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  1. Starting a little early. RPG Maker First Impressions tonight! https://www.twitch.tv/drassray

  2. RM\Indie Game first impressions! https://www.twitch.tv/drassray Starting in about 45 min. PM me with your games.

  3. DrassRay-Jacob

    Corruption of Laetitia

    KayokoChaaaan! It's good to see progress being made on your game again. Keep it up!
  4. DrassRay-Jacob

    Cancelled: Indie By Night II - Ho-ho-holy humbug!

    Sorry to hear that, I would have signed up but this time of year yields little to no time for me.
  5. DrassRay-Jacob

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Okay, so this is my submission. Far from my best but it's all I had time to get done! It's an Art Gallery of sorts. The controls are: W A S D = movement Mouse = Camera turn Exit = ALT+F4 I know the camera is buggy, it's not written by me and is NOT part of the art gallery. Unity is only being used here to show off the 3D assets I made. So I expect to be judged on the 3D Models and Texture work which were ALL made by me within the month-long time frame. That is all. Download Here!
  6. DrassRay-Jacob

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    I have only made a tree so far....
  7. DrassRay-Jacob

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Mmm no I'm gonna say you can only use the RTP of your engine. The idea is to see how much you can do yourself, I only allowed RTP because starting with nothing in RPG Maker is pretty tough! Yea, starting with nothing in ANY engine is tough... XD I probably wont have a chance to start working on my stuff until halfway through the contest. =/
  8. DrassRay-Jacob

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    My only worry would be how you weigh all the different things against each other as a judge... It's gonna be tough for them... but! I'll go ahead and sign up as a contestant!
  9. DrassRay-Jacob

    Indie by Night

    So you say none of the judges submitted so where did the scores come from? I feel like I shouldn't have won this but I didn't play anyone elses games...
  10. DrassRay-Jacob

    Indie by Night

    Ohhhh freaking crud, I didn't realize that this actually started on the 13th for me and not the 14th, UUUGGGHH. Welp! I'll turn in what I have here in a bit! LOL AND HERE IT IS: Bad Brew
  11. DrassRay-Jacob

    Indie by Night

    I believe any outsourcing for the game itself would be prohibited. It's a single person created game, even if it's a couple lines. I'd say if you want it, get it, but don't use it for the contest. By all means, I'm not the one who has say in that, but IMO, a rule like that can't have "flexibility."
  12. DrassRay-Jacob

    Indie by Night

    I'm gonna join, but I'll really only have Friday to work on it... x_x maybe some time while the kids sleep on the weekend. but I accept the challenge! I'm here to fight the good fight! Sign me up, Nyuuuuu~
  13. DrassRay-Jacob

    Indie in a Week 5!

    Cast my vote! There were so many games this time around, it was really fun to judge! Thanks everyone and good job! Can't wait until the next one, hopefully I'll get to compete again!
  14. DrassRay-Jacob

    Indie by Night

    This is tempting, I'm gonna wait a little while before deciding if I want to join.
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