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  1. @Shuji @LadyMinerva And here we go! Once more, a nudie bar tavern I'm pretty sure this is the finalized version (minus lighting effects... I didn't feel like messing with the screen tint and brightness and whatever else I need to do) The positioning of a few people looks a bit off, but fixing that would require redoing a bunch of the mapping, so I'm pretty content with some people being half-on their seats Also, it's at 95% scale because of the max upload size, so it is a bit bigger than what's posted here
  2. @Brackev Thanks! Would've missed that if you hadn't pointed it out @Tharis It looks really nice Much better than I usually do with outdoor areas I agree with Mirage, though, it looks a bit too open, but if you've got enemies roaming around maybe that would be for the best A few more trees would probably make for a happy medium without sacrificing too much space @Mirage Those both look great! For the first one, the couches are on kind of a weird angle It looks sort of like they're propped up on one side I'd say to just put them flat against the wall The second one, I can't find anything wrong with really Well, except the clocks now that Brackev pointed that out I think a little nightstand next to the bed might look nice just to fill some extra space And here we go again! My tavern is now pretty much complete All that's left is to event it into the game, figure out which of the 12 million layers are overlays, and add the lighting effects and characters Maybe a few more details to fill in some tiny empty areas, but other than that I'd say it's ready to go into the game Oh, and that one table by itself in the corner is there for a reason
  3. Dmariin

    It Moves (Horror)

    I've played a few of your other games and I've got to say, I love how atmospheric they all are This one's definitely no different, it's just as creepy as the others I love how you don't just jump right into the scares too All that buildup makes the actual scares that much scarier
  4. I'm back! Will I finally finish a project!? Find out next time on DRAGONBALL Z!

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      50 episodes later: RPG Maker still loads.

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      You shouldn't be allowed to say "I'm back" and "find out next time" in the same breath.

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      This reminds me: need to check team4star for updates :)

  5. @Joey I'm loving the glowing mushrooms and the overall look of the cave It looks like it gives off a gentle kind of vibe from the lights and the crystals I like the choice of tiles, too I always was a fan of those curvy rock tiles And here I am once again I scrapped my old project and started over completely from scratch This is a work in progress It's one of the first maps I've worked on for this project, and it's the first one I've ever done 100% parallax All I really have left to do is fill the empty space near the entrance and fireplace (tables, chairs, maybe some rugs and couches near the fireplace) and put some doodads on the tables I took a LOT of inspiration from a Parallax tutorial by Celianna, and from a few of Flarify's maps from The Last Pirate Queen I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out so far EDIT Ech. I just noticed that the walls by the door look like they overlap each other That's a thing I'm aware of and fixing
  6. Making the game easier seems like a cheap way to do things I played something where if you failed a few times, a character would give you tips on what to do so you can avoid failing I think that would be better than just lowering the difficulty
  7. UPDATE: THE "I SWEAR I'M NOT DEAD EDITION!" -Added in a few newer screenshots showcasing some parallax maps -Added in a new planned feature -Actually did some work instead of doing nothing for once
  8. Dmariin

    Fun and Games With Dmariin

    Oh boy I've fallen off the radar, haven't I? A bit of housekeeping then: As for Minecraft, that would be fun As soon as I can get a guy to play with me on LAN, I think I might do that First things first though, gotta do those RM games
  9. @devonm0 The overall layout of everything looks nice, but the changes in height are pretty weird-looking The ledge farthest to the bottom stops toward the left, but there's stairs going up near the middle That leaves the map with an impossible change in height I think the same thing happens with the church also, unless it's sunken into the ground (I can't really tell) Speaking of the church, I personally think it might make more sense to have it high up, as opposed to being below-ground I can't really think of a time I've ever seen a church underground, but if it makes sense in your story, go for it EDIT Oh, I must have looked at the church weird Definitely above ground Disregard that point
  10. Right when I decide to work on stuff I get sick ;_;

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      Get well soon.

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      Keep yourself busy if you can. Positive energy and forward momentum will do you good.

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      Maybe it's your Body's way of telling you to rest ^^

  11. Dmariin

    general Tsarmina's Mini-Lab

    Neat stuff! Question though: Will you be doing anything on actually drawing eyes? That seems to be difficult for a lot of people ( read: I can't draw eyes ;_; )
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    Can't Enlarge Images

    Its only this forum, and it happens everywhere I have tried on my phone which works fine, so I think it's something with my version of firefox EDIT: Updated firefox, still not working I tried Chrome, but all I can do is right click for a drop-down menu and open in a new tab or window
  13. For some reason, when I click an image, nothing happens I've tried CTRL+ L Click, right clicking, double clicking, everything, nothing happens, not even a drop-down menu from a right click It might just be a problem on my end, but I want to be completely sure
  14. Dmariin

    Fun and Games With Dmariin

    Yeh, I can play it I'm getting my stuff going again so drop me a link once it's done and I'll give it a go! Also, everyone else, I am working on your requests, finally I've got a few that need to be picked back up, but I'll try to get them all finished eventually!
  15. Those maps look amazing! My only real issue is that I don't know much about the characters or story I'm sure you could give more info without spoiling anything Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll have to check this out once there's a demo