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  1. radiantcross13

    Resetting Self-Switches A only

    Woah, it works! You just saved me a whole lot of time Tsukihime! Thanks a lot! Oh, and it doesn't matter that switches that have not been changed already won't be affected, I really just need to turn OFF those that were turned ON in the first place. That way I can use self-switch A, B and C for my loot system (I have randomly locked doors and chests that use all 3) and still use self-switch D for one-time event. When you exit the dungeon I just turn OFF all self-switches A, B and C through the script call (which I'll do with a common event) and leave self-switches D as is. That way all random loots respawn and one-time/story events won't! Thanks again, I really mean it!
  2. radiantcross13

    Resetting Self-Switches A only

  3. radiantcross13

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Gold Display Removal

    Awesome! It worked! I can't thank you enough Glasses! Problem solved, the topic can be closed!
  4. radiantcross13

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Gold Display Removal

    If anyone who has good scripting knowledge attempted it and wasn't able to do it I would like to know please. The reason for my question being that random battles in my game won't award gold at all. You will only get gold from sold items and as random loots on maps. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me with that.
  5. radiantcross13

    Resetting Self-Switches A only

    Yes, it would be for all events across all maps, if possible. Actually, I use a random, respawnable loot system so prefer using self switches and resetting them so I can quickly copy/paste loot events without having to change switches IDs for each (there are lots of loot spots). But I figured it would save me time if I could do that with with the self-switches A and still use other self-switches (B, C, D) for one-time events that I don't want repeated instead of using regular switches. This is what I'll do if I can't reset self-switches A without resetting other self-switches. But using self-switches would save me time and tedium. Sorry If that wasn't clear. I hope it's more understandable now...
  6. radiantcross13

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Gold Display Removal

  7. radiantcross13

    Resetting Self-Switches A only

    Bump! (BTW I would also like to know if it is impossible, I've got a plan
  8. And if I might add, I've been a big FFVII fan since I was a teenager and I am pretty sure Cloud starts at like LVL 6-7. I don't remember the exact number but he doesn't start at LVL 1.