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  1. ooh i see , sounds pretty cool , im pretty unfamiliar with those things since i never really focused on that genre of games. Integrating something from outside , ive only done that once so far for a multiplayer game O: You're a tester huh , that sounds awesome ^^ , everyone starts out from there i think x3. you do game dev in rpgmaker though yea ?
  2. ooh that is pretty cool :3, yea i love the fact the engine is so robust and flexible, i think the best part that i like is their documentation , its so organized with examples , helps out so much :3 Did you guys end up making an audio system that generates the beats to press depending on the song or is the beats of the song manually made? ive never really worked in this kinda game but im sure doing the former isn't easy xD.
  3. Woopsy i haven't responded in this thread in a long while XD, hm interesting stuff. ive never really done any extensive research on how compilers work for different languages. i tend to steer away cause thats like the intensive stuff. Anyways since ive been practicing unity these days , ill see if i can post some stuff here , maybe get more people interested :D. The last project i did was making a tetris game for the mobile/pc . it was a pretty helpful course that did help me learn a few new things :3. Here's a screenie for it
  4. Been learning how to do organic modelling x3, going super slow since im lazy and my attention keeps hopping to different things.. Anyone else does 3d stuff here ? :D 


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    2. lonequeso


      Me? When I say a long time, I mean about a decade, and I doubt I have any files still saved anywhere. Make Amy post stuff. She's the talented one =)

    3. Amysaurus


      @Wingflame Lol! Thanks! ^^ 
      I only have a student license for Maya (which runs out shortly after I graduate from college), so I was wanting to go ahead and get used to some free alternatives. I also wanted to try out the Sprytile editor tools to import my pixel art, so I need Blender for that. :D 

      @lonequeso Pshhhhhh, thanks. xD I definitely wasn't getting into my degree program for 3D (I'm more of a 2D/motion graphics kind of gal), but once I got past the modeling classes I started to really enjoy it. 

    4. Wingflame


      @lonequeso yeah i did mean amy xD havent seen any 3d stuff , or not that i remember.

      @Amysaurus oh same here, though idk how license works tbh , when i did maya in uni i used 2015 so i had 3 years of that ,  now im using 2017 and i got 3 years of that xD by the time this expires , ill move to 20-something XD. and oh i see o: .  never really dabbled with blender. i can never get into 2d , drawing just doesn't come to me naturally xD but then end of the day im a programmer so, cant be good at everything :P

  5. Wingflame

    Anti-Piracy Measures in Video Games

    Interesting topic , Since im not sure whether this topic is only for rpgmaker or in general so id give suggestions based on both sides ! . As people have already mentioned unless ur a really big company , you just dont have the resources to prevent your game from being cracked. Securing a game is really not a trivial task and pretty much all types of security for games have been broken , if you're interested though , look up Denuvo , its the latest thing game companies are using atm to secure, initially it was uncrackable , but someone was able to bypass through it. i think the way for anti piracy depends mostly on whether you can actually detect that a game is pirated or not , thats the most difficult thing. All of the above suggestion you mentioned assumed you can detect whether the game is pirated or not. But in reality if its a single player game, doing that is difficult. Ahah although not related to topic but , invincible bosses reminded me of the genesis Shadowrun. that game had an inbuilt cheat system. but if u used it , you couldnt beat the final boss so you could never see the ending x3. Edit: woops i completely forgot about the suggestion xD, This is a very annoying way but if you forced the game to check for serial number online, everytime when they wanted to play , you could essentially prevent piracy. The only way then is actually being able to crack the serial number pattern to generate legit keys. The problem with this method is you would then need to always have internet if you wanted to play the game which in alot of cases isnt possible for alot of people. i guess this is why game companies dont do it and have an offline play.
  6. both of them have all of those things, so its more or less the same. I guess it could be higher. i wouldn't know i barely have knowledge about ruby.
  7. @KilloZapit yea but that is what makes rpgmaker more restricted. if you were to make anything else in rpgmaker u would have to do so much effort into getting around the rigid base rpgmaker has and well some games wouldn't even be possible. This is why unity is considered to be one of the most popular engine, because it provides you with all the tools you need for any kind of games , whether 2d or 3d , singleplayer/multiplayer or any genre. Rpgmaker is only good at one thing which is top down rpg games but what bothers me is that 95% of the games made with rpgmaker look/feel the same, you can easily spot a game that is made in rpgmaker. As far as assets go , when you're learning theres plenty of free assets available for you to dabble with. Hm im not really sure , i personally consider Ruby closer to c++ than c# but i could be wrong since i dont know how to code in ruby. @lonequeso hmm i've never heard of a unity spell in any game xD or maybe i forgot. The only thing that pops in my head is AC- Unity xD
  8. Wingflame

