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    JPS Pathfinding

    Yes, use the Script command in their custom move route and put in "find_path(15, 20)" or you could put it inside a Script command on their event page (though then you'd need to run the event page). Currently I'm using it to make a semi-intelligent player chasing/encounter system with another script I'm making for player detection with line of sight.
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    JPS Pathfinding

    Updated from 1.0 to 1.3! Change Log:
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    JPS Pathfinding

    Script Name JPS Pathfinding v 1.3 Script Link http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=rdxSMW5m Credits By ChrisClark13 Based off of the Pathfinding script by Jet10985 & Venima Terms of Use Don't post this under your own name and credit me and the others if used. Introduction This script allows Events and the Player to use JPS Pathfinding (an extra fast optimization of regular A* Pathfinding) to avoid obstacles while going to a specified point on the map (or within a certain distance if the dist parameter is used). Features: • Uses speedy JPS Pathfinding, which is faster than A* by several times in most cases. • Only recalculates path when it absolutely has to based on if the path is blocked or not (configurable how far down the path it checks). • The find_path command can be seamlessly inserted into MoveRoutes and Event pages. • Includes a command (setup_patrol_routes) that will set up a basic patrol route given a list of coordinates inside of a Move Route. • Can be set up to call bits of code (see Proc objects in the Standard Library/callbacks) when the path either succeeds or fails. Also when a step is taken along the path or when the path gets blocked. * Has an option to instead path to the closest spot possible To install just put the script under Materials and above Main. Copied from the script's How to section: Compatibility Issues Likely to conflict with other pathfinding scripts and will not work properly with Pixel/Free Movement scripts or other scripts that alter movement. Will likely ignore diagonal movement scripts. Possible Upcoming Features Proc for when it has to start a new path or recalculates a path, if requested. FAQ None so far. Changelog
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