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  1. Amber

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    I wonder if there is a formula that have a random chance to debuff the caster/target or buffs the caster/target instead using the add buff/debuff from the effect section. I want to add a chance instead relying on those add buff/debuff all the time.
  2. Amber

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    IT only do no damage and no full restore and I want with fully heal though
  3. Amber

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    I want to make a formula that if the caster's HP is below 25% it would deal much damage as normal attack (+ 100) and it heal the player, but I tried it gives me a 0. Is there a way to work around it
  4. I wonder if this script comptaible with any script that adds a menu like I'm using Triple Triad on my project?
  5. Amber

    CSCA Quest System

    I have a quest when I complete; Quest with auto_earn_reward set to true it result an error stating NameType Error and pointing at Game_interpreter Quest with auto_earn_reward set to false. Nothing happen.
  6. Amber

    CSCA Colosseum

    You can start the battle even without the wagered items expect gold which is needed. It's buggy and I just want to wager 1 tropper and it gives an error.
  7. my point is I'm trying to use =/>= or == conditonal branches and most of the time it takes away items that shouldn't be impossible.
  8. I'm using variable 2 to count how many items of the item name and no I was trying to exchange 1 item thru variable with another item and seems the result doesn't as planned.
  9. Amber

    Conditional Drops

    This one I mean will it display more than 3 drops
  10. Amber

    Conditional Drops

    I'm still questioned the compatibility for SAS Bestiary script and want to work the script conditional with other script, but I don't want resulting in error when things not go as planned
  11. So you can't printscreen it?
  12. Could you provide us with screenshots?
  13. Amber

    Achievement System

    Wow the possibilities are endless with more option
  14. Amber

    Achievement System

    Is there a way we can use variables from event into the achievement?