    Finding own art style . Feedback ? (once again)

    Oh , woops my bad x3 , yea of course you can. and well you should, as i mentioned before ,art styles depend on what game you're making , because if u only had one or even two artstyles , it may not match the kind of game ur making. So it's always good to be flexible x3
  9. @KilloZapit it's all about giving it time , the first time i opened it i was the in the same scenario of getting overwhelmed by how complicated it is, but it really isnt. its fairly easy to use and interms of coding probably easier than rpgmaker. the codes u script in ruby and javascript are probably more lower level compared to unity where ur scripting than coding in C#. As far as limitations goes , i havent found the engine to be limiting at all. All unity does is provide you with all the common components that you may need for your game , things like Physics and Collision Detection , Audio , UI elements so you dont waste time making/coding them ( which btw you can if you really wanted to) So as far as freedom goes you can literally do whatever you want :3. @Rikifive Same here , unity's learning curve is a bit steep ( Unreal even steeper) in the beginning but once u get past that , then its really simple to do anything you like. What i think is the most amazing thing in unity is their documentation and tutorials and stuff. ill admit they still have to fix their multiplayer stuff , but their single player side of things are pretty solid. You guys could always take a look here - https://madewith.unity.com/ it always inspires me cause there are so many amazing games and ud be surprised as to how many popular games are made with unity x3
  10. Ohh thats been quite a while x3 , alot of stuff got changed. My projects? its been mostly prototype projects for me (for assignments and such), since i haven't really gotten a chance to work on a personal project so far. Currently im working on a multiplayer moba style project for my final year project. Its been a huge mess xD but also good learning since now i have the hang of networking and multiplayer :3. Maybe once i start working on a personal project i can show you guys ^^
  11. Hey everyone!! Wingy here :3 Since this area has been super quiet for a while now, i was wondering who all here use Unity, Even if it is the occasional dabbling around with it ^^. i myself am a main unity user currently. So it would be super excited to meet some people who use/are interested in unity to teach and learn from. Feel free to drop by and lemme know :3
  12. Ohh forum has Unity Section now~ *runs over and claims it for himself* i might start posting stuff for it then x3

    1. kaz


      Please do

  13. Wingflame

    Finding own art style . Feedback ? (once again)

    i'll assume you mean artstyle to use for your game ^^ , I think the artstyle would really depend on what kinda game ur gonna make. i personally like 2, 4 and 5 x3 and imo no having multiple artstyle would feel very off because then ur game wouldn't feel consistent, its best to stick with one ^^. visuals are something that people get attached to , having multiple styles will just confuse players playing ur game ^^. The only time i could think of right now where multiple artstyle would work is if ur making like a fun anime game , where u can have a normal character and their chibi version for some fun dialogue scenes x3.
  14. Exams in a week ;~; wish me luck T_T. Here's a pic of the finished prototype of my game project ! x3 http://puu.sh/oNK4M/58a5b140df.jpg

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    2. _____


      Interesting looking. How close is it to completion?

    3. Wingflame


      @cookie ninja , not long , just a few weeks ^^


      @Retnuh unfortunately it gonna stay as a prototype ^^ it was more of a learning experience and a project for one of my subject :3

    4. pleasedelete


      Wow interesting ! I don't even remotely know how to use Unity but you seem to handle it pretty well !

      Nice !

      Beside , good luck for your exams , it is surely one tiresome event to go through , but once it is

      done and achieved , it's leisure tiiiiime~ !

  15. My 3d fps is coming along awesome ! Can't wait to show you guys x3

    1. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      Can't wait to see it! ^^

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