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  1. The Subclass Management snippet is unedited from the one posted in the OP. For my tests, they were all new games started in my current project which utilizes mostly Yanfly scripts. I would say my scriptbase is a typical one that this add-on would likely get plopped into. For all tests there have been one character in my party. The order of the relevant scripts in my project are as follows: The relevant scripts (that have been edited past default settings) are as follows: I tried to make all my tests as uninfluenced as possible. They were all new games and I only did what was needed to make the appropriate tests. When I equipped subclasses, I did only that and ran a test battle to see the results. Each of these tests were new games. I even started a new project with the only materials being (in this order): -Ace Core Engine -Class System -JP Manager -Learn Skills -Victory Aftermath -Subclass Management Eric is a Soldier by default, but I equipped Monk as his subclass. The battletest went by and completed unhindered by error. When I opened the menu to check my classes again, everything seemed fine. I even switched the subclass out for a new one (Sage), but then I selected my Primary and as soon as I hit confirm over the Primary, I got this error:
  2. So my first test with the improved script, I placed it as I normally would in my skill/JP/class scripts. It functioned much better. With no subclass equipped, I had no problems whatsoever. With a subclass equipped, I got further than before. My character's face sprites showed up in Victory Aftermath, EXP ticked, and JP accumulated as normal. When I confirmed, I got this error where level up or spoils would show: It was working much better. I could roll without a subclass and Victory Aftermath started to process. After that test, I decided to put Subclass Management on the top of my materials. This was above Victory Aftermath and, in theory, this should've worked better; however it did not. The game crashed instantly with the following error: I would attribute this to the fact that Subclass Management was inserted before my skill/JP/class scripts. This, of course, would be another bug we may have been unaware of. Sorry, I'm not trying to player hate. I like this script and I want it to work. If I was better at Ruby, I'd help you, but this is the best I can do.
  3. Prence Roy

    CSCA Splash Screen

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. This splash script is by far the cleanest and simplest. I was able to add SE to the different splashes, but it wasn't very pretty. I did it by checking the value of a variable that incremented as splashes displayed, then played the corresponding sound effect. That's about the extent of my skill and it works, lmao. Since I've done that, I've been strip searching it for a way to stop user input from skipping a splash. I'll figure it out, but let me know if there's an easy way to do it. EDIT: Booya, figured it out. #Input.press?(:C) || Input.press?(:A) || Input.press?(: || time_up? Commented the input line and moved time_up to a different line. Duh.
  4. Prence Roy

    Shop Upgrade

    Derp. I didn't realize I could just use event editing before shop processing. I'm an airhead sometimes.
  5. Prence Roy

    Shop Upgrade

    This is the best shop script I have seen. Any way you can call for a different BGM file for each shop menu? That would make this perfect.
  6. Nice script. I will be using this script conservatively to mold my class system. I always thought it was weird that Yanfly included the ability for the secondary class to influence your statistics gain and loss per level, but not the ability to have it gain JP or EXP as well. Just want to throw this idea out there, but I think it'd be neat to have the option for a tertiary (or second subclass) class that could gain JP or EXP at a (presumably lower) different rate than the others. EDIT: If there is no subclass equipped, Victory Aftermath will result in an error. The second error I am uncertain of, but I will continue to test and find out what it is that causing it. EDIT2: Ah, the second error is with Subclass Management itself. I realized that for the testing I had forgotten to name the script.
  7. Prence Roy

    CSCA Splash Screen

    I love this script. I'm curious if there's an easy way to implement two splashes in sequence? I'm currently messing around with it a bit, but I'm very slow at figuring these things out.
  8. Prence Roy

    Question Regarding Common Events

    Right, it's more or less the first part that I wanted to get straight. The common event portion where I'm constantly resetting that variable. Time in menus and battle is a nonissue as I can easily set the game time to run during those scenes. Thanks a lot, man. You were really helpful.
  9. Prence Roy

    Question Regarding Common Events

    So just to get this straight, I run a common event that constantly sets my variable as the current game time. Then I add my multiplyers and check it wherever I need to with conditional branches?
  10. Prence Roy

    Question Regarding Common Events

    That definitely answers my question. I just don't think I'm on the same page. You're saying I should check the game's time against RPG Maker's time elapsed? I didn't really think about the default timer (if there is one in VX Ace, I guess I didn't know). Would that be in frames?
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