope you don't mind if I quote myself and try to explain a bit more: Now an example step-by-step tutorial. We want to make the player automatically transfer to Map ID 8 when hitting the northern Edge of the map: Step 1: Open the Script in the Script Editor and choose which Variable you want to use for which cardinal direction (North/East/South/West) in the Customization section. For this example we will set MapID_North_Variable = 5. Step 2: Now exit the Script Editor and open the Map you want to use this Script on. Step 3: Create a new Event and make it a Parralel Process. I recommen that you put a Erase Event call at the end. Step 4: Set Variable 5 to 8. With this you will let the game know that if the player touches the northern edge, he will teleport to the Map with ID 8. So a recommendation from me would be, that you create an Event on every Map you want to use it on where you set the variables to your liking. If you set one of the variables to 0, the player won't transfer when hitting the specific edge of the map. For another example look into the Demo. I have created an Event for that on every map using a simple Script call.
  6. Alright, I don't really know where you stuck. If you have opened the RPG Maker VX Ace Project, just press F11 and you will get to the Script Editor. Near the bottom there is the "Materials" section; that's where you have to insert new scripts usually. There is a video on youtube on how to install scripts actually: Let me know if this doesn't help. I think there are also a few posts on how to install scripts on various forums.
  7. Hey! No problem I will just post a quick tutorial to this script. Have you placed the script into your Script Editor (F11) under Materials and above Main? If you have done that look into the Script. The important part for you is the section Customization which you can find below line 43. There are 3 things you can setup: 1. Line 50-53: The Map-ID variables you want to use for automatic transfer. For example if you set MapID_North_Variable to 5 (MapID_North_Variable = 5), the Script will use your In-Game variable 5. If you set that In-Game variable to anything (above 0), you will teleport to the specific Map ID when hitting the northern edge of the current map. (The map ID is displayed under "Map Properties" for example) 2. Line 56: The In-Game Switch to disable Map Edge Transfer. If the switch you assign to this is ON, this script will be disabled. 3. Line 62: The fade-type. (Black, White or No fading) It is only important if you don't use my Slide Effect script. Please let me know, if this doesn't solve your problem!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. That actually sounds like a good idea. I didn't want to mess around with Map names and forgot about the existance of Ace's map notes in the progress^^. I will add this to my list of things I might add whenever I find the time to update the script.
  9. Jester

    Slide Effect (VX-Ace) v1.3

    Thanks for the report. The problem actually seems to be a minor slip by casper as far as I can tell. Search for this code in his Achievement Script (line ~790): alias csca_ach_update update def update(main) csca_update_achievements csca_ach_update(main) end and change it into: alias csca_ach_update update def update(main = false) csca_update_achievements csca_ach_update(main) end Please tell me when this doesn't work. Sorry for the late answer, I normally check the page every day. But I'm currently living in my bed, because I'm extremely sick. :wacko:
  10. @DarthVollis: I'm glad that it works now! @DP3: Regions is a good idea. I'm gonna think about adding new optional ingame-variables (or script call?) for each region. The biggest problems with regions though is, that the transfer happens only if the player is already outside of the Map Edge, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Is there any demand for this?
  11. Does it crash at startup? What does the error message say? Does it only crash with one of my Scripts? Have you tried changing the Script order? Have you activated the Compatibility fix of my Slide Effect Script (if you use that script)? Does it also crash on a clean project with only my scripts and Pearl in it and if yes, please feel free to upload that clean project so I can test it myself. And most importantly: Which version of my Scripts are you using? Crashes with "Slide Effect" regarding Pearl's Sprite Script should have been fixed in the most recent version already, but it could very well be possible that I have overlooked something.
  12. It should be fully compatible with Pearl v2 already. :wacko: What exactly is the problem and have you tested it on a clean project?
  13. Jester

    Lune Smooth Camera Slide

    I haven't looked into it, but I've encountered the same problem with my Slide Effect script; the reason was that I have updated the graphics before updating the characters, which resulted in Event-Graphics being slightly off compared to the other graphics. So maybe the order is the problem there.
  14. Jester

    Slide Effect (VX-Ace) v1.3

    Thanks for uploading the Demo. Yeah it is to be expected. Do you have any idea how we could fix it? I have tried to slide viewport1 instead of the tilemap, but it doesn't like to get messed with it's .oy/.ox (that's also what I have experienced when writing the script). Any ideas? (the Slide effect happens below line 210)
  15. I am thinking about a solution. Would it help if I just add a way to change the map ID with the new script call? It would require some eventing than, but not more than without the Script anyways lol. The Demo should have the previous version. Can you troubleshoot what the interference is? I haven't added that much in the recent version that could cause problems. :/ Edit: Just an idea, you could go into line 155 and DELETE the following code: That is the only thing I have added that could cause any kind of interference I could imagine. It simply is the code that resets the transfer information after every transfer.