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  1. StrangeDragon

    StrangeDragon's MV Resources

    Hey everyone. I have some free resources that I put together... Please read the TOS for each section, as they may differ for different resources. Firs up, we have some basic recolors. These are free to use, credit goes to Kadokawa. Crediting me is optional for these recolors. Next up we have some slimes I made for an abandoned project. But since they are just gathering dust, I'll share them! They are free for any use, as long as credit is given to StrangeDragon. Here ya go: Next I have made some animated Elemental Battlers. These are made from the default animations from RPG Maker MV. They are free for commercial or non-commercial use as long as you credit me (StrangeDragon) and Kalez for the original idea, found here: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/1701-kalezs-art-table-newest-rockets/ Here's an example: Down load them all here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6n82jeqsc105td/Elementals.zip?dl=0 For more info on how to use them, visit my page: https://strangedragonblog.wordpress.com/ I have made some weapon sheets for use with the sideview battle system. If you make use of any of these, please credit StrangeDragon. They are free for both commercial and non-commercial use as long as credit is given. An example: Download all of them here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qwpbvsboo42nfm/MV_Weapons.7z?dl=0 Last, but not least, I was wanting some chocobo sprites to use in my project. All the ones I found with the google search were either too small or too large, so I made these. These sprites are for NON-COMMERCIAL use only!! Even though I drew them myself, I am fairly certain that they cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you use these in your non-commercial project, please give credit to StrangeDragon. Update 7/26/16: I put together a package with sideview battlers for the chocobos! They are a bit rough, but you can find them (along with the other chocobo sprites) on my blog, where they can be downloaded in a zip. Here's how they look: And that's all I have for now! If anyone finds these resources useful, then I am glad I was able to help. Enjoy!
  2. StrangeDragon

    Xoferew's resource bits and pieces

    I really like those rabbits!! Awesome job!
  3. StrangeDragon

    Charlesthehurst's Resources

    Love your stuff! I used the Kurama (9 Tail Fox) in a project I just made. (With credit given, of course!) Awesome stuff though!
  4. StrangeDragon

    Dragon Quest 2 Side View Monsters

    Awesome job! Keep it up!
  5. StrangeDragon

    Amysaurus' Sprites!

    You always have awesome stuff!!!! Love your stuff. Just sayin'.
  6. StrangeDragon

    template RMVX/VXA - Sideview Battler Template (FFIV Style)

    It's really good. Any suggestions for scripts that it can be used with? Just curious. Otherwise very good work!
  7. I should have gone to work... I'm bored...!

  8. StrangeDragon

    Lazza-Mart -- Always free resources, Always

    I really like these! They fit a tileset I have been working on (for some time now)! I hope to see more of your work!
  9. StrangeDragon

    multi engine Raymi's Windowskins

    Cool Window Skins! I grabbed them because I am a resource hog! LOL. I will probably use one of them! I am making a game with the DS resource pack so I will let you know when it's done and if you want a copy of the game it's yours. Thanks for making these!!!
  10. StrangeDragon

    Fumi Tiles

    Really awesome stuff!
  11. Ugh... I am so bored!

  12. StrangeDragon

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    LOVE the Elsa sprite! It really looks good. Great stuff here!
  13. StrangeDragon

    Small problem with Main Process...

    Thanks Galv! That little snippet of script worked like a charm. It's funny how something so small could annoy me so much... But anyhow, thanks again. I really appreciate it! And I guess thanks to Lone Wolf, too!