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  1. FleshRenderStudios

    Get You're Games LP'd for Charity!

    You could try out my Sands of the Arena demo if you want I mean you are meant to be making the music for it lol so might as wellgive yourself a little hype too haha, It hasn't changed since Deathspark or you played it (deathspark lp'd it) because of my lack of a writer (I have enough to work with but my story telling skills lack the quality that I want to achieve ). You want a link or do you still have access to my dropbox?
  2. anyone know if its possible to change the cursor icon on the fly using a script call in falcao's mouse buttons v2.5?

  3. anyone know where the $do something in reion ID script is located I can't find it in the master script list

  4. Trying to create a tower defense game is so annoying lol

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    2. Galv


      They are so addictive!

    3. FleshRenderStudios


      agreed they are :) now I suffer a bigger problem, My nephew closed my RM down and reverted my game to before I created a few events and now I forgot how to put the towers on the map :( also not sure how to make an event disappear once it reaches the "base" lol :)

    4. Cadh20000
  5. Anyone familiar with Pearl ABS know if you can make an event (e.g town guard) attack an enemy if it gets to close to it? and if so, how? lol

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    2. FleshRenderStudios


      Agreed lol :) but I was being lazy and it such a small amount of text to put into a thread lol :)

    3. AJNR


      I don't think it has an 'Alliance' function, so I wouldn't know how to do it - even for XAS. The only ABS that has the 'Alliance' Function is Blizz ABS and that's exclusive to RMXP.

    4. FleshRenderStudios


      I might be able to come up with a workaround with a little extra time :) some sort of switch event

  6. FleshRenderStudios

    Turret Defense Gameplay

    You wouldn't need the ABS to do this you could do it purely with the mouse clicking script and its activate event function let me see what I can mock up and will get back to you
  7. FleshRenderStudios

    Guess who?

    resource packs would be awesome can never have enough resource packs free or paid haha
  8. FleshRenderStudios

    VIDEO EDITORIAL: Graphics ARE Important!

    think you need to clean you camera lens but other than that I can see your point with graphics in fact I play no end of games because they are visually stunning or I love the theme of the story etc. I've never played a game that got every piece of a game correct though or perfect for me thing is though what would be a "perfect game" for everybody? maybe thats what you ought to ask
  9. Here lies Hirei, Died valiantly in a battle against the capstone monster! :)

    1. Hirei


      I got resurrected later with a Phoenix Feather :D

    2. FleshRenderStudios


      ahhhh spoiler!! :( I haven't got that far yet lol

  10. struggling to find any passion for gaming right now :( need something to lift my spirits again :(

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    2. magic2345


      go to youtube and go on a random video spree!

    3. Darkanine


      Do a lets play on a random game you never heard of before!

    4. FleshRenderStudios


      lol I cant do lets play's :) my headset is crap :)

  11. true haha but I am the impatient type 80% of the time haha
  12. Coolbeans dude My game will be ready in a few weeks provided I can work out this mining event haha and also come up with another 200 armor recipes and quests to use them in
  13. well my game is based mainly around your system but I guess I will have to make do haha
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