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  1. From Vlue's Sleek Gauges and Rocketmancer's Prettier Gauges, comes... Pretty Sleek Gauges v1.0 by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! Sleek Gauges! Look at them go, so shiny, so cool. And they're even better when you can change what they look like and use them in battles! **I'm not very active on this forum, please direct bug reports and other questions over here** Features Vlue's Sleek Gauges; - Animated sliding gauges! Rocketmancer's Prettier Gauges: - Customizable gauge shapes! Changes from those two plugins: - merged a couple functions - added support for \ style gauges - fixed issue with overfilling the gauge - added support for enemy HP gauges - added support for enemy MP gauges - added support for individual HP gauge offsets - added support for individual show/hiding of HP gauges Screenshot Version History 1.0 plugin released Permissions (since this is a plugin "edit" of sorts) Credit Vlue Rocketmancer mjshi
  2. mjshi

    Master Script List - On-Site

    They can be found on his new site: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/
  3. mjshi

    More Informative Saves

    Updated to 1.0b. No longer requires that the spriteset and faceset be named the same thing.
  4. Ah, sorry for the late reply, haven't checked this forum in awhile. It's entirely possible, I just haven't coded it in yet. I'll go add that feature right now xD EDIT: Feature added. Sorry for not seeing your post earlier! I swear I had email notifications on for this topic...
  5. I've never played the Tales of- games, but congratulations, you have now introduced me to what will consist of the entirety of my winter break xD On a script-related note, I have updated this to look prettier and have also added an option to turn Consume After Battle on or off with a switch.
  6. mjshi

    Non-Combat Menu 1.0a

    I'll keep that in mind for the future updates (didn't think of that, though, cause I personally kind of like the dimmed map effect. It looks really cool). Right now, I'm just trying to figure out the layouts in my plan to resize all the menus down while still retaining pertinent information and enough space to not feel crowded. This script was actually posted on rpgmakerweb four or five days before-- should've gotten it here earlier to save you the trouble, haha.
  7. mjshi

    Simple Gold Hud

    Hey, someone asked for this in the script support forums over at RPG maker web. Solution: #------------------------------------- # Xail's Simple Gold HUD fix - mjshi #------------------------------------- # Addon Version (paste below Xail's # Simple Gold HUD) #------------------------------------- class Scene_Map def check_gold_hud @gold_window.visible = $game_switches[XAIL::GOLD::GOLD[1]] end end Or, if you don't want individual scripts:
  8. Hi, Zerbu, I've made some modifications to your script, and now it randomly varies when the message sound is played. It's been two years since you've posted anything, and I can't find any contact information, so I'm going to go ahead and distribute the edit. This post serves as a notification of sorts. If you want me to stop, send a message here ^.^ Thank you~
  9. mjshi

    Item Sell Price

    @ Soulpour777: That's not quite what I was looking for, and I've already found the answer to my question. Thank you for responding though! This thread can be closed now.
  10. mjshi

    Item Sell Price

    Strange that when I use R_Valkyrie's suggestion, an item at 50 G comes out to 36 (50/4 = 12.5, probably rounded to 12, then multiplied by 3) whereas Glasses's suggestion makes it come out as a 37. Anyway, Thanks to both of you!
  11. mjshi

    Weakened Enemy Skills

    Thank you very much! This is perfect
  12. mjshi

    Script - Damage to all at same time

    TheoAllen is recommending that you use it xD Yanfly Battle Engine Copy the script, open your project, click Then click the empty line below materials, and paste the script. After that, follow TheoAllen's instructions.
  13. ^ what Necromedes said, but here's some links Galv's Explorer hud is pretty nice: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8176-explorers-hud/ If you think the above is too cluttered, here's a simpler one, by Shana: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/22668-shanas-map-hud-v120/ If the above seems too simplistic, here's something in-between, created by Bravo2Kilo: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/1142-reinorpg-hud-ace/ Cheers!
  14. mjshi

    Resident Evil 4 Style Grid Based Inventory

    Found the VX one, since VX and VX Ace are so similar it might be easier to convert this one: http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=34041.0
  15. Ah I was combining your script with the Turn In Place script modified by Xypher: so that the player could quick press a directional button to turn toward whoever was following them, then press space to interact. Seeing that you asked, I assume interactive followers wasn't the original intent of the script? --might be why I'm having this map problem xD
  16. The aim would be for the former; although, I'm unsure how to create that in script-- or is that possible through eventing?
  17. I think the only possible solution to this would be to make a follower on every map and control them using switches, something that I'd honestly rather not do (considering the 40+ maps I have), or have a transparent event follow the player around (on every map, again) and add a normal follower to the player, so that the follower would seem "interactive". Through extensive googling, there was no solution to event teleportation as events were bound to maps by the developers. --thus, what I'm asking for isn't possible. Thank you for your time, I'm sorry I was asking an impossible question xD
  18. Although, the problem is, if I want a follower that the main character can speak to and I want that script on VX Ace, there are no other scripts. The closest is your script, Hime, the second closest a Pet Follower script I found that doesn't allow interaction. The master script list and a Google search for "Interactive followers", "interactable followers", and "event followers" turn up no relevant results. Currently, I am looking into event teleportation, although it is highly likely that flickering and strange diagonal movement may occur.
  19. Winter break, game making time.

  20. I think the problem might be here EDIT: Nevermind! I got it somehow, Glasses!! My guess was correct, the "if @popqueue.size < 1 || force" part needed to be changed to 0 in order to have them pop in succession. I have no idea what I did but it's working as I wanted it to, so thank you so much for your help! (And Evgenij, if you could drop me that script, that'd be great ) Marking as solved and pasting final script in post.
  21. @ Glasses: By changing the line if @popqueue.size < 5 && !@popstack.empty? && @raise >= 10 to if @popqueue.size < 5 && !@popstack.empty? && @raise >= 35 I was able to reproduce an effect similar to what I was looking for, but the first two items still pop up in a strange way. The script is nearly perfect-- may I ask one last thing of you and could you make it so that the first two items don't immediately pop up together? @ Evgenij: I'd love to have that script if you'd care to share. I'll attempt to mod Falcao Pearl popups to look nicer with that :3 Happy thanksgiving, you two.
  22. To my understanding, you created an array called "queue", then offset the y value of each item in the queue by 24 (which is the height of one popup) than the item before it, then displayed each row on the queue as a separate line. Each line "pushes" the previous line in the queue up 24 px. The problem is that this is displayed as one block which can become overwhelming when the item count exceeds, say, 5, especially when the popup appears only briefly. To accomplish what I had (failed to) describe, you'd need some sort of loop on the main popup as well as something to "store" the next item(s) until they can pop up. I probably wasn't specific enough, but I'm really grateful nonetheless for your time